Do the Japanese really use those huge bathrooms in anime?

No. Bathroom sizes in Japanese homes vary, but generally speaking they tend to be small or very small. To the point that some donu2019t even have a bathtub.,Notably though, the layout is a bit different from what a non-Japanese person might expect. Check the below image to see how a Japanese hygiene area is commonly split into three separate sectio

What are some of the most amazing natural wonders of the world?

Some of the most amazing natural wonders of the world are as follows,Living root bridges, IndiaLiving Root Bridges of Meghalaya which root made a bridge of Ficus Elastica that can bear the weight of 50 people at once and 30 meter long.,Lonar Crater Lake, IndiaLonar Lake is the Worldu2019s largest and only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic ro

Why do I keep having dreams of elevators so often?

Seeing or noticing an elevator, in general, is neither a positive nor a negative sign, though it does warn to be watchful of your surroundings and events occurring in your life. In some situations, you may notice a great opportunity you could get involved in, with participation improving some aspect of your life. On the other hand, you may realize

What is the best project management tool?

As a project manager, youu2019re juggling dozens if not hundreds or thousands of tasks every week. Youu2019re a crucial part of your teamu2019s success, and you donu2019t have the liberty of allowing action items to leak through the cracks in broken processes.,Unfortunately, many project management tools are not adaptable enough for different metho

Why do people like to stick gum under desks?

Because they are thoughtless selfish a-holes who have no care or concern for anyone else who has to happen to touch such thing by accident, get it stuck to their clothes, knees or else or has to scrape and clean it.,No one needs to chew gum entering a restaurant or any eatery. Dispose of it properly before and if that forgetful, ask the first perso

What is u201cERPu201d?

Enterprise software (ERP) is quite different from the everyday software most people interact with on a daily basis. It is designed with corporate needs in mind and intended for use in a business environment. While not much use outside of the workspace, it can completely transform the entire workflow of an organization.,As a result, in most cases, i

How do you marinate grilled pork chops?

You donu2019t marinate cooked meat. Marinating is a long process. In fact, I recommend marinating the raw pork chops the night before to get the maximum flavor from the marinade.

Whats the best way to hold a camera while taking a picture?

I assume you are asking about whether to shoot portrait or landscape (vertically or horizontally ). The clue is in the name. Back when photos were printed you chose the shooting orientation to suit the subjectu2026a tall building, or a person, is best shot vertcally. A view of the Grand Canyon is best shot horizontally. (That is the general case. T

Is a mirror facing a window a portal for spiritsdemons?

There are at least a hundred thousand mirrors facing windows around the world at any given moment.,There are no reliable reports of spirits or demons coming through them, or doing anything else.,So no.,Pro tip: if the event youu2019re asking about would have made global news headlines if it happened, and you havenu2019t seen those headlines, then i

What kind of food is Cajun?

I would describe it as the best kind of food, but itu2019s just a strong preference of mine. I discovered it in the late u201860s and have loved it ever since.,Cajun food is named for the Cajun people of the Southern Louisiana bayou areas. These communities were populated by French Canadians forced to leave Acadia. They speak a form of French and t

What is the song "Watermelon Shugar" by Harry Styles about?

To put it simply, if you really listen to the lyrics, it isnu2019t so innocent.,Everybody knows the song, you here it in the car and maybe sing along. But did you ever really listen to the lyrics? Letu2019s take a look,Strawberries on a summer evenin'nBaby, you're the end of JunenI want your belly and that summer feelin'nGetting washed away in you,

How can data analytics help in your small business?

Data is everywhere. But, the quality and, more importantly, analysis of this data plays a vital role in maintaining an organizationu2019s relevance. Analyzing the data they collect can offer valuable insights and play a central role in the growth and success of all businesses, big or small.,Traditionally, data analytics is believed to be helpful on

What is your favorite Starbucks drink?

If youu2019re a black hot coffee drinker: any of the reserved coffees made from the Clover.,If youu2019re a black cold coffee drinker: a cold brew.,If youu2019re a sweet hot coffee drinker: a caramel macchiato with toffee nut instead of vanilla syrup.,If youu2019re a sweet cold coffee drinker: a cold foam cascara nitro. (Are these worldwide?),If yo

What types of boys does every girl like?

Every girl is different, and everyone has different wants and needs. How can one type satisfy all?This q needs to be edited and changed to u201cWhat type of boys generally girls would like?u201dI usually come across such questions which seem to be asked by clueless teens (irony: I am a clueless teen too lol) and ignore them because I think I don't

Every time my daughter visits her Chinese high school friend she comes home with a bag of basic groceries bought by the friends mother. We are not poor so I find it slightly embarassing. Is this normal courtesy for the Chinese?

My first wife was Chinese. My lovely son is half Chinese. Back when I lived in Los Angeles, Chinese people surrounded me. I could walk down the street and visit a Jack in the Box to get breakfast or cross the street to DiHo, a Chinese supermarket, and get anything Asian. My son loved their dumplings. We had the best of both worlds.,I can recall goi

Can we find our SBI account number from our registered mobile number?

Now a days Most of us using phone pay or google pay or paytm app. When you go for linking bank account in it. It will fetch data from your respected bank.if your mobile number link with particular bank account. You will get a verification msg from phone pay or any other app. u201c You have added your bank account or not, msg will pop up after it.u2

What are the differences between the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12?

Both versions of Apple's flagship phone benefit from 5G support, blazing A14 Bionic processors and gorgeous OLED displays. But there are lots of key differences to discuss u2014 especially when it comes to price.,Choosing between iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 12 Pro is actually a choice between four phones. Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini make up the l

How can I make a collage dubsmash video?

I just found out a way.nPicPlayPost - Video Collage - Android Apps on Google PlayThis app is really cool Here's a collage me n my brother Mandar Thakur created using this app.

How do you make prints of your artwork?

This is the first item that appeared upon making a Google Search.,This is interesting because, in the Philippines, thereu2019s a project called CARTELLINO Where Does the Philippines Stand If We're Not Moving Foward? u2014 Cartellino that is going to be launched inviting artists to send in works they are going to sell print copies of ON DEMAND.,____

What makes a ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "fruit", "modifiers": {"italic": true}}, {"text": ", a ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "fruit", "modifiers": {"italic": true}}, {"text": "?

A peach is a fruit, whoever you are, and a carrot is definitely a vegetable. But in the Venn diagram relating these two produce categories, there's a sizeable region of overlap. It results from the fact that "fruit" and "vegetable" are defined differently depending on whether you're a gardener or a chef.,Dead center of the overlapping region sits t

As a chef, have you ever laughed in a customers face?

Yepu2026..a business man was having breakfast in the hotel I was executive chef. He was yelling at the server that the corned beef hash was not corned beef hash. My hash is rustic style. Dark beer braised cured brisket, fine diced with carrots, red onion, Yukon gold potatoes, fresh thyme, S&P and minced garlic. Simple. served with eggs your style.

How is possible for a camera with less megapixels (Canon EOS R6 with 20mp) produce sharper photos than a camera with more megapixels (Canon EOS R with 30.3mp)?

Pixel is not measurement of Sharpness. Its all about details. When you take a photo its combination of milions of pixels, small dots with different information that makes the whole photo.nTo ensure sharp photo, you need to consider few things.n1. Lensn2. Steady handn3. Shutter speed: Low shutter speed always makes photo blurry.,Just take a photo in

What is the most condescending statement a dinner party host ever made to their guests?

A gorgeous tall model like blonde woman, entered the apartment where the dinner party was being held. Her white linen suit was a classic Liz Claiborne and fitted her like a glove. The woman smiled and sunshine radiated throughout the whole room. She held a bouquet of pink roses in her hands. I imagine it was a gift for the hostess.She left the rose

Why do they include caffeine in Coke?

Wow! So many wrong answers.,First of all, Coca-Cola was never made with cocaine. It was made (and still is made) with an extract of coca leaves soaked in alcohol that did add a bit of cocaine precursor to the beverage. However, the total amount when they used fresh coca leaves was still less than 1mg per ounce of syrup. Today, itu2019s only measura

Is there is an organised movement going on in India to create communal hatred?

Reading that made me laugh.,One mentally challenged and retarded moron is commenting all over Times of India to gain Times points cannot be assumed to be an organized moment for creating hatred. Let him party hard with his stupidity because I am sure no one gives a f***.,I am a Hindu and I have very close Muslim friends, who treat me like their own

Why are American hotels so bad in general (outdated and dirty even the 4 star hotels)?

Wow. Thereu2019s a lot to this question. Iu2019ll try to be concise.,Letu2019s start with your premise. Why are American hotel so bad in general? First, this pre-supposes that American hotels in general are all bad, and I donu2019t agree with that. Does that mean there arenu2019t some damn poorly run hotels in the US? Nope. There are plenty. It dep

When will MIUI 10 be released for the Redmi Note 5?

MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM has already been released for Redmi Note 5. For more information & download links, visit - MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM 8.7.19: full changelog & download links - MIUI General - Mi Community - XiaominAs far as MIUI 10 Stable ROM is concerned, itu2019ll be rolled out in phases after successful testing of MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM.