What about the privatization of insurance PSU?

As this question is being asked - there are Three Cases on my desk given for legal advise.,Case No 1:-64 Year old Man, Paying Insurance premiums to the Same Private Insurer for the last 9 years (2010 - 2019) and next premium due by Sep 30,2020. Total Premiums paid for Family Cover - Rs. 6,53,000/-No claims from 2010 to 2019. In 2019 May - suffered

How many users does Instagram have?

Instagram is nowadays one of the biggest social media platforms around.,In September 2017, it was reported that Instagram had over 800 million monthly active users - thatu2019s more than Europeu2019s population!,On top of that, it was reported that Instagram also had over 500 million daily active users. These are real people, logging into their Ins

What is a SWOT analysis PDF?

A SWOT analysis that youu2019ve turned into a PDF.,When most people think of a SWOT analysis, they want the four quadrants filled out. PDF is just an easy way to send it via email.

Where can I find the Instagram filters?

Well, Instagram face filters come from Ar filters that found a prevalence by those creators who focus on the face filters. With a new wave comes from numerous photo effects and filters for boosting up Instagram stories content, the power of third-party apps such as VSCO and lightroom come to more eyes of marketers to produce sound, well-designed fa

Is the Canon 100D good for shooting short films?

Yes, with caveats. The 100D (or SL1 depending on your region) is a fine 18MP DSLR. Great sensor, inexpensive, lots of after market accessories. As a camera body it will work just fine for 1080P HD recording as long as you know how to use it for video. You need to know all the ins and outs on ISO, metering, exposure, focus control, everything if you

What will Anthony Bourdains legacy as a chef, writer and entertainer be?

I have actually been thinking about this in the last three hours, when I woke up to the headline news about his death.,I do not have my finger on the pulse of the food world. I have not read his books, except for one, u201cThe Les Halles Cookbooku201d, which mixes great recipes with his great wit, sarcasm, and strong opinions. Itu2019s a cookbook y

What is the current backgroundwallpaper on your phonetabletcomputer?

I donu2019t have a tablet.,On my desktop computer, itu2019s this:,File:SDO SDO 20120831 171.304.blend.jpgOn my phone, itu2019s a picture of the sunset seen from Marigot Bay in St. Lucia, that I took during my honeymoon.,This picture isnu2019t the same,Stock Photo - St Lucia, Marigot Bay at sunsetbut itu2019s close enough to give you the idea.,But r

Are you and your K-pop bias compatible according to zodiac signs?

It really depends on the Zodiac you are referencing. I will start with the CHINESE ZODIAC SIGNS.ORIGIN OF THE CHINESE ZODIACAn old legend says that one day Buddha called all the animals for a great celebration. But only 12 animals responded to Buddhau2019s invitation: the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the She

What are the key ingredients to make homemade salsa?

Hello! I like to think of myself as a salsa enthusiast, of sorts. I'm extremely picky when it comes to snacking on it! I decided a while ago that the best way to enjoy salsa when I'm not near my favorite place is to do it myself. The following recipe is extremely easy and pretty spicy so alter it to your preference. Here it is: ,Roast the following

Can you speak to cars with a walkie talkie?

In theory, yes, but it's not quite straightforward.,Pretty much all wallow talkies operate by using FM (Frequency Modulation), just like the FM in your car radio. Now the problem is, you can only tune the radio in your car to frequencies between 88 MHz and 108 MHz.,I'm going to assume youu2019re referring to commercial grade two way radios, and not

How do you legally hurt a billion-dollar corporation?

There is a cellular provider in South Africa, called CellC. They once had a reputation (I can't confirm, as I am not a client) that their customer service sucked big time.,So, enter stage left, is this guy, with a relatively large budget and a bone to pick, and started putting large billboards up about their alleged bad service, in particular their

How can you identify a bite from a giant huntsman spider?

Itu2019s hard to imagine how you could be bitten by a huntsman spider and not see the spider. Their body length (minus legs) can be something around 1.5 inches, and they have long legs. Their bites definitely hurt, and you would see two fang marks about 1/4 inch apart. You would be in some pain for an hour or so.,It is possible that other large spi

What is the best projector for a bedroom under Euro 200?

The Emotn C1 might be a good option for you. It is a handy projector to get all of your expected wishlist that will meet up within your budget. The cost is about $169, equivalent to u00a3155. And of course, this projector will give you a more brilliant experience in every sense!,In the case of the operating systems, picture quality, connectivity, p

What color curtains go with white walls and brown furniture?

Both white and brown are basically neutral colors. I would think any color would work. Brown furniture could be a fabric or wood. Try adding a little bright color into the room. Reds, blues, greens would be fine just go bright instead of muted pastels.

How do you find sustainable building design firms globally?

Look for a national organization called a 'Green Building Council' or it's equivalent. These councils will set standards for green buildings and sustainable design.,Look for firms affiliated with or certified by the Green Building Certification Institution, the organization that manages the LEED certification process.,Very specific building styles

In which country there is no land?

Hold on a secondu2026 a country with no land? Are you serious? Absolutely! While the United Nations has 193 recognised countries, it also has two observer states, namely Palestine and The Vatican City. But there is a little-known third entity which also holds observer status in the UN. Yes, get ready for this u2013 this is an officially recognised

I have 4 teenage daughters (and three preteen sons). My daughters all share a room and have for their whole lives but lately theyve been complaining about it. What do I tell them? (I cant afford to move houses right now.)

I agree with the answer that you should just be honest about the financial situation, but I have a couple of suggestions in the meantime as well. My daughter has 2 toddlers & her boyfriend has a toddler as well. My grandkids are a girl & a boy with a new girl on the way, & the step son is a boy. My daughter owns a decent sized trailer that had 2 sm

What are some great simple pasta recipes?

The easiest there is, takes you exactly as long as it takes your pasta to cook. Itu2019s called Aglio (garlic), Olio, (olive oil), e peperoncino (pepper flakes). Thatu2019s it. Thatu2019s all you need.,Well, that and a little pasta technique, which I shall impart upon you, now:,Ingredients:,whole fresh garlic,olive oil (no need to use extra virgin)

What are recommended places to visit in Kyrgyzstan?

These are suggestions for summer:nTash RabatnEki NarynnArslanbobnIssyk-Kul (Bel Tam yurt camp near Bokoenbaev is a great beach spot to chill for a few days after hard traveling)nSary Mogul (yurt camp at lake below Peak Lenin),Here's my blog on our month there in June 2015:,http://www.travelpod.com/z/jamjamdave/2/1438179867?utm_campaign=share_notifi

What are the best mirrorless cameras that are future-proof (2022)?

Nothing in tech is future proof. With that said, mirrorless cameras will be more long lasting feature-wise than DSLRs because a lot of what they do is software driven. So they can be upgraded to improve current features, and add new features (within the limits of the hardware). This is true of all brands of mirrorless cameras.,The main thing, and t

What is the difference between terraced housing and row housing?

My late father was an architect, town planner, surveyor and engineer of world standing and I recall what I learnt from him in years past:u2014They are the same thing. Itu2019s just a matter of terminological preferences and usages.,Row housing is the generic term and also the North American term. Terraced housing is the UK term.,The architectural s

What does it mean to see my mother beheaded in an accident in a dream?

How did you feel during the dream and waking up afterwards? Did you feel scared or worried or sad? I sometimes dream things like this because Iu2019m scared of losing the people and animals I love. If you felt different than this it probably means something else though, and I am by no means qualified to analyze dreams, just speaking from experience

How is percentage increase calculated in Excel?

I will embellish this answer with an example. A percentage increase is given by: y = A u00d7 (100 + x) u00f7 100,Where A is the start value and x is the percentage. That can also be written as: y = A u00d7 (1 + (x/100)). So letu2019s transfer the concept to a spreadsheet formulau2026,Letu2019s say the start value is in cell B2 (value = 35) and the