How much is 1 cup of all purpose flour in grams?

My printed conversion chart says 140 grams, but when I measured a cup out for myself and weighed it, a cup it came out 150 grams. The difference is small, and in my 60 years of baking makes no difference. Any difference may be due to how fresh the flour is, or how it's been stored since milling.

Apart from Manila, which cities should I visit during my Philippines trip in 2021?

Minesview Park u2013 Tourist spot sa Baguio that offers the best view of nature,Ayala Triangle Gardens u2013 Perfect to appreciate nature in the city,Bangui Windmills u2013 A famous tourist spot in Luzon that has a greater purpose,Escolta u2013 Perfect for old souls who want to see old Manila,Binondo u2013 Home to the worldu2019s oldest Chinatown,S

What food goes good with lemon chicken?

I like to serve mine with a side of saffron rice and lemon parmesan asparagus. Yum,But really, anything goes. Potatoes made any way, steamed, grilled, roasted or sauteed veggies or pasta with a light lemon butter sauce.,More healthy alternatives are a quinoa or bulgur wheat pilaf. Soft polenta or cornbread with peas, pimento and garlic.,Just use yo

How do hotels keep non-guests from eating the free breakfast?

This isnu2019t really in answer to the question butu2026I was one of those non-guests.,I was going to visit my daughter in NJ (I live in western NY) over the Christmas Holidays (2019). The bus u201cstationu201d in the town I was booked to leave from is nothing but a convenience store with a ticket counter. Because it was a convenience store my sist

What does an influencer business model canvas look like?

This should be a discussion, not an answer, but Iu2019ll try to respond.,I will first presume you see the influencer as being a target customer segment. If so, then you need a value proposition for them. Influencers sell their u201creputation, reach, network, brand, etcu201d. What is it you do that would be important to them? What is your u201cprod

If Singapore is so wealthy, why do its citizens feel stuck?

I donu2019t know. Why do they?,Iu2019m a 20-something-year-old working-class Singaporean born to working-class parents and grandparents. My familyu2014both paternal and maternalu2014has pretty much always been between working and lower middle.,When I was conscripted, I tried my best to save whatever petty allowance they were obligated to give us. A

Which are the best elegant wooden chairs in 2021?

u2705u27a1TOP comparison elegant wooden chairsBELLEZE Set of (2) Dining Chairs Linen Armless Nailhead Trim Accent Elegant Side Chair Wooden Leg, BeigeEnhance Your Dining Room Changing your dining room chair you can transform the entire appearance of the dining room 0 1Beautiful Finish These chairs feature linen upholstery and wood legs finished in

What is the best rum for a rum and coke?

The best rum for rum and coke is not the best rum.,Use inexpensive rum, the cheaper the better. With all the cola and sugar flavor you dump on the rum, it will taste the same even if you buy expensive rum.,Whatever is cheap will work, you should pay $15, or less, a bottle,Cruzan,Don Q,Coral Bay,Castillo,Bacardi,Cheers!

Who are the best mortgage lenders right now?

It depends on how you define the word, u201cbest.u201d,Any lender can offer you competitive rates and fees.,No lender is allowed to guarantee that they have the best or the lowest rates and fees. Thatu2019s considered hyperbole or exaggeration because the statement would be impossible to prove.,No lender offers u201cfreeu201d mortgages, or a u201cn

What animes do you not recommend?

Oh boy, lets get into the list:,Hametsu no Mars,Honestly even giving the series a proper 1, is a compliment. Its how to do everything wrong. Bad animation, voice acting that makes me want to kill myself, one dimensional characters who are never put in danger despite the fact that the series is supposed to be a horror, cheap horror elements, writing

What marked the official end of the Great Depression?

Some claim that either the New Deal or World War II ended The Great Depression. The truth is that both made the average American worse off, and real recovery didnu2019t happen until the war ended, most of the New Deal had been repealed, and the government cut spending.,Everything that was thought to be the cure for the Depression was actually makin

Should I choose the Google Pixel 4XL over the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Choosing Pixel4XL over iPhone 11 Pro Max would be a colossal mistake for most folks. And, while coming to this conclusion, I keep aside the iOS vs Android debate.,Pros first, which are mostly gimmicks for normal people unless you have some special needs : nSoli radar (not active in many countries since it uses 60Ghz band), Google offline voice tran

How do you use hashtags on Instagram?

u201cCan one or more photos be added to an existing post on Instagram?u201d Unfortunately not. Iu2019ve tried a couple of times to add follow-up photos to a couple of my postings but Instagramu2019s system wonu2019t allow this. You need to delete the post then repost using the multiple pics function. As other responders have mentioned, find a photo

How much money would one get for 1,000 subscribers on YouTube?

The question is flawed to begin with. n,Youtube pays on the basis of number of ad views and not the basis of subscribers. It depends on the location of viewer as well. For example, in India, you will get u20b9100 per 1000 views. Similarly in USA, you can get thrice the above stated amount about $5 per 1,000 views.,It also depends on the demographic

Does blue light damage your eyes?

First of all, let's just say that there is some controversy in this area. ,But basically, asking this question is a bit like asking-can eating fatty foods damage your health?,Our eyes are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation from a spectrum with wavelengths ranging from about 390 to 700nm. The shorter end of the spectrum consists of light that is

What are the best restaurants near me?

Gosh, way too many in central London.,let me name some as they come to my mind:,Hide, Core by Claire Smyth, Gordon Ramsayu2019s restaurants, Sachi and Eldr, both at Pantechnicon, Mei Umei, Sushi Murasaki, Al Balad, Gold, Manthan, Brasserie of Light, Darjeeling Express, Jamavar, Brasseria, Dimsum and Duck, Ishtar, Gogi, Chelo, Ragam, all restaurants

How can I make my small bathroom look better?

How to make a small bathroom look biggerWe all have that one bathroom in our home that feels just like the inner of a sardine can when you stroll in. Itu2019s tough to consider that any bathroom could ever be that small, but unluckily, such a lot of houses have this trouble. Itu2019s very hard to look how any alternative you are making in this sort

What is the longest first name in the world?

u2014u2014Ramjamfunkybogaloo Smythe.u2014u2014-,Real person not a guiness record breaker .,It took a long time to get used to calling him by is name.,In the end we all called him Ram Jam for short.

Do you think raising your kids in a good suburb of Chicago versus a suburb of Atlanta will help them become successful adults by having access to top universities, programs, and cultural attractions?

I believe either area gives a student a good opportunity to succeed in life. Both areas have excellent colleges. GA has Emory, Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia, all excellent schools. Atlanta Symphony is excellent, Atlanta Ballet & Atlanta Opera have good schedules. Chicago museums are better than Atlantau2019s High Museum of Art, but the

How can I root my phone?

How to Root your Android PhoneSometimes Android users root their Android to keep their device from draining easily. Here's one of those issues. "My battery drains quickly and I have to charge my phone a lot, usually once or twice a day. And when I have a business trip, I have to worry that my Android runs out of battery and I will miss some importa

What are some of the best Hindu baby boy names starting with an M?

Some good boy names are:n1. Manu - ancient progenitor n2. Madhusudhan - Slayer of Madhu (Lord Krishna)n3. Mrinal - Lotus Stalkn4. Mahaksha - One with great eyes (from Vishnu Sahasranama)n5. Mathurapati - Lord of Mathuran6. Maanyah - One who commands great respectn7. Mahaan - A great personn8. Medhavi - Highly Intelligent (from Vishnu Sahasranama)

What do you think would be on BTS search history?

Namjoon:What does snatching wigs mean?,Can I keep crabs as a pet?,How do I stay calm when I'm annoyed?,Jimin:Where's the nearest club/bar?,How do I know if I'm bi?,How could I get taller?,Jhope:Dance competitions,How can I get a hold of Drake?,Chicken Noddle soup,Suga:How do I become a rock?,How can I shut someone up with my mind?,How do I act happ

What is the spiciest thing youve ever eatentasted? Explain your experience.

Arif Chatkhara, in Lahore, Pakistan! - The spiciest tawa chicken (chicken prepped on a flat pan or tawa) that may rip you a new one. Even the non-spiciest one, is enough to give someone a gastric bypass for free.. and people gleefully go there for the spice.. as it covers all bases - white pepper, black pepper, green chili.,So the preparation proce

What is the best portable mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel?

Q: What is the best portable mobile WiFi hotspot for international travel?Probably your smart phone.,Make sure that the SIM is enabled for cellular data, for sharing that data through the hotspot, and for international roaming.,It might also be worth making sure that the phone is not network locked in case you want to purchase a local SIM in a diff

What are some examples of projects an IT governance manager do?

The projects would be done by another level of PMu2019s. Governance is between the PM group and senior management. You miss a milestone and u201cthe governoru201d explains it. They (the demons Iu2019ll call senior management) tell the governor if they have any brilliant ides of how to get the project on track. Or from the PMu2019s perspective, they

What are the best historical places to visit in the Philippines?

The Philippines is rich in history since it was colonized by Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese.,Some of the best historical places in the Philippines are Intramuros in Manila, Luneta Park (in Manila also), Vigan in Ilocos Sur, Corregidor Island in Cavite, and Magellan's Cross in Cebu.,Happy traveling!

Does Sony have good cameras?

Yeah of course! Sonyu2019s cameras dates back 1981 when they launched their first digital camera named Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera). Afterwards with the passage of time Sony kept on introducing one after another marvelous creation in the form of Sony A-mount cameras, Sony alpha cameras, Sony E-mount cameras, Sony CyberShot cameras, Sony DSLR came

What is the best party game for a group of adult friends?

Good Evening Mina,,Personally, my friends and I enjoy playing the following party games for adults:,Great Minds Think Alike:Great Minds Think Alike is a game where you want to choose what you think everyone else will choose: the more people who get the same answer, the more points those people will kit. This free printable has ten different questio

What is a sample complaint letter to a bank for a wrong transaction?

What do you mean by wrong transaction? Pls ellucidate it or send pic of this particular transaction so that an appropriate letter can be drafted otherwise bank won't listen. You also have an alternative to go bank with your statement and explain your objection personally accross the table and it will get sorted out.