Are there romantic restaurants near me?

I live in Hawaii, USA. My home town, Honolulu, is a tourist destination for people from all over Asia, especially China. One thing I have noticed is that Chinese tourists usually come in groups and they do everything together, including dine.,American restaurants arenu2019t friendly to large groups of people. We like small groups so that we can fil

Has anyone built a successful business while homeschooling?

My parents did. Actually, they've built more than one successful business all while homeschooling myself and my seven siblings. In fact, in my entire life, I only remember once when my dad worked for someone else.,When I was little they ran a singing telegram business. They would write original songs and dress in funny costumes and deliver balloons

Which is better to study, a BSc or a BTech?

we canu2019t compare the courses, which one better. Both B. Tech and B. Sc. have their own merits and de- merits. It depends entirely on the studentu2019s areas of interest and skills before choosing either of the courses. B. Tech is engineering and B. Sc. is bachelor degree in science. Thus, it is advisable to first chalk out your skills, aptitude

Which hotel has the best views in Paris?

This is an excellent question because indeed there are very few hotels with a panoramic view of Paris and the reason comes from its unique skyline, almost entirely void of skyscrapers. ,All buildings since the Haussmann renovations ( are about the same height, a unique feature of Paris

Is united health care a good health insurance company?

Define "good".,UHC is large. As are all insurance companies, they are tightly regulated. But because they are large, resolving problems gets stuck in bureaucratic snarls because, in part, their front line phone people, while very nice, are often uniformed and have no authority to do anything. I say this as someone who has dealt with them profession

What is the difference between DDR 3 RAM and LP DDR3 RAM?

Mobile DDR (also known as mDDR, Low Power DDR, or LPDDR) is type of double data rate synchronous DRAM for mobile smart phones and Tablet PC application. ,Most significant, the supply voltage is reduced from 2.5 to 1.8 V. Additional savings come from temperature-compensated refresh (DRAM requires refresh less often at low temperatures), partial arra

What is a lucky color for a business?

Hey there,You should check out Feng Shui colors for business.,Red, for example, connotes energy and creativity. It also stimulates appetite, which is why itu2019s so often used in restaurant logos and decor. Blue connotes trustworthiness and reliability, while green is calming and promotes relaxation.,Hope this helps.,Yours,Smart Business Tipz,PS:,

What should I keep in mind when visiting the Maldives?

SUNSCREEEEEEEEEN! - I got so many sunburns over the span of three days and Iu2019m not mentioning how long it took for me to get rid of my tan.,If thereu2019s salt water - thereu2019s annoying hair. Your hair is gonna make you look like you got electrocuted. Donu2019t make my mistake of forgetting to bring extra conditioner.,Be a nice person and tr

Is your tax bracket determined before or after deductions?

The progressive brackets are applied to your taxable income, that is, to the amount of your gross income, minus deductions and adjustments. u201cAfteru201d deductions.You didnu2019t ask this, but remember that all the lower tax brackets are applied to your income before the highest one applies. Which means you donu2019t need to stress too much abou

So I am planning to make a 9 hr time lapse on my GoPro hero 7 black. I really need advice as to how to make the best time lapse so that I donu2019t take too much memory what settings can you recommend? Oh I have the battery covered.

Time lapse is not something that I would expect to get right on the first attempt and yes there are lots of u-tube stuff on making a Time Lapse video.,I use an Olympus camera because it has inbuilt time lapse program in it. I was playing around with a Canon in earlier times and it needed an Intervalometer attached to it to provide the timing. As I

What are the best beaches in Thailand?

I just love Ko Nang Yuan beach, during my last vacation I found the beauty of this spot. Among all the ferry spots I kept few in my memories. I will never forget to give my special thanks to Tina of Andamanferryservice for their outstanding ferry services.

Is it likely that Mount Vesuvius will destroy Naples during its next large eruption?

Let me throw some brief highlights regarding the history of Mount Vesuvius, and then I will tell you what this could mean for Naples.,Above: Graph Of The Avellino Eruption If It Were To Happen Today u2014 NOTE: Ashfall would continue to fall throughout the White Zone, and well outside this map.FACT ONE: Mount Vesuvius has had no fewer than THREE er

How can I write a policy?

The Quora bot appears to have assumed this was about writing a privacy policy. But I suspect this was a question about writing policies of any type, probably because the question author has been tasked with writing a policy on a specific topic.,Your first step is to see if there are policies already in place for the industry. Donu2019t write what c

Does universal health care work?

It works in England. It works in Canada. It works in Spain. It works in France. It works in Australia. It works in Sweden. It works in Denmark. It works in Finland. It works in Norway. It works in The Netherlands. It works in Japan. It works in Israel. Ask the people in any of those countries if they would want to trade their healthcare system for

Is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware safe?

Yes, itu2019s pretty much safe. I have on my computer and I had no issues with it, itu2019s a good tool to remove malware, trojans etc.,At first at your scan, it will use your CPU which will slow your computer down depends what computer you have.,Tip: Downloading Malwarebytes at first time will get you a free premium which will last 14 days.

How can I create a completely new YouTube account while keeping the same email?

In 5 steps you can create a new YouTube account whilst also keeping it under one email!,Step 1: Sign into your YouTube account,Step 2: Select your profile image to bring up this view:n, ,Step 3: Select the YouTube settings button,,,Step 4: Select, "See all my channels or create a new channel",,,Step 5: Create a new Channel ,

What is the rudest thing that a customer said while you were serving them?

Oh I got a pretty good one for this!u2026,Upon greeting a table, I had offered some of the most popular appetizers to start with- wings, mozzarella sticks, nachosu2026. To which one of the guests at the table responds by yelling at me and calling me a racist for suggesting wings. I let this guy go on for several minutes and once he finally stopped,

Whats the most overpowered item in your favorite video game?

Well, my favorite video game is Skyrim. Funny enough, the most overpowered item in the game is a pretty normal-looking plant.,More specifically, the Jarrin Root:,This root is a very, very rare alchemical ingredient - thereu2019s only one sample of it in the entire game. Astrid gives it to you as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline to assassinate

Are Instagram downloaders safe?

InstaDownloader offers Instagram users with an option to download any video they desire in a safe and secure manner. You are required to simply feed the online site with the URL of a video or photo you would like downloaded, and InstaDownloader will get the job done in no time.,where you can view and download Instagram stories or highlights in high

Where would you rather live: Tokyo or Beijing?

Lived in Japan for many years including some time in Tokyo. Tokyo is fine, but it is certainly like living in a bubble where life appears to be better than it actually is. The country hasnu2019t progressed in years, everything looks frightfully dated, costs are still sky high resulting in a rather sombre looking society:,You notice how isolating it

What is the best advertising campaign ever?

We constantly hear stories of huge marketing campaigns from go-to brands like Coca Cola or Bud Light. Whether itu2019s a viral Super Bowl commercial or influencer marketing campaign involving A-list celebrities, every marketer canu2019t help but take note from the greats.,1. Peel. Peel sells thin phone cases, with the major selling point being they

What was something you were blissfully unaware about, until recently?

So this is the new trick which I learned recently and I hope almost everyone is unware of this Trick,So now a days Everyone upload whatsapp status very frequently but most of them wish to upload whatsapp status in landscape modeu2026So here is the trick with which we can easily convert every video from portrait mode to Landscape mode,So first Downl

Which current interior decorating trends need to stop being used?

originally written in the spring of 2019Just a couple of weeks ago I went to see Architectural digest show in NYC (spring 2019 *later edit). Usually, I come back with many ideas, excited to see so many beautiful and different things. Not this year, I came back thinking u201cblahu2026.u201d - waste of time and money. I could not quite figure out wha

Cost of food: What filling food can you buymake with u00a250 in your country?

In the Philippines, you can buy the following with $0.50 US (around Php23, and note that prices are always after tax, thatu2019s 12%):,150g instant fried noodles (u201cpancitu201d), which feeds about two normal people or one hungry man like me.,Two cheap sliders, or really small hamburgers (itu2019s kinda in between), which have the buns, thin patt

Who owns the most expensive house in the Philippines?

That's a hard one to answer since there is no public list of such houses in the Philippines. But my guess is that it belongs to any of these families: Ayalas, the Sys, The Tans, the Gokongweis, etc. They are the richest families in the Philippines who operate the biggest business conglomerates in the Philippines. These families, however, try to pla

How much is a special power of attorney?

You can probably find a form for a power of attorney on the internet. And although there is a firm that advertises a lot on talk radio, saying that it can provide you with documents to incorporate or make a will saying that their documents work in all 50 states, this is a little like selling scalpels that will cut you open everywhere. Yes, they wil

Did running increase Justin Bieber height, even after the age of 21?

No, I havenu2019t seen any proof that Justinu2019s height increased after the age of 21, let alone that growth spurt being caused by Running.,Justinu2019s current height is 5u2019 9u201d. Heu2019s been that tall at least since his DUI arrest in 2014 (when he was 19 or 20-Years old).