What were the measurements of the largest tree ever cut down?

According to the Guinness book of records, the largest tree cut by ma was the u201cGeneral Noble Treeu201d, a giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) from converse Basin Grove in the Sierra Mountains of California, USA.,Contemporary reports suggest the tree stood 285 feet (86.9 m) tall and had a diameter of 19 feet 6 inches (5.3 m). The tree was c

Why do school buses still stop at train tracks?

As a school bus driver, I can answer this without all the inaccurate conjecture many have used.,1: We stop because the LAW says we must. There were some extremely tragic accidents caused by a bus stalling on the tracks that led to this law being passed.,2: It is for the safety of your children that the law was passed, and we drivers follow the FULL

Why did the Tamizh (Tamil) rulers build Angkor Wat in Cambodia?

Tamil rulers did not build Angkor Wat. However, it was built under Tamil (Chola) rule. Suryavarman II built the Angkor Wat. Like many other expeditions, Rajendra Chola decimated Sri Vijaya empire (modern day Indonesia) at the request of Sailendra . Sri Vijaya was a mightly empire controlling the Strait of Malacca (present day Chinese nightmare, Lol

Where are the best and worst area to live in Cairns, QLD?

Each suburb has its good parts and less good parts. The nicest (and probably most expensive) areas are the older parts of Edge Hill and the upper parts of Whitfield, but even those suburbs have some fairly high density housing. Most suburbs on the North side of the city including Redlynch, Brinsmead, Kamerunga, Freshwater and Stratford, which are a

Where should I travel in Australia if I have two weeks?

You probably already know that Australia is a massive country - about the size of the continental U.S. That said, 2 weeks is about the minimum required to get a good feel for the country.,Without knowing your budget, I would recommend the following:,Fly into Sydney, spending 3 days exploring both the city (museums, beaches, opera house, etc) and th

Who are the best DJs in New York City?

You may have heard that the nightlife in New York City is dead, but don't be fooled. Indeed, according to the New York Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment's first-ever financial effect study of local nightlife published previously this year, nightlife in the town is increasing quicker than the remainder of the general economy, with employment

How do I upload presets to Lightroom mobile?

Unfortunately Lightroom mobile doesnu2019t make it easy to add new presets. Firstly they require that you download the preset in DNG format, then add it to a gallery and finally create a preset from the imported DNG file. Whew.,Hereu2019s an article that helps describe that in more detail,Finally hereu2019s a few free Lightroom presets that you can

What is the most comfortable chair for a living room?

The living room is one of those compartments in the house that has the advantage that it can be used for different functions: recreational activities, family gatherings, games room and entertainment, and even more intellectual activities such as reading or installing a home office in a corner. The most comfortable chair for a space with these chara

What is the best travel place for couples?

There tons of places to go. If you got some budget, Maldives is the perfect choice! An alternative is Boracay islands of the Philippines but right now Itu2019s closed. You can also go to Mooney Falls in Arizona if you are in the States. Paris, France If you like to have an exquisite date. I donu2019t know why but some of my friends are heading towa

What parallels can we draw between Indian and Greek mythology?

1. Indra and ZeusBoth Indra and Zeus are the kings of the gods. In addition, their weapons are thunderbolts. Both of them slay a sea-monster: Indrau2019s opponent is the serpent Vritra while Zeus fights and vanquishes Typhon. Even their abode is quite similar.,2. The Trojan War and Lanka YudhReason for Ramayan and the Trojan War is quite similar. B

So I am planning to make a 9 hr time lapse on my GoPro hero 7 black. I really need advice as to how to make the best time lapse so that I donu2019t take too much memory what settings can you recommend? Oh I have the battery covered.

Time lapse is not something that I would expect to get right on the first attempt and yes there are lots of u-tube stuff on making a Time Lapse video.,I use an Olympus camera because it has inbuilt time lapse program in it. I was playing around with a Canon in earlier times and it needed an Intervalometer attached to it to provide the timing. As I

What is contemporary furniture?

Contemporary furniture is something that is refreshing and current. It is different from mid-century modern while maintaining some of its qualities. Contemporary can go in and out of style more frequently than mid-century. As a rule of thumb, contemporary furniture uses modern materials but is still simplistic in form and function. I have a collect

What are some changessuggestions on Part picker link for my build below?

Hello,,Here's my take on the build.,No need for cpu cooler, stock fan works fine, unless you are going for an overclockable CPU like 6600k or i7 6700k,Go for Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H should save you 3k, and works perfectly well as well,You can go for 2400Mhz ram instead of the 3000MHz ones, reason is, your Mobo will utilise max of 2133Mhz, and the res

How do you boil a whole chicken?

Itu2019s best to quarter the chicken, sine white meat will poach faster than dark, and will be dry, even if cooked in water. Put the quartered chicken in the pot with water to cover, add an onion, carrot and two stalks of celery, plus salt. Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer, cover and cook for 4o minutes. Remove the breast quarters, cook the legs a

What kind of food is cheap, quick, and easy to make for a twenty plus year old guy living by himself? I hate planning for 3 meals every single day and constantly think about what to cook.

Q: What kind of food is cheap, quick, and easy to make for a twenty plus year old guy living by himself? I hate planning for 3 meals every single day and constantly think about what to cook.Think of your food as a system and then get your supplies to support the system.,Shopping List,Non-food itemsApple-corer ($3),Peeler ($3),Mandolin for slicing f

What are things to photograph at home?

Original Question: What can I photograph if I am at home?Thanks Quora!!,,Off the top of my head:,Close ups of house plant leaves and blooms,Frost on your window,Step out of your front door like I did for this,Self-portraits work too,A garden scene from a patio (friendu2019s home in Ireland),A still life,Pets,An old camera you donu2019t use anymore

How can you identify a bite from a giant huntsman spider?

Itu2019s hard to imagine how you could be bitten by a huntsman spider and not see the spider. Their body length (minus legs) can be something around 1.5 inches, and they have long legs. Their bites definitely hurt, and you would see two fang marks about 1/4 inch apart. You would be in some pain for an hour or so.,It is possible that other large spi

How is the life in Gold Coast, Australia?

Great!,It's a pretty good city to live in.,I grew up here and I love the weather, the beaches, and the simplicity of how the city is built with mostly straight roads and not many hills.,It's fantastic for students, the wealthy, business owners, or retirees but for some of the other people there isn't as many job opportunities like the bigger cities

What are some great engineering marvels?

BEIJING : BEIJING NATIONAL STADIUMDesigned by Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron for the 2008 Olympic Games, the locals nicknamed this stadium the u201cBirdu2019s Nestu201d before it was even completed.,The bowl-shaped interior, roof, and staircases are integrated into the structureu2019s spatial grid-like formation, fashioned by overlappin

What is the difference in communication in different cultures?

As the world is becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent, effective communication is gaining greater significance. The difficulty is more about cultural differences than dissimilar languages.,Each culture has its own rules about proper behaviour. The rules of politeness differ across cultures. Explicit or implicit verbal messages, ho

What is the scariest archaeological finding humans could find?

A2A: Hmmmu2026 How about clear evidence that some disease u2014 perhaps a variant of the corona virus u2014 wiped out 90-plus percent of the population of the civilization in question. And that the pathogens are still alive and well in the sample youu2019ve been studying. And that youu2019ve already sent samples of the human remains in this discove

What do AIIMS hostel rooms look like?

Hostel rooms are very nice here at AIIMS Gorakhpur.,We got single seater room from day 1. The room is so spacious, well lit.,In the room, we got a study table with drawers, chair, bed (with storage box) alongwith mattress and pillow, side table, tube light, bulb,several swithes and an almirah.,Attaching some pictures of my roomu2026

Would you recommend renting a car when visiting Manila?

Would you recommend renting a car when visiting Manila?If you mean for you to personally drive, heck no. The city is neither pedestrian nor automotive friendly and someone new to the area and its driving peculiarities will either get into an accident, get lost, or get fined by over-zealous traffic enforcers.,(It must be a Sunday morning in this pic

How can I tell if someone is jealous of me?

How can you tell if someone is jealous of you?I feel like any honest, detailed answer to this question is just begging for the typical u201cbut that doesnu2019t prove they were jealousu201d comments. But here we go anyway.,Yesterday, I got my nails done for the first time all year. Iu2019ll describe myself for a brief moment.,African American.,Slim

Any anime recommendations? Magic and op mc that shocks everyone (I prefer magic school but anything magic will do). I also like when the mc is transported into a magical world like kenja no mago, in another world with my smartphone, slime, etcu2026

Oh boy, lets get into the list:,Hametsu no Mars,Honestly even giving the series a proper 1, is a compliment. Its how to do everything wrong. Bad animation, voice acting that makes me want to kill myself, one dimensional characters who are never put in danger despite the fact that the series is supposed to be a horror, cheap horror elements, writing

How do you unblursharpen a picture in Photoshop?

Depends on what youu2019re looking to accomplish and what the subject matter is.,Typically, the first thing you should always do is duplicate the layer (ctrl/cmd +J). That way you can go back to the original image to see what the u201cbeforeu201d looks like and also work with opacity and layer masks.,Photoshop in itself isnu2019t the easiest to use