Why is the U.S. economy recording its fastest growth since 1984 in January 2022?

It isnu2019t.,If I come to your home and put a gun to your head and say u201cyouu2019re not allowed to go to worku201d so you stay home and earn $0.00. Then a year later I leave so you go to work and start earning your paycheck again, did you get a $50,000 raise? No. Nothing new was generated.,On top of that inflation is double what it was in 1984.

Why is McDonaldu2019s struggling in the Philippines?

It isnu2019t really struggling, but it is second to Jolibee.,There are a few reasons it isnu2019t as profitable as it is in some other countries, but the biggest has to do with the power structure in the Philippines. The Philippines is an oligarchy and they maintain their political and social dominance by smacking down the poor any chance they get.

How can I communicate with my spirit guide?

Ask. One has three methods that Iu2019ve filmed and recorded over the past ten years. One is to use hypnotherapy - deep hypnosis with the help of a hypnotherapist. Itu2019s one of the first things they do after examining a previous lifetime - to ask for the guide to come forward.,Second is to seek out the help of a medium that one knows is accurate

Why is Indian food so different?

I think they serve Indian food in heaven. But I'm getting ahead of myself.,My very first taste of Indian food (in India) was sambar (a rich vegetable and lentil stew) and potatoes, which I had for breakfast over eggs and roti.,This was the morning after a 30-hour trip. The dish was delicious, restoring in a way only thick, spicy food can be, with a

What are 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac?

Chinese Zodiac Calendar: Facts, History And More!Chinese Zodiac Signs With Their 5 Elements,Are you an explorer? Are you an astrology enthusiast who loves to study various zodiac calendars? Or are you curious to learn various astrological trends and compare your personality traits from one zodiac school to another? If any of these is what interests

Can I make my face thinner by chewing gum?

Yes.,Chewing is a complex act facilitated by the muscles of mastication. They are: nThe Pterygoids, nThe MassetornThe Temporalis.,These muscles help in all the necessary jaw movements required during chewing. ,So, when you open and close your mouth repeatedly, you work on the lateral and medial pterygoids and exert pressure on them, resulting in a

How do I BBQ chicken?

As others have noted, your question is not all that clear. So I'll give you a couple of answers that are ways that work for me.,First is how I grill chicken. I use a Weber kettle fueled with good lump charcoal. If I'm grilling chicken, I'm grilling thighs and maybe wings. I don't grill breasts, and I'm not particularly fond of drumsticks. I oil the

How do I decorate a wall with pictures?

Rather unusual and un-traditional family portrait.Select frames of the same color, but vary the designA flexible grid pattern is perfect for most family walls.Picture frames of the same size and shape could be used to create an original and stylish du00e9cor.A few family photos displayed on the wall, above your desk or work area, can make this spac

What are some of the interesting things to learn about the Egyptian pyramids?

I read it from the following articles go and read more https://learnodo-newtonic.com/egyptian-pyramids-facts25 Fascinating Facts About Egyptian Pyramids You May Not Know1.Egyptian pyramids were built to serve as royal tombs of pharaohs.,Despite the established view that pyramids were royal tombs, till date never once has a mummy of a pharaoh been f

How much does Shutterstock pay contributors?

It is commonly accepted in the contributor community that if you have sellable content and want to have a payment each month, which is $75u2013$100, you need to consider that images typically earn $2/image/year (optimistically). So if you want a $100 monthly payment, youu2019re looking at $1,200 yearly payment, for which you need roughly 600 images

How do I paint a room?

It takes a lot to achieve the dream look that you want in your bedroom. Right from determining the overall style of the room to adding the right finishing touches, itu2019s important to pay attention to every aspect of spaceu2019s decor.,But itu2019s the wall painting that sets the foundation of how the look of your bedroom will turn out to be. Ber

Is it true that Chinese care more about "freedom" rather than "democracy"?


Why is the Mona Lisa so famous?

The u201cMona Lisau201d, or u201cGiocondau201d (her more correct name) is arguably one of the most famous paintings in the world. Many people consider it a masterwork. I donu2019t. I find it to be a very muddy, not-so-well painted work. Da Vinci created other works that are so much more beautifully accomplished from a technical point of view. One o

Why is methane part of the greenhouse gases?

All gases with 3 or more molecules are greenhouse gases. This is because with 3 molecules, they can bend, twist or vibrate in ways that diatomic gases, such as O2 or N2 cannot. In fact, Nitrous-Oxide is a greenhouse gas as well, with just 2 molecules, which is interesting.,But on methane, or CH4, itu2019s a tetrahedral shape so thereu2019s lots of

What is the difference between Baptists and Evangelicals in the USA?

What is the difference between Baptists and Evangelicals in the USA?Baptists emerged in Europe in the very early 17th century. Because early Baptists came to the colonies and flourished here, the Baptist tradition has taken on a strong American flavor, as well as imparting many of its values (separation of Church and State, free expression of all r

What "poverty food" is actually really delicious?

Pho. Pronounced u201c Fuh u201cYeah, I am of Vietnamese descent, so obviously there is bias in my answer. Pho is Vietnamu2019s signature dish, a classic that withstood troubling times in Vietnam whether it was through war, poverty, or famine. Made to order for mass groups of people, there is not one person in Vietnam who hasnu2019t eaten the goodne

How do I season chicken breast for baking?

Chicken breast is the most popular part of a chicken and can be used in many different recipes. The key to preparing it is the seasoning u2013 both before cooking and during baking or grilling.,They work well in various recipes, from healthy baked chicken breast to crispy grilled or pan-fried chicken breasts.,The key is to season it well before coo

If you had a two-month vacation, what would you do?

Iu2019d take my family on vacation to the Philippines for a family reunion in Sorsogon - my motheru2019s side of the family at least. Weu2019ll go eat all the best fresh seafood and grilled meats everyday, go to the beach, visit the hot springs resorts. Walk down memory lane. Go shopping. Eat some more.,Next maybe go swim with the whalesharks. Go s

What does it mean if you canu2019t move photos to SD card (because of u201cinsufficient storageu201d) or make camera automatically store them there (settings, internal storage, SD card, camera, storage, Android)?

I know itu2019s unlikely, but letu2019s assume for a second that youu2019re serious. Insufficient storage is u2026 less than enough. You canu2019t just u2018wedgeu2019 files in, where there is no space available in which to store them.,What you need is the InfinitySD which literally has no storage limitations. None. You can just keep sending files

How do I disable birthday notifications from Facebook?

Stop Birthday Notifications On Facebook (Phone)Launch the Facebook app on your phone.,Tap the three lines in the top-right (bottom-right for iPhones).,Scroll down to the Settings & Privacy and enter Settings.,Scroll to the bottom and find the Notification Settings.,This will let you choose which notifications you want and where you receive them.,Ta

What happens if youu2019re a Muslim and you dont pray?

I used to be that Muslim that never prayed, i would only pray Jummah prayer on Fridays and i would only pray my 4 farz and nothing else.,I never stopped believing in Allah or doubted being muslim or didnt believe in Islam infact even when i never prayed i knew i would die for Islam thats how much i loved my religion.,I just started skipping 1 praye

What is the best quality a person can possess?

u201cI have dyspareunia (pain during intercourse) and avoided being physical with my husband for the last one year due to pain,u201d said this young lady :( & that was enough for me to find the silent cause.,u201cEmpathy - to put yourself in someone elseu2019s shoesu201d,While working in the Emergency Department, a 38 years young lady presented wit

How should one extinguish a grease or oil fire?

The whole problem with burning oil or grease fires is that water will just splash the fire around making it bigger because water is heavier than those type of substances. Smothering the fire with a fire extinguisher or placing the lid on a burning pot or pan or using an agent like flour to cover the fire prevents oxygen from allowing the fire to co

What are the best tips, tricks and hacks to know when visiting Las Vegas?

I went to Vegas for Labor Day 2015 with Sashko Stubailo and this is basically a laundry list of tips we compiled. ,Before the tripnOne of the most important decisions when you are planning the trip is: which resort should I go to? There is obviously no right answer here so I'll just share my perspective on some important factors to consider:,(1) Lo

What is the most delicious dish someone brought to a gathering that the person would not give out the recipe for? Did you ever find out how to make it?

What is the most delicious dish someone brought to a gathering that the person would not give out the recipe for? Did you ever find out how to make it?When I was a child, my grandmother would come over for Thanksgiving and would make the rice dressing for our family feast. She would cook the chicken livers and gizzards and use a hand-cranked meat g