Is it a good idea to share my bed with my dog?

In the bed or not in the bed - that is the question. While some of the other answers are cute I'm not sure they address your primary concern - that allowing your canine to share your bed might provoke problems when this request is subsequently rejected. I feel your pain.,First let me address the cleanliness aspect: dogs should not be bathed every d

What are some examples of the monetary policy?

Congress has directed the Fed to conduct the nation's monetary policy to support three specific goals: maximum sustainable employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates. The Fed seeks to achieve these goals by influencing interest rates and general financial conditions. Other federal reserves such as the German Bundesbank has a m

What are some healthy homemade snack options?

Monsoon has arrived and our mouth waters more than ever. The most interesting thing is whether it is possible to have something healthy?nWell, this is what we are here for. Presenting to you the healthy and lip smacking recipe specially for Monsoonu2019s!nWEIGHT LOSS CUTLET RECIPE,Ingredients,1. Oats flour 1tbspn2. Ghiya 250gmsn3. Cumin seedsn4. Re

What is Jacobs Ladder?

Re your query: What is the meaning of the saying u201cJacobs ladderu201d?,The following information is based on my personal research and from one of my favourite bible references- information which is taken from the Bible Encyclopaedia Insight on the Scriptures Reference Bible NotesGenesis 28:12 - Then he had a dream, and look! there was a stairway

Is plant-based meat healthier than real meat?

thereu2019s no such thing as u201cplant based meatu201d,but if you mean u201cmeat substituteu201d - Iu2019m sure the fans of it will say that it is healthier. But I doubt it has the same levels of protein or other nutrients are present in faux meat v real meat. Nor are there as many carcinogensu2026 of course, consider just how many chemicals they

Which countrys code is +99?

There is current no country that has the code +99, but if we add numerical suffixes:,+991 u2013 International Telecommunications Public Correspondence Service trial (ITPCS),+992 u2013 Tajikistan,+993 u2013 Turkmenistan,+994 u2013 Azerbaijan,+995 u2013 Georgia (there are also subcodes within +995 for the regions of Georgia that are de facto independ

Have you ever tried being creative with food recipes?

The best thing Iu2019ve improvised on recently was an apricot and almond upside down cake. I usually would use pineapple, but only had a tin of apricots. I also added in some ground almonds and flaked almonds and it was beautiful! Even better than it would have been with pineapple. The photos do not do it justice.,I also put some peanut M&Ms on top

What do you think will be the new interior design trend of 2020?

The minimalist trend will receive a new development in 2020, it will sparkle with bright colors. Consider the key trends in interior aesthetics below.,1.The concept of u201cThe Wellness Kitchenu201dThe kitchen is ideal for implementing green principles. It is important to organize the space as free as possible: with an abundance of natural light an

Why are quality bathroom accessories like tap, shower are so expensive in India?

There are many brands which provide bathroom accessories in a very high price but I use bathroom ware of Kerovit by Kajaria which provides you premium products in very reasonable price. The quality of product is too good that youu2019ll feel that the product is pretty awesome. You donu2019t need to switch to a non branded product if this company ex

Are there Right-Wing elements in the Green Party of England and Wales?

Yes, definitely. Iu2019d say there are three major factions within the Green Party as it stands today (and Iu2019m using internal terms here):,Watermelons (Green on the outside, red in the middle - eco-socialists),Mangos (Green on the outside, orange in the middle - former lib dems),Deep Greens (who invented the watermelon term as they are green al

What should I think if my ex husband messages me on Christmas Eve from his new girlfriendu2019s family dinner and then invites me to Christmas Day to have lunch with our kids? We have been separated for 4 months. We are married for 20 years.

First of all, if he is your u201cEXu201d husband like you put it, you are u201cNotu201d just separated from him but are divorced from each other. And you are u201cNotu201d married with him for 20 years but u201cWEREu201d married with each other for 20 years but no more. If it is indeed over between you two for four months tell him he is welcome to

Why was the FDIC insurance limit set to $250k?

To limit the liability of the FDIC. It is, after all, an insurance company, funded by insurance payments by banks. In the case of a bank failure, the FDIC has to pay real cash to the banku2019s accountholders.,This limit is much higher than anyone has in cash in banks except the most wealthy people, so it protects the small-holder. It doesnu2019t p

How many different types of cuisine do you eat in a given week?

USA, big city suburbn(Nine cuisines, two more restaurant meals than normal three),Sunday:nCantonese Chinese - dim sum brunch (restaurant with family)nAmerican - dinner salad,Monday: nAmerican - tuna salad sandwichnSzechuan Chinese (restaurant with visitors),Tuesday:nAmerican: turkey & kimchi sandwichnSouthern American - braised pork spareribs,Wedne

Is Paris a country near Europe?

Do you mean capital of France? Paris has no capital. However, Paris is a capital of France. We have some department that comprises Paris which they called u201cIle-de-Franceu201d this are Seine-et-Marne 77, Yveline 78, Val-d'Oise 95, Essonne 91, Hauts-de-Seine 92, Val-de-Marne 94, Seine-Saint-Denis 93, Paris 75. Note, Paris also is a department its

How do I eat healthily if Iu2019m poor?

My tuppence. It sounds that you are from UK. Thatu2019s great because Iu2019ve been a student for years and I know how to live very cheaply, if need be.,TL;DR: there are 5 tenets of reducing expenses in this answer:,getting bulk calories from cheap, reasonably healthy foodstuff (rice, oats),getting the satiated feeling through starchy vegetables (t

Will Apple release a new iPhone SE in 2022?

There are rumors to that effect. Sone rumors say it will even happen in 2021,but until apple actually makes an announcement nothing is guaranteed,they could be working on one now but decicise not to release it for sone reason

How did you figure out that your significant other was cheating on you?

Suspicious but unsure, I asked her directly if she was cheating, and she said no. We were having a lot of trouble and were seeing a marriage counselor, and my main complaint was that she had never u201cpaired upu201d with me - as a couple - she was her thing and I was my thing. We argued over the tiniest stuff - she would pick a fight about everyth

What are the pros and cons of using a (large) TV as a computer monitor?

I had a 40" 1080p TV as a computer monitor. It was great for gaming (motion smooting disabled to reduce display latency), but it was uncomfortable to use for general tasks; when placed at a comfortable viewing distance, it become uncomfortable to focus on the text.,For clarification: I did change the pixel density in the display manager to accurate

What is the difference between cheap and expensive house paint?

The last time I painted the interior of a house before moving in, I used very good quality paint on the walls, although I thought Iu2019d get cheaper, flat white paint for the interiors of closets. That didnu2019t last long. The paint was more dirty gray than white and not nearly as opaque as the good stuff. I took it back and got the good stuff ev

What areas do I avoid in Mexico City?

People from the city avoid going to where they havenu2019t been before, is kind of strange but that is how Mu00e9xico cityu2019s folks think. If you are a tourist is unlikely youu2019ll come across a place you shouldnu2019t be in. Generally, this is how we see the city.,The center of the city (Cuahtu00e9moc) is where most robbery and trafficking ha

What are the biggest rivalries that exist between two states of the USA?

The two American states that hate each other the mostThere are certainly some fierce rivalries between pairs of states, usually predicated by a combination of historical discord and differing opinions on current events. Typically the rivalries are civil, more trash talk that legitimate hatred, pride in ones own state rather than wishing ill upon th

How would one deconstruct a dream where an unmarried girl gives birth to a child and then is desperate to feed it, and sees an explicitly graphic breast feeding of the child?

I would say that the dreamer wishes to nourish a project, idea, or curiosity which may be frowned upon by the society in which he or she lives (such as an unmarried pregnant woman). Perhaps the dreamer even wishes for unconditional love and acceptance that this project, idea, or curiosity brings. (A baby doesn't care how fat or thin a mother is. It