Why the name "Statement of financial position" instead of "Balance Sheet"?

The reason is described at length in Basis of Conclusions of IAS 1 para BC14 - BC21. In summary, IASB views that the new title better reflects the function of the financial statement. The old title pretty much describes the structure of the statement not so about the function. The board is also in opinion that the new title is more consistent with

Whats a good and affordable restaurant near the Union Square subway?

A few of my favorites near Union Square that are more affordable:n,Pete's Tavern (18th and Irving) and Old Town Bar (18th west of Park Avenue South) - both are bars with a 19th-century, old-fashioned feel. During warmer months you can eat outside at Pete's Tavern.,71 Irving (Irving between 18th and 19th) - a small, homey coffee shop,Republic (Union

How many rooms does Burj Khalifa have?

About the PropertyAlong with being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is home to 900 luxury residences, from studios to a giant 5 bedroom penthouse. Residents have access to fitness facilities, a library, a cigar club, a meeting space, a gourmet market, jacuzzis and both indoor and outdoor pools. Outside, Burj Khalifa also has a park a

What is the best way to establish credit as a 17 year old?

I just turned 18, how do I build credit?First, get a source of income. For most, this means get a job that provides a paycheck.,Next, apply for a credit card. If your bank offers one, look into that one first. A card issuer who already has a history with you, like your bank or other financial institution, is more likely to be willing to issue you o

What is the largest species of spider in the world?

It is the Goliath Birdeater Spider (Theraphosa blondi) reaching to 11u201312 inches in leg-span and 6 ounces in weight.,It is a tarantula (family: Theraphosidae) found in South America. It's main habitat is the Amazon Rainforest, where it lives in burrows. It is nocturnal, and eats mainly insects and small amphibians, rarely does it ever eat birds.

What are some tips for cooking very quickly?

While cooking onions for a dish, add a very small amount of salt to make it cook faster.,2. While cooking chicken, we add water for it to cook right, at that time, we can add boiled hot water instead of normal water for faster cooking.,3. When in a hurry and if you are unbiased between prawns and chicken, use prawns, it cooks really faster than chi

What are some of the good jobs in the biotechnology industry in India?

What is Biotechnology all about?Biotechnology is a highly interdisciplinary field that combines biological sciences with engineering technologies to manipulate living organisms and biological systems to produce products that advances healthcare, medicine, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals and environment control. Biotechnology can be classified in

How do I write a resume, if I have never had a job?

First, consider this letter you are writing will represent you. Itu2019s the only thing about you your potential employer can see.,Hold on to this thought. We will come back to it.,Set aside all the reasons why you want, need or deserve a job. The place where you are interviewing is wondering how you can help them, not how they can help you. Focus

What are easier ways to make money as a Nigerian?

Do you need a list of online skills, services, and profitable business ideas that you can start with little or no money?,Nigeria is a fascinating country with a population of over 200 million people who speak over 300 indigenous languages and is a popular African tourist destination.,But there is one problem with all of this beauty: POVERTY.,Nigeri

Why do companies like Nikon sell cameras that around 16 megapixels but phone companies like Sony and Nokia sell phones that have 20 to 40-megapixel cameras?

Simply put, camera markers and phone makers are trying to solve different problems in photography. The camera maker is mostly targeting enthusiast and professional photographers trying to capture the best image possible. For consumer models, these days, theyu2019re trying to offer customers a thing they canu2019t get in a phone, because right now,

What are your u201cunpopularu201d BTS opinions in 2020?

I know I will regret answering it because of the backlash, but letu2019s go,1.Big Hit controls their image and the membersu2019 personalities are modified to fit the audiencesu2019 tasteI am sorry if it comes shocking to you. But not everything you see on cameras is real, why do you think BH takes ages to edit stuff?,Honestly, the amount of stuff w

Are Anker power banks good?

Yes, anker, Xiaomi, Mophie, Rav power banks are one of the best power banks in world,Considering price, actual capacity, size and protection etc

I have to construct a new home. Which is better for flooring, marble, granite, or tiles?

Marble: Marble is a type of rock composed of recrystallized material most commonly limestone. The white marble comes from the most pure form of limestone. Colors and veins in the marble arise when other materials are present in the earth crust along with limestone. Marble gives soft look and provides elegance to the modern era structures.,Implement

If the Bombardier Global 7500 has a range of 14,300 km., does that mean it can fly the 13,664 kilometers (Google Maps distance) from New York to Manila or would other factors prevent this?

Yes, but only if the conditions are correct. The numbers airplane manufacturers are misleading. There are several performance numbers theyu2019ll tell you, depending on what they want you to know, and not the other way around.,The first number is usually a u201cstill airu201d range. Thatu2019s the distance the plane can travel not taking in to acco

How do I adjust the HDMI screen size on a TV with Windows 11?

Here is an article that might help:,How to fit the laptop screen on TV over HDMI [Quick Guide]I also found thisu2014it seems very helpful as well.,Put the cursor in the bottom right corner of the Windows screen and move it upward. Select "Settings," then click "Change PC Settings." Click "PC and Devices" and then click "Display." Drag the resolutio

How do I copy edits in a Lightroom mobile?

Open Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mobile,3. Click on the (...) Settings Button and choose Add Photos option,4. Choose the location on your phone (for example Dropbox) where you downloaded and unzipped .dng files,5. Double click on .dng file you would like to work withu2026,6. .dng file will be installed in Lightroom Mobile,7. Choose .dng file you

If you have $1,100 to spend on a new mirrorless camera, what would you buy, Fujifilm X-T20 and XF18u201355mm, or Olympus E-M10 and Zuiko 12u201340mm Pro?

Wellu2026 I can definitely buy the Fujifilm X-T20 new for $1,100, with the good kit lens, the XF18u201355 f/2.8u20134.0 R LM OIS, so thereu2019s that. I am an Olympus user, so you are getting bias here!,But Fujifilm would be my second choice in mirrorless today, so I canu2019t specifically fault either choice. The X-T20 will have the advantage of h

What is an interesting fact about you?

I was born with an extremely rare genetic mutation. My body produces a lot more of Anandamide, a natural cannabinoid produced by the body. Due to this I am immune to stress, depression and anxiety. I'm not 'happy-go-lucky', I'm just immune to stress and anxiety no matter the situation, it allows me to remain calm and 'blissful' therefore I am unabl

How much is $100 in pesos?

Around 20 countries use a dollar as their currency. Which one are you asking about? Fiji? Australia? Hong Kong? Liberia?

What was the world like on November 11th 1111? Did anyone care that it was 11111111?

It appears nothing much happened on that date. The only thing I have been able to find is that it was a Saturday. On 11/8/1111 Otto II, Count of Hapsburg died, but that is all I could find that happened in November 1111. Only two other events in 1111 were that Henry V of Germany was crowned Holy Roman Emperor, and he invaded Hungary. If you leave o

What is the role and function of NATO?

NATO grew out of a 1947 treaty between Britain and France, to which the Benelux countries were added in 1948. It was called the Treaty of Brussels at that point. Soon afterwards, the United States joined. So there was a precedent. Having the headquarters there avoids giving the honor to one of the big members (UK, France, Germany), which might prod

What sucks about AI?

What is horrible with today's AI, it makes a sort of AI alchemy mixed with pseudoscience having dangerous effects as the pseudoscientific theories about racial and ethnic classifications.,Instead of being a leading science and engineering, the mainstream, big tech AI/ML/DL is selling some math-techniques, statistic models, algorithms and black-box

What are some unknown facts and stories about the 1999 Kargil war?

I recently came across this article in India Today about the stories of five men whose extraordinary courage changed the course of the Kargil War. This is going to be quiet long so please have a bit of patience.Capt Sangwan lost a leg but is excelling as a sportsmann,Name : CAPT Satender SangwanRegiment : 16 Grenadiers nFought at : Drass/Batalikn,C

What did the Harry Potter movies get wrong that drives you insane?

Although there are many moments that get people annoyed, like giving Hermione more lines at the expense of both Harry and Ron, reducing Ron to comic relief, there's one sequence of events in particular that made me feel more than just annoyed, but let down. The way the final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort was written in the book of Death

Why is the Philippines considered poor, but I saw a lot of nice buildings and streets in Metro Manila and met many well-educated and capable Filipinos?

(edited to answer some comments),Maybe because you grew up within a social circle and with teachers that taught you that if one is a poor country, then everybody there are poor, badly educated (perhaps even full of bad or stupid people) and all the sceneries and buildings are poor and miserable and dirty or slum-looking. And if one is a rich countr

Whats a great, but simple, chicken breast recipe?

Chicken Parmigiana for mehere is the recipe from http://angsarap.net,Ingredients2 eggs, beatenn3 cups bread crumbsn6 pcs thinly sliced chicken breast cutletsn1/2 cup white winen12 large tomato, choppedn1 tsp dried oreganon12 pcs basil leaves, choppedn1 medium onion, finely choppedn4 cloves garlic, mincedn2 cups mozzarella cheesen1/4 cup grated Parm