Which bedroom plants do you love mostly?

I do like indoor plants in the bedroom because of their cleansing affect. I realize they are outdated and you don't see them much anymore, but I absolutely love the spider plant hanging near a window. I like orchids and violets because they don't take much space. I like the snake plant because it is one of the best air cleaning plants. If you have

What are some good bluetooth headsets?

There are hundreds of headphones in the market, manufactured by companies both big and small. Which brand is really worth your time and money? In this list,9 of the best headphone brands in the world, based on customer feedback, expert reviews, and overall product quality.,Sennheiser:Founded in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser, Sennheiser is a German manuf

What is a stand you took with your in-laws that you will never apologize for?

Our house is our haven. It is the one place we can be ourselves and at ease.,I am a teacher and husband is a police officer. We deal with people all day, sometimes six days a week.,In addition, I am American by birth, and the ways I run my home and its arrangement reflect my culture.,Thais are very social. In fact, many cannot understand why I do n

What are the best island resorts in the Philippines to visit?

J park in Cebu is pretty nice. They have a great water park and you can rent rooms that have direct access right out into the pools.,Their food is also good.,There is a couple awesome water slides there too!,And if you want to swim in the real ocean there is a section you can walk across the beach from the water park pools and swim in the real ocea

Who made the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower was constructed by thousands of french construction workers, out of steel made by french steel millers, which in turn was mined by french miners, and all of those were brought to their respective sites by french truckers and conductors.,Oh, you were asking who designed it? Well thatu2019d be Mr. Gustave Eiffel. No reason he should

Where can I exchange my 1 coin valued 100 Bahraini Dinar into peso here in the Philippines? I went to Rural Bank and the teller said that they do not accept such coin.

Is your coin actually worth 100 Bahraini dinars or 100 Bahraini fils ( 1/10th of a Bahraini dinar)? To find that out, please read my answer below.,Arun Tharuvai's answer to How can I change a 100 Bahraini dinar coin to Indian currency in India?Basically a Bahraini coin with 100 ( or u0661u0660u0660) on it is either a 100 fils coin, worth about 14 P

My daughter is 11 year old and her height is 53 and her weight is 56.5 kg is her weight fine according to her age if not then what should be her weight according to her height?

The scale us not the best measure of body fat. We will only have to worry if at 56.5kgs your daughter is fat.,Look at how she appears in pictures.,Does she fit well in her clothes? If her belly is hanging then you might have to worry, not otherwise.,I don't have to tell you that your worry about her weight might make her feel more conscious about i

Where can I download a blockchain transaction ID?

Each peer in the blockchain network maintains a record of all the transactions executed so far in the blockchain network, along with their transaction ids. If you have access to one such peer, you can download the transaction id from there.,As an example, you can see Hyperledger Composer. Once a test network is deployed, you can view the transactio

Are Johnny Depps parents still alive?

Except his initial accent, he can also change his accent according to the exact character.,Sleepy Hollow: Scotland accent,Libertine: graceful British accent,Don Juan Demarco: very very Mexico and Spanish :D,and so onu2026u2026 of course the pirate also has his specific accent,actually he will hire an accent coach before a movie startu2026 so his cu

How is Korean fried chicken different compared to other styles of fried chicken?

Korean fried chicken is lighter than other styles of fried chicken. The skin is barely battered and crispier, and meat very moist. Essentially, chicken is fried twice, once to drain the fat. The New York times did a piece on Korean fried chicken in 2007: Koreans Share Their Secret for Chicken With a Crunch. Comparing American-style fried chicken to

Which is the richest country?

Qatar - $141,543 GDP (PPP) per capitaQatar has a well-developed oil exploration industry where the petroleum industry accounts for 70% of its government revenue, 60% of its GDP and 85% of its export earnings. Because of its wealth and economic success, it has been chosen as the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the first Arab nation to ever hold thi

How do I improve my eyesight naturally?

It is possible to improve your eyesight with eye exercises. I have used some of the following methods to improve my eyesight significantly. The key to success is patience. People just donu2019t stick with anything for long and therefore results cannot manifest. I used to have astigmatism. My eyes would worry me, everything was blurry and foggy. I c

What is www? How does it function?

Technically it is a subdomain. nNot unlike mail.example.com or gopher.example.comnThere are things you can do with www.example.com that cannot be done with example.com based on how DNSs records work.

How can I compare the photo quality of a mirrorless vs DSLR vs compact vs phone camera?

Mirrorless camerau2019s photos and Non-Mirrorless photos are no different, itu2019s just the technology that drives the camera is different not the camera itself, itu2019s just like replacing BS4 engine with BS6, it just offers better efficiency. u2018Mirrorlessu2019 The name itself says it allu2026. The camera just cuts lose the Mirror part in the

What are some recipes for cooking corn on the cob?

How about four ways?,My favorite way to cook and eat sweet corn used to be roasted on the grill. Iu2019ve been doing it that way since I was a kid. nnPeel off several layers of husk until youu2019re down to just a few soft pale layers, then pull that back to expose the kernels so that you can twist most of the silk off, then cover it again with the

Which countrys code is +99?

There is current no country that has the code +99, but if we add numerical suffixes:,+991 u2013 International Telecommunications Public Correspondence Service trial (ITPCS),+992 u2013 Tajikistan,+993 u2013 Turkmenistan,+994 u2013 Azerbaijan,+995 u2013 Georgia (there are also subcodes within +995 for the regions of Georgia that are de facto independ

Former FBI special agent said it is unprecedented for the FBI to execute a search warrant on former president. Do you think Trump has been treated unfairly?

So here was the start of Trumpu2019s Sidious Presidency.,On May 10, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump disclosed classified information to Russian government representatives, creating political and security concerns in the United States and its allies, especially Israel. Soon after the meeting, American intelligence extracted a high-level covert sou

Do I need 32gb RAM for 4k video editing?

Just do the math.,How long does it take to colour grade and render your 1080p videos?,Since a 4k video file has four times the data as a full HD video file, that should give you a good idea of what it will take to do the same thing with 4k video files.,32 GB of RAM is a minimum requirement.,Our video editing workstation has 64 GB RAM,You did not me

What are some important design factors in swimming pool construction?

Yard is a big factor. Yard dynamics are another highly important factor in the poolu2019s shape and design. Certain shapes work well in certain yards and may not in others. Rectangular pools sometimes do not work well in small, tight or oddly-shaped yards. On the other hand, freeforming pools with no true geometric lines may work very well. Take a

Why did the Industrial Revolution start in Britain?

Itu2019s arguable that it didnu2019t begin here, but in the Netherlands, but it ran out of steam there, while Great Britain was able to pick it up & carry it further.,After achieving independence from Spain the Netherlands created institutions which supported economic development, commerce & industry, but Dutch industry in the boom of the 16th & 17

What is an example of population distribution?

There are three types of population : 1. Dense / More population . 2. Stable / Medium population. 3. Rare / less population . 1. Dense population : Dense populated countries are India , China & Africa in which countries has more population . 2. Stable population : Stable population is a population in which countries provide every need & standard li

What is the best color combination with yellow for a home decor?

WHITE!Yes, you all heard it right yellow complements best with white. White is the most suitable combination to go with yellow. If you are planning to have a room in yellow then white is the best. Your living room decor ideas will be to have some of the elements of yellow to complement the white. The Scandinavian decor is what the colour has the pr

Can you share a picture of your study room?

Not mine but my younger brother's. He's preparing for his Joint Entrance Examinations this year. I am long past those horrific times now!,He has turned his bed to his study table. You can see books spread all across the bed.,This was clicked by me without his knowledge.,There's a separate study table as well where he sits sometimes depending on his

How do I convert CR2 to JPG in Windows 10?

Since the CR2 is the Canons RAW image file, just download the Canon Digital Photo Professional program.,For clarity, RAW files are not converted, but processed and then exported as a JPEG image file.

What are the best one-liners that support atheism?

God kills 2.4 million people in his book. Satan kills 10. Who is the more evil one?,God says everyone has to worship him for all eternity. What kind of self-centered egomaniac demands that?,What happened to the three-day-old babies when the flood of Noah came? Donu2019t envision a worldwide floodu2014hold in your mind the image of a single crib wit