How do you thicken heavy whip cream?

By adding more milk fat and the additives given below,Additives are sometimes added to whipping cream to make it easier to incorporate more air, or to make it more stable, so the foam lasts longer. Chief among the stabilizers are carageenan and emulsifiers such asglycerol monostearate (a monoglyceride) and related compounds called diglycerides.,Car

What are 4 characteristics of Renaissance architecture?

The architecture of the Renaissance left a lasting impression on Europe with its straight lines and elaborate ornaments.,Renaissance architecture was born in Florence, Italy, and quickly spread throughout Europe until the end of the 16th century.,Mediaeval Gothic style was replaced by Renaissance style, which was influenced by Roman ruins in Italy

What are the most expensive consumer digital cameras?

Well, just about any camera can be used by a professional if itu2019s a good match to the job. But among those designed for and/or with basically consumer specs, I can think of a few.,The Nikon P1000 is a totally ludicrous superzoom bridge camera. For some reason, Nikon has tasked themselves with providing the longest consumer zoom camera known to

What is a market opportunity analysis example?

A market opportunity analysis examines the potential benefits and risks of a business investment, it provides a way to test new ideas for growth. It is a tool that helps you decide whether or not to take an idea from your mind to reality - before investing time or money. It starts with evaluating the market opportunity and assessing the level of co

What is the best way to market your product?

The bottled Music Player: Sony markets it's W series Walkman Mp3 player (headphones) inside a bottle of water.Credits: Auckland based advertising agency Draft FCB ,,,nLaunched in February 2014, the product was cleverly placed in the vending machines in the gyms and pools in New Zealand.. The niche market being swimmers. After a hard workout people

Will the world end in 2021?

Yes, according to the predictions!,Is this the one?,2021 F. Kenton BeshoreThis American pastor bases his prediction on the prior suggestion that Jesus would return in 1988, i.e., within one biblical generation (40 years) of the founding of Israel in 1948. Beshore argues that the prediction was correct, but that the definition of a biblical generati

Why doesnt Facebook facilitate cinemagraphs (still photos that move like movies)?

They do! But not in the way you think. Currently, you can make a Link to a GIF (no native GIFu2019ingu2026 new word, just made up) and use that. However, Facebook favors video way more than any other type of media.,What youu2019d want to do is render mp4 video that is no longer than 30 seconds. This will allow it to auto play in the news feed for c

What is the best Filipino pork adobo recipe?

That would depend on what you want your adobo to be like. The Filipino adobo recipe varies from area to area in the Philippines. In the north, they like it with a lot of sauce. Around the south, they like it with almost all the sauce boiled off. Some put hard boiled eggs in there, some like it with potatoes, and some even put a little bit of sugar

How much did Priyanka Choprau2019s wedding cost?

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra tied the knot in two lavish ceremonies in India. With the cost of the wedding venue, caterers, and goodie bags, it's estimated that the wedding cost hundreds of thousands of US dollars. The engagement ring itself was reported to cost $300,000.,Info from Google Search

What are some unspoken rules teens follow?

Donu2019t be that guy.Yes, that guy.,The guy who is having a u201csuper coolu201d u201camazingu201d u201conce-in-a-lifetimeu201d party.,The guy who simply has to invite their friends to said party.,The guy who also has to talk about said party.,The guy who mentions said party in front of non-invited people.,This happened to one of my friends, A, la

Is the Nikon D500 $1000 better than the D7200?

Watt and Mitra covered most of the important points. Its basically your need and how much time you are going to spend on photography, to make it worth the extra $1000. Even if you are rich enough, it doesnu2019t make sense to buy D500 instead of D7200 unless you really need it.,Speaking of the extra burden you carry along with the cost, D7200 fits

What are some teen girl room ideas to decorate a small bedroom?

Okay see I'm giving very cheap suggestion,Make a board- take a thick thermacol sheet, dark colored thick sheet or any cloth (prefer cloth for long term) and a glue gun . Paste the paper/cloth on thermacol sheet and here you gou2026. You can decorate it by anything or keep it simple choice is yours. Here you can pin you todo list or some memorable p

What does 1000 pesos equal in US dollars?

There are multiple currencies known as the peso, including the Philippine Peso, the Cuban Peso, the Cuban convertible peso, and the Mexican Peso.n,Doing a Google search for this question, specifying the country specific peso, should give the correct answer.

Why has home design begun to place walk-in closets off the master bathroom as opposed to off the bedroom? Doesnt the steam from baths and showers mildew clothes?

It is not a new thing in higher end homes. My house was built in 1973, and there are two walk-in closets accessed through wooden doors inside the master bath. I renovated the bath upon buying the house about 10 years ago and had a wall of huge built-in floor to ceiling cabinets removed that were for additional clothes storage inside the actual bath

Iu2019m staying in Sedona in January and have 2 days to explore Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Horseshoe Bend. What would be the best way to view these areas across 2 days? Sunrisesunset etc.

You must not be too familiar with the Southwest. First of all, the distances involved between your requested exploration stops would involve non - stop driving with very little time to u2018enjoyu2019 the sights. Sedona is a neat place to explore in itself, but all the overlook roads up to the rim are closed for the season.,Hwy 89A is your route to

What are the Latest technology developments in electronics and telecommunications?

Transparent SmartphonesInventors, Jung Won Seo, Jae-Woo Park, Keong Su Lim, Ji-Hwan Yang and Sang Jung Kang, who are scientists at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, have created the world's first transparent computer chip.,The chip, known as (TRRAM) or transparent resistive random access memory, is similar to existing chips k

What is left for a 55 year old man?

My husband was 56 when we met. Here we are on one of our trips to the Rose Bowl. This was a side trip we took to visit friends in San Diego.,This was our first Valentineu2019s Day together. We were in Fountain Valley near Scottsdale Arizona. Iu2019d been out there for a business trip and he flew out to join me.,Here we are in Michigan at his nieceu

What is the most amazing picture ever taken?

Mother's love cannot be defined. Here are some of the most beautiful pictures that represent motherhood :,Baby Antelope Playing with Stick,Black Skimmer Bird and a Baby Chick,Cheetah Cub and Her Mother,Lambs Playing on Mother Sheep,Baby Rhino Giving His Mom a Kiss,Mother Gorilla Hugs Her Baby,Mother Lion Carrying Her Cub,Musk Ox Mom and Baby,Baby M

What are some of the best lyrics from Tamil songs?

Movie Name : Manmadhan, Song : Kaadhal Valarthean.,One of the lovely sad songs with lovely music and beautiful visuals which makes it complete with heartfelt lyrics.,Movie Name : Vikram Vedha, Song : Yaanji.,Soul Stirring Music with lovely romantic visuals and frank loving lyrics.,Movie Name : 3, Song : Poo Nee Poo,Lovely visuals with heart wrenchi

How long do you cook pork chops on the stove?

Until the internal temp is at least 135F (they will continue to cook after you take them off the stove).,For heavenu2019s sake do NOT vulcanize the poor things. They do NOT need to be cooked to 185F(!).

Can an aquarium be placed near the entrance (main door)? Like when you enter the house its on the left side of the main door. If you face the aquarium its east North East Direction.

First of all pls check the attached drawing & identify the exact zone in which you intend to place the aquarium. Objects in Vastu are considered as per their compatibility with various zones. In an aquarium, the process of centrifuging of water takes place. Water churns around. This kind of a continuous churning process matches with the ESE zone. S

What is the SBAs definition of small business?

The SBA defines a small business as one that typically makes a maximum of $750,000 u2013 $38.5 million in annual revenue and has less than 100 u2013 1,500 employees, depending on industry. A small business is a privately owned company in the legal form of a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

If you have made Thai Mango Sticky Rice, what is the best recipe you have used?

I believe the basic ingredient is pretty much the same. However, the secret is to,,add 2 teaspoons of alum power the first time you wash the rice OR,use alum block to rub the (dry) rice thoroughly before washing.,Alum is used to remove the starch and make the rice looks more translucent. Then, keep washing the rice until the water looks clear then

What are some colors should you not wear together in an outfit?

From: 8 colors that should never be combined u2014Today fashion allows us to combine colors that we never imagined, but there are others which should never be together.,Colors that should never be combined include:,Brown and blackBrown and black are two dark colors that should never be combined in our clothes because it will not shine. Alternatives

Why should I own investment property under an LLC instead of my own name?

A real estate LLC could be a good choice for owning an investment property, it just depends on what youu2019re looking for as an investor.,Advantages of Owning Investment Property Under an LLC1. Limited LiabilityThe most obvious advantage of owning an investment property under an LLC is the limited liability for real estate investors. With any real

Why do Indian startup companies not become as big as the foreign ones?

Why do Indian Startups not become as big as the Foreign ones.,Before answering - it is to be noted that the chance of startups to becoming highly successful businesses are very very low. Very few startups become big and successful businesses.,Now - what you are asking is why Indian Startups dont become a Facebook or Google or Tik-Tok with a worldwi

In 2021, which is better, a 4G smartphone with very high performance or a 5G smartphones with quite high performance? (Im planning to use it for at least 3 years)

Where do you live? Whatu2019s your use case?,A 4G/LTE radio is generally fast enough for most smartphone use. You have to answer that for yourself, but I donu2019t have much need for faster phone internet, except in the rare case when Iu2019m using my phone as a hotspot for other computers.,As well as checking your use and where you intend to use t

How do I scan from my Canon printer to my phone?

If your printer supports WiFi connectivity or connectivity through the official printer app then possible. Otherwise, you cannot scan documents directly to your smartphone. You can check your printeru2019s official website if your printer supports phone connectiviy.

How can I combine mechanical engineering and computer sciences?

Get your hands dirty, buy a beginner mechanical engineering kit and learn to work with micro technology directly from silicone circuit boards, you'll have to learn how to interface directly with the technology you create(build/command), the hands on experience you gain from practice will give you a massive leg up on people just fresh in wet behind