How long have you driven a car without a drivers license before getting caught?

My long story: I did it for almost a year.,I have epilepsy. Itu2019s well controlled and I havenu2019t had a seizure in almost twenty years, but since I was honest and told the DMV of my diagnosis I have to send in paperwork every so often, signed by a doctor, so I can keep my license. Itu2019s a pain but I do it because itu2019s the law and Iu2019

How is iOS 11.3 working on an iPhone 5s (compared to iOS

Slower. Boot up time has been increased. Fingerprint Recognition has a very negligible delay. app launching lags are evident, signal strength fluctuates while using mobile data. battery life has remained the same, Siri has improved a lot more. App support has been drastically increased. Widget screen lag fixed. Control centre seems smoother. Screen

What are the best graphics cards for gaming in 2022?

The rtx 3080 graphics card will be powering GPUs in june 2020(approx).,A lot is actually expected from these cards,the previous launch of rtx 2080 ,rtx 2070 and rtx 2060 might be a beast when it comes to raw power but these graphics cards failed to perform well on the rtx section.,The rtx 3080 series will mainly traget to improve the overall ray tr

What are the 2021 dining trends?

Our home becomes everything, and now we all are doing everything from home, whether it be work or virtually meeting people. When it comes to trends, they change all the time.,Whether you have a small breakfast corner or a substantial formal space dedicated to dinner parties, it should be functional and trendy. Nowadays, people are wisely investing

What are some examples of early digital photography?

According to PetaPixel, the first digital photograph was a low resolution scanned image of a photograph from 1957. First Digital Photograph Ever MadeThe first digital camera is pictured in this article: Kodak's First Digital Moment The lens was borrowed from a super 8 movie camera. I see an audio cassette. Iu2019m guessing this was the storage medi

What did Americans in the 19th and 20th century think of Australia and Canada?

There is a long tradition of Americans visiting Australia and giving their opinions of the place.,Mark Twain was an early contributor to this body of literature.,Due to his complete lack of business acumen and his habit of investing in failed gadgets and inventions he was often broke. Such was the situation in 1894 when he was obliged to go on a sp

What are top places to go when visiting the Philippines?

Well, that entirely depends on you mate.,Looking for a nice beach getaway? Try:,Panglao, BoholCoron, PalawanOr perhaps youu2019re looking for a place deeply rooted in our cultural history (though honestly I doubt it):,Intramuros, ManilaVigan City, IlocosOr maybe a nice place to shop and buy many things?,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Man

What are the best grossing movies of all time?

IN terms of absolute Gross,DANGAL grossed Rs. 387 Crore and is the highest grossing film of Bollywood,This is if you exclude BAAHUBALI II - whose Hindi version grossed Rs. 517 Crore in Bollywood.,IN terms of Adjusted for Inflation Gross,HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN grossed Rs. 463.78 Crore in terms of adjusted to 2016 Rupees and Rs. 489.55 Crore in terms of

What conditions are required for a lunar eclipse?

The plane of the Moonu2019s orbit about the Earth, and the plane of Earthu2019s orbit about the sun are off by about 5.5 degrees.,For an eclipse to occur, the Full Moon and the Earth need to be close enough to either node of these two planes, such that the Full Moon will cross through some portion of the shadow of Earth.

What is the difference between coagulation, precipitation and denaturation of protein?

Coagulation.,Change to a viscous, jellylike, or solid state especially : a change from a liquid to a thickened curdlike state not by evaporation but by chemical reaction. Examples are the spontaneous coagulation of freshly drawn blood, the coagulation of milk by rennin.,Precipitation:,In chemistry,the action or process of precipitating a substance

What kind of food is Cajun?

I would describe it as the best kind of food, but itu2019s just a strong preference of mine. I discovered it in the late u201860s and have loved it ever since.,Cajun food is named for the Cajun people of the Southern Louisiana bayou areas. These communities were populated by French Canadians forced to leave Acadia. They speak a form of French and t

When does Walmarts Black Friday start?

Walmart Black Friday will start from 18th November 2022. If you want to buy like home appliances, kitchen appliances and electronics items then this is the right time for you. So donu2019t miss this chance and get what you want from here Black Friday Deals 2022 - Amazon, Best Buy & Home Depot.

What are good non-tomato based pasta sauces?

Pesto. Traditionally, blend basil, pine nuts, garlic, parmesan, and olive oil together. Toss with pasta. Now we make pestos out of a variety of herbs and nuts; pesto varieties continue to grow and are generally awesome.,Olive oil w/.... Mince garlic and anchovies. Add to warm olive oil and cook slowly until the anchovies dissolve. Toss with pasta.

How can I find a professional hotel supplier?

Finding a supplier for your hotel can be difficult. Many suppliers are out there, but not all of them will suit your needs. You want to find one that will provide you with the best products and services for the best price like Impruve LLC. You need to use some tips to make sure you find the right Hotel Suppliers in UAE for your business.,Here know

Why is manual photography more preferable than auto?

It depends on the situation entirely. Some events are so chaotic and each moment the lighting changes dramatically, full auto or at least aperture preferred auto, with ISO in float within parameters and shutter speeds within a minimum of speed is often really useful.,Most of the time though I prefer to have complete control of the exposure. The tot

What are the best cameras for beginners?

My best advise is to start with a slightly used DSLR, from last year, with a good prime lens.,If it were me, with your budget, I would get a Nikon D3200, (great sensor for an entry level DSLR) and you can get a used one for around 200 at the link below:nnikon d3200 in United Kingdom | Digital Cameras for Sale - GumtreeThe kit lens is not great, so

What are the best aspects of living in Batangas, Philippines as a young adult?

I work Sto. Tomas, Batangas which is just a jeepney ride away from Laguna, but my home is in Batangas City, at the very heart of Batangas province.,To be perfectly honest, my living conditions here isnu2019t very magical. But things here are not as expensive as NCR, and the traffic is more tolerable, and though the shops are quite limited, with the

Is it worth buying the Samsung Galaxy 10+?

Four reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Over Note 10Samsung just released its Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus; here are the things that would make you prefer Note 10 Plus to the main variant (Note 10). We already know the Samsung Galaxy Note series to come with S Pen (Stylus); however, in these new devices, the S pen comes with more functio

What is the best way to celebrate your birthday?

Happiness is in sharing.Today I turned 17. Unlike every other birthday this time I'm not active on social media. So obviously I didn't received much of wishes this time. Trust me I'm very happy by this staying away from fake wishes.,So this is how I celebrated my birthday.I went to meet beautiful people suffering from leprosy of Mahatma Gandhi Kush

What is a good ratio of vinegar to milk for sour milk? Two tbsps to one cup works well for the pancake recipe that called for it, but not for other recipes, and I have heard one tbsp to one cup.

I looked at a couple different websites and every one of them says the same thing. The ratio should be 1 cup of milk to 1Tbsp vinegar or lemon juice.,How to Make Sour Milk | Buttermilk SubstituteNeed Sour Milk for a recipe? It's easy to make and is often used as a substitute for Buttermilk. While not 100% exactly buttermilk it will be similar and w

How do you make Italian Sunday Gravy?

Sunday Gravy has probably held Italian-American families together for centuries.,No matter what you call it, most Italians where I grew up in the northeast called it u201cGravyu201d most non-Italians call it u201cSauceu201d but for a big wonderful meal that brings everyone together there really isnu2019t anything better. What Sunday Dinneru2019s su

Who is the most famous celebrity in India in 2020?

Who is the most famous living person in the world in 2021?Iu2019d guess at Elizabeth II. Because sheu2019s Elizabeth II.,Is there anybody on Quora who doesnu2019t know who she is? Anybody on Facebook? Twitter? Reddit?,Thought not.