I have a Canon 700D (t5i), 18-55mm IS STM, 55-250mm IS II, and 50mm 1.8 II. My budget is $500, give or take. I like photographing wildlife, macro, products, and people. What lens should I get next?

You already have basic coverage for most things. Not the best lenses, but you have to think about whether you're going to upgrade your existing collection or start to buy more specific-purpose lenses. ,For the APS shooter with a couple of kit lenses looking to get into macro photography but also interesting in shooting people (I live on 26 acres in

How do you vectorize an image in Photoshop?

Sorry mate. nPhotoshop is purely meant for raster transformation.n(Static images)nEven though you make images with vector tools like rectangle, ellipse etc. You will have to save it in .jpeg, .PNG etc formats at last (which are all raster type).,So I advice you to use Adobe illustrator which is completely for vectors. (Dynamic non pixelating images

How do I get invited to Necker Island?

I have had a few invites. Most of them from the XTC challenges. You have to qualify for the top 25 or 50 ideas. I never went but that is one way to do it.

How similar are Manchester and Liverpool?

I think it's all about where you are coming from.,If you are not intimately familiar with Britain, then I imagine most British cities all feel a little bit similar (with some obvious exceptions).,In the same way as how I, from a distance, might not be able to really appreciate how Buffalo, New York is significantly different to Rochester, New York,

What are some incredible facts about the Indian Armed Forces?

1)India will become one of the few country to have a nuclear triad-air bombers, ICBMs(Intercontinental ballistic missiles) and nuclear submarines. Sagrika( a nuclear capable submarine missile) was successfully test fired in Jan. 2013 for the 14th time with a range between 700 to 1900 km depending on the payload.n,2)India controls the highest battle

How can I admit into Stanford university with less fee? I am an international student and how much it costs for overall food, living, books and tuition for an undergraduate? Is there any other ways to get low fee

This is a good question, but broad.,Yes, itu2019s possible to get undergraduate scholarship in Stanford, but one has to be excellent at academics with outstanding grades. They also examine your test results for SAT(undergraduate programs) and GRE(postgraduate programs).,If you are a national-level sports player or have scored impeccably in an exam

How do you get the best lighting for indoor pictures?

It depends on if you have a smartphone or a DSLR Camera? As the best lighting, in my opinion, is to bounce on-camera flash, off a ceiling or white wall, and combine it with window light. This creates a two light portrait that looks like it had been done with professional studio lights.,A smartphoneu2019s flash is not powerful enough for this. So yo

What is the Adobe video editor software?

Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV and the web. Creative tools, integration with other apps and services and the power of Adobe Sensei help you craft footage into polished films and videos. With Premiere Rush you can create and edit new projects from any device.

Personal blog: Does it help or hurt your chances to be hired?

What do you mean by a personal blog?,,Emotional responses to your relationships, heartbreaks, and other minutia: This will hurt you, to varying degrees depending on how emotionally open you are. Many people will see posting this information online as either:n(1) Not understanding boundaries / not caring about how you're seen (probably not an ideal

How do I get Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance?

Each state has a different BC/BS portal, and some may differentiate between the two.,For example, California calls Blue Cross Anthem, and they handle the commercial and Medicare Advantage end of insurance, where as Blue Shield handles commercial and Medi-Cal (Californiau2019s version of Medicaid).,When you enroll with a plan you are sent your insur

Is there any impact of zodiac signs in a relationship? If yes, how?

It is not very important. My friend is a Virgo, she has been married to her husband who is a Leo for over 26 yearsu2014and they are said to be one of the most incompatible signs for a relationship, but clearly that's not entirely true.,Her husband doesn't even exude any Leo traits, he's not an attention seeker or anything like that, he's very very

As a Leo woman dating a Sagittarius man. How do you feel about the relationship?

The best match for Leo u264c woman is Sagittarius u2650 man,Only 3 signs represent crown ud83dudc51ud83dudc51ud83dudc51,Leo u264c => king ud83dudc51,Sagittarius u2650 => its star Jupiter represents crown ud83dudc51 chakra,Capricorn u2651 => represents kingdoms ud83dudc51, also represents unicorn ud83eudd84 (face to face with lion ud83eudd8

Is it better to paint a ceiling white or dark?

A little trick we use in Western Australia is to tint the ceiling colour 25% of the wall colour, this creates a very soft appearance, itu2019s a great way of having a darker colour on your walls so that pictures and like standout but appears lighter as the ceiling provides a softer contrast

I want to buy air pods but I think it doesnt gives its best in Android and iOS is very costly I can only afford the iPhone 7. So should I go for it?

What youu2019re thinking is wrong, AirPods are stand alone product from Apple that are supposed to work with any mobile Operating System.,If they were supposed to only work with iOS, theyu2019d be called as Apple Pods simply because they add suffix u2018Appleu2019 to their proprietary products. Instance - Apple Watch (not iWatch or Watch).,Coming t

What are the best type of headphones to prevent ear damage?

Your brain. Keep the volume down. DOWN. Hereu2019s information about safe listening levels. ALL headphones will hurt your hearing permanently if you listen too loud, too long. Sorry. Thatu2019s the way it is.,Load a sound level meter on your phone. Stick the mic on your phone thatu2019s measuring sound right in, or on your headphone speaker. Then t

Can you recommend a simple "friends & family" equity contract template?

Thanks to Jeff Amato for the A2A.It's hard (if not impossible) to recommend because the contract clauses in such a template would vary between jurisdictions -- and we don't know your location.,Even in just one country (say, the USA), what is permissible in California law may not be so in New York State. Even in the UK (where the English, Scottish a

Who are the most beautiful female politicians?

Free Republican has a top ten list:,Yuri Fujikawa,Mara Carfagna,Tania Derveaux,Alina Kabaeva,Luciana Leon,Angelina Sondakh,Ruby Dhalla,Sarah Palin,Yulia Tymoshenko,Segolene Royal,Also, Katarzyna Lenart, a 23-year old parliamentary candidate for the Democratic Left Aliiance (SLD),Marianne Thieme Parliamentary Leader for the Party for the Animals in

Whats your favorite bathroom tile design?

Beautiful Bathroom Tiles Designs:When it comes to bathroom interiors the very first thing that comes to our mind is the tiles. You would be amazed to know that just by changing the tiles of your bathroom you would be able to renovate your whole bathroom.,Tiles are the must-have thing in any bathroom that cannot be skipped in anyways so the idea her

What laptop is best in 2022?

Ironically, if you want a gaming PC of any sort, a gaming laptop is one of the more sensible choices now even from a cost-performance standpoint.,This is because retail graphics cards are still selling for about double MSRP, and prebuilt gaming desktops are a lot more expensive in general.,The one key thing to keep in mind with a gaming laptop, is

How do I add downloaded presets to Lightroom?

Install Lightroom on your desktop.,Launch Lightroom desktop.When you launch Lightroom desktop (v1.4 June 2018 release or later) for the first time after installing or updating, the existing Lightroom Classic profiles and presets on your computer are automatically migrated to Lightroom.,(Optional) If you make any changes or add new presets to Lightr