What are the best photo printers for amateur photographers?

The huge Canon professional ones at your local photo store. Thereu2019s a Kodak one near me and Iu2019ve had them print quite large scale from JPEG images supplied on an SD card.nIt really isnu2019t worth getting a home printer in my opinion. Even 12x15 colour prints on heavy Fuji paper only cost me around u00a310 each, and they will blow away anyt

What does hell mean in the Hebrew language?

The english word u201chellu201d in comparison to the Hebrew and Greec is very much unclear.what stands in Hebrew for english u201chellu201d are 2 words,1. u201cSHEOLu201d many times translated as u201cgraveu201d Gen 37:35;42:28;;44:29+31 or translated as u201c hellu201d ( Deut32:22;1.Sam2:6)or u201cpitu201d Numb16:30u201331or lower places of the ea

What are the best places to visit in Europe in December?

Forget about Southern Europe. It is warmer than elsewhere in Europe, but not warm enough to enjoy yourself on the beach.,I say bundle up and check out the Christmas markets found in town squares all over France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Which phone is the best for photos?

I took these with my OnePlus 6T.,I've recently got back into photography and I never realised how exciting it would be to play around with the camera features on this device.

What is the best 1440p 165Hz monitor under $300?

It is very difficult to find the best 144Hz curved gaming monitor because of the expensive price range and ultimate features.,I am here to help you in finding the best one for playing high-end gaming.

What does it mean to see the end of a rainbow?

Itu2019s a purely poetic concept. Finding the end of the rainbow is a metaphor for something unachievable. If you walk toward what you perceive as the end of the rainbow, the end keeps moving away from you.,In truth, a rainbow is not a thing. It is an effect. It is photons refracted, reflected and re-refracted from raindrops. You perceive color and

What is the best makeup for hazel green eyes?

If you look at the color wheel, green and red are at opposite spectrums. Colors such as cranberry, pink, and purple will compliment green and hazel eyes. Different shades of these colors will look beautiful on green and hazel eyes. Try colors like plum, deep purple, and pink as eyeshadows (depending on your skin tone) to make green eyes pop. Colors

Which color combination should I choose when it comes to formal dresses for black men?

Charcoal gray works better than jet black, as black does not reflect well on the skin tone in harsh lights.,Do not shy away from black trousers/waist coats/sweaters, as it has a slimming effect on the body.,Avoid purple and brown. It kind of blends with dark skin.,Off-white shirts are preferable to pure white. Pure white will accentuate the contras

What is the best free image hosting and sharing service?

Picasa is free up to 1GB (4,000 photos, as claimed by their site).nFlickr allows unlimited storage for free, but will only display the 200 most recent photos. (300mb upload limit per month).,As Bruce Lewis says, you can't get everything for free.

In the Philippines, what legal actions can I take against someone who refuses to pay back a debt? What are the steps and the documents I need to prepare?

I am thinking if you can see the situation as u201cEstafau201d.,This article might help: Estafa | LAGMALAWIn the article, it says,,. What kind of damage or intent to cause damage is required in Estafa?Damage or prejudice may consist of:,(a) The offended party being deprived of his money or property as a result of the defraudation;,(b) Disturbance o

What are the relationships between criminal justice and criminology?

Criminology is the study of criminal behavior. It is used to ascertain exactly what is happening, without the perpetrators knowledge, and most definitely without their consent. It is a complex game which most people canu2019t participate in. It requires emotional intelligence, and as much education as humanly possible. I have nearly 4 degrees: art,

What does it look like inside your quarantine?

I needed light. On Sunday I took down my curtains and rearranged everything so I could see the views.,Iu2019m enjoying that.,Weu2019ve had a lot of mess too. Kinetic sand, chemistry experiments, painting rocks, marble mazes, some board games.,Some food messes too. Yesterday I made a huge pot of chili and a batch of cornbread muffins. One day my fir

How did photographers touch up photographs before the invention of Adobe Photoshop?

You can actually see the answer to this right inside of Photoshop, if you know what you're looking foru2014look at the icons. ,,Start with the crop tool. Why does the icon look like that? It looks like that, because the original tool looked like this:,,That awkward, sliding gizmo allowed you to choose how to crop and resize your photos, and would t

How do you mix oil paint colors to make orange?

Mixing orange is a base of red with yellow copiously added.,it is good to understand the u201cColor Wheelu201d when you need a specific color. Here is an article on it:,All about Paint Color Mixing: Chart the Wheel & Mixing Guide [ https://www.artistsnetwork.com/art-techniques/color-mixing/color-guide/ ] - Ar...

Which are the best graphic designing tools in 2022?

11 Best Graphic Design Software of 2022 (Free and Paid)Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop is synonymous with photo editing for graphic designers. It is one of the most popular photo editing software tools in the market in a robust package that offers excellent graphic design capabilities.,Pros:,It offers a complimentary mobile application,Its slick use

Was Newt Gingrich named after an amphibian?

Mr. Gingrichu2019s name at birth was Newton Leroy McPherson. Later, Newtonu2019s mother remarried, and he took his stepfatheru2019s surname, Gingrich. His mother always called him u201cNewtie.u201d,Looking through several biographical articles on Gingrich, I couldnu2019t find any mention of why he was given the name Newton. I would guess it was aft

What is something that you did with your mother that youll never forget?

Years ago, when I was about 21, my family was lounging around in the living room on Memorial Day. My mom was reading the paper and saw a major airline was selling flights for the upcoming weekend for a ridiculously low price ($49 or so) to anywhere in the US. My mom said "Letu2019s go somewhere." My dad and sister had plans, but I said u201cSure! L

Are newer houses built better?

(All images in this answer are mine, unless expressly credited to another.),No, they are not. They are built differently. In the US, hereu2019s a fun example:,1950s: Floors had hardwood flooring,1960s ~ 1970s: Floors had plywood flooring - add carpet.,1980s~1990s: Floors had particle board flooring - add carpet.,2000s~present: Back to plywood for f

For a Florida LLC, what is required to start and how much does it cost?

A general breakdown of how much it costs to form your Florida LLC is this:,LLC filing fee: $125 (one-time)nLLC annual report: $138.75 (per year),,Step 1: Choose Your Florida LLC NameFirst, youu2019ll want to choose a one-of-a-kind name for your LLC. To avoid running into trouble, you should double check to make sure it follows all of the legal requ

What are some good ways to cook lobster tails?

Based on The Fish Market Cook Book (which is great, as is their small chain of restaurants in the Bay Area u2013 sit at the counter) and my own experience, using readily available hard-frozen, cold-water lobster tails. I found the least expensive at a very big Asian market, $9.99 each. The same week the identical product was $13/tail in a 5-pack at

What is the rudest thing you have experienced while eating dinner at a friends house?

I was in high school and staying with a friend, her mom asked if I would mind making dinner for the family (including a few that would be coming over that night for game night) nothing unusual, I quite often cooked meals for the family, I like to cook so not a problem. The problem came when we sat down to actually eat the dinner I prepared, the mom

How do I recover deleted files from Android internal memory?

There are so many reasons why you might want to recover deleted files from your cellular device. Maybe you lost some sentimental photos of your daughter when she was young, maybe you deleted an important business email that was stored in your phone, or maybe the device is broken and you need to access whatu2019s stored on it. Whatever the reason, r

What is a dependent variable?

Here is how you identify your dependent variable.,If you run an experiment, in which each group is exposed to a different treatment or intervention, the variable that you measure afterwards to see how people respond to the treatment is your dependent variable.,Example: you do an experiment to evaluate how dose of caffeine (independent/ manipulated

What was the biggest adult tantrum youve seen happen at work?

It shouldnu2019t have happened, and no one was blameless.,Mid 1970s, Los Angeles, California. Management decided to hire outside experts to help adjust management and staff attitudes to increase productivity and decrease staff turnovers.,The experts decided that promoting u2018We are a familyu2019 would accomplish company goals. Everyone was expect

What are the national foods of Australia?

In terms of choosing a dish that represents Australia as a nation, us Australians will always be divided on this. Generally there are so many foods we associate with our country.,Roast lambAuthentic and traditional dish in Australia. roast lamb is soo delicious and tasty.,VegemiteVegemite is proudly made in Australia. And also Australian food sprea