What are some unique and stylish decor ideas for the master bedroom?

Stylish Master Bedroom Decor Ideas:Decorating the master bedroom can get confusing and mind-racking. Though the bedroom isnu2019t going to be out for the show, you are still going to spend most of your leisure time there. So definitely it must provide you comfort and coziness. The master bedroom should represent the master of the bedroom (we mean i

What is the u201cdeveloping countryu201d status?

1.Developing country status ensures special and differential treatment (S&DT) or provisions which allow them more time to implement agreements and commitments.,2.It includes measures to increase trading opportunities, safeguard their trade interests, and support to build capacity to handle disputes and implement technical standards.,3.These provisi

What is there to do in Seattle?

I posted this answer in a previous response, but think it's still apropos here. (Original post: Christie Fox's answer to What are the best things to do and see in Seattle? I've lived in Seattle for several years but I'm always curious what I'm missing out on.),While this is a pretty wide open question, my answer narrows it down to my personal fav t

Where is the best place in a concert hall to sit for sound?

it depends on the individual hall and what youu2019re listening too. For an acoustic, non-amplified concert, In general, the larger the ensemble, the further away I like to be so that the sound has a chance to blend before it reaches my ears. But I also donu2019t to be too far back so that I feel removed from the u201dactionu201d. I generally prefe

How old is your current laptop?

My laptop is 3 days old. It is an Acer Aspire 3 A315-23.I brought it off Amazon Great Indian Festival.,Few specs:,Processor: 2.1 Ghz AMD Ryzen 5 - 3500U quad core,RAM: 8GB DDR4,Display: 15.6u2033 Full HD,Storage: 512GB SSD,OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit,Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8 Mobile graphics.,Price : Rs. 41,990,Of the few research I've done, Ryzen

How many grams is one cup of rice?

There are approximately 210g of long grain basmati rice (uncooked) in one cup. This quantity is the same for long-grain brown rice (uncooked). However, one cup of uncooked sushi rice should weigh approximately 225g.,To know about healthy recipes for boosting immunity and about various spices of India, you can get these amazing books on Amazon, by t

What is the best free photo editor?

I donu2019t usually use online photo editor, but I do like photoshopalternative.com and seem like itu2019s the perfect choice for your need :)

How do I scan a document from my Brother printer to my computer?

Yes you can. However, you will need the software of the printer installed on your computer for that function.,You can find the driver here: HP Software and Driver Downloads for HP Printers, Laptops, Desktops and MoreIf you donu2019t have a computer or mac, you can also scan from a mobile device using the application called HP Smart.

What are some ideas for some ornamental yet edible vegetables or fruits to plant in front of my house? I live in the midwest USA, partial sunlight, no HOA, and it will be welcome in my neighborhood.

My #1 tree recommendation for the US Midwest (and many other areas of the country) is Serviceberry. Amelanchier, also known as shadbush, is a wonderful small tree native to the US. It has attractive white spring blossoms, nice fall color, provides year-round interest in the landscape, and produces edible fruits (usually in June). Birds love the fru

What are some examples of extreme religious hypocrisy?

Ahh, welcome to India! The land of extreme religious hypocrisy.,(Disclaimer: I am not an agent of RSS or belong to a group that hates Christianity. I am myself, a Christian (still I am a Christian) and there by, writing about the things, I have come across in my experience),Take a look at this guy,Who is he ? Well, he is one of the most popular eva

How do you use hashtags on Instagram?

u201cCan one or more photos be added to an existing post on Instagram?u201d Unfortunately not. Iu2019ve tried a couple of times to add follow-up photos to a couple of my postings but Instagramu2019s system wonu2019t allow this. You need to delete the post then repost using the multiple pics function. As other responders have mentioned, find a photo

What are the advantages of using a rice cooker?

Well, My life has been a lot easier after getting a rice cooker. the main reason being everyoneu2019s different time of having lunch. Earlier we had to prepare it atleast twice so that all get to eat fresh hot fluffy rice but now after getting a rice cooker it has been such an ease. Just put rice and water in the pot, switch it on and forget it. AF

What can you cook?

This is the chocolate cupcake that I baked. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate rice garnish.,Chicken fried rice that I whipped up two days ago. I was rushing for work and I made it within 20 minutes approx. It doesnu2019t look presentable but the taste was yummy.,Okay this was made two week ago when my friends came over for friday night party.

What is a budget package from Bangalore to the Maldives?

We spent around 90 K for our trip to Maldives for couple (35K per person). We booked flight in advance. We stayed in Resort booked through Airbnb and not in costly water villas. We also did not go through any tourism package. We went to Maafushi Island and arranged our own tour in the island which is very cheap and very professional.,We did Scuba d

What are some quick easy dinner recipes to make?

Carbonara. Boil spaghetti in one pot with salted water. In a pan, fry bacon. When done, drain some of the grease (not all), and crumble bacon into pan. Beat two eggs together with a healthy amount of parmesan. When pasta is done, dump into the bacon pan and coat the noodles. Turn off heat, pour egg/cheese mixture on top. Stir noodles quickly so tha

What experiences have you had that you would describe as a miracle?

One time I was hoping that I could have a friend, and an older lady at church told me that God told her that I needed a friend, and she offered to be my friend.,One time we had no money for food or toilet paper in our campus apartment. We had been down to making bread out of flour and water on a pan because that was all that was left. We received a

Do you believe that containing Chinas development by cutting Chinese technology companies off US supplies of key components would restore US competitiveness and consolidate its absolute technological dominance in the world?

Capitalism is a Beautiful ThingThe United States is the greatest supporter and promoter of Capitalism and should realize that Global Capitalism means Nothing in the world can deter China from its Course to Manufacture Semiconductor Chips except Chinese Internal Ability,Of all the US Semiconductor Design Companies in the US - China commands a 38% ma

Why should I (girl) get married?

Marriage is not a law which is mandatory to be followed. Marriage is not necessarily be important. It is upto a person. If they find their right one, they wish to live with them, they can get married to them to stay together always. But you don't need just marriage to make a relationship strong. It is not a ticket so that the other one stays with y

What are some easy bell pepper recipes?

Bell peppers are a great addition to many dishes. They can be stuffed with meats or cheeses, added to salads, or used as a topping on pizzas. Here are a few easy recipes that use bell peppers: Bell Pepper and Sausage Stew: This stew is made with Italian sausage, diced tomatoes, and bell peppers. It's simple to make and perfect for a winter meal.

What are the best recipes for the Italian pasta?

Here is the best kept secret that there is about Italian pasta: it goes by the name of svuota frigo - it literally means u201cfridge emptieru201d.,Pasta is an awesome ally in the kitchen to make delicious yet straightforward, cheap recipes because, among its upsides, there is its astonishing capability to help you get rid of fridge leftovers. The w

How can you do a good job interview?

Iu2019ve interviewed with some dream companies like Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, LinkedIn. And have cracked all of those. Iu2019ve worked with all these companies.,Me in Google Mountain View.,Image source: Instagram [It features more stuff on career-guidance],The first time I gave an interview, it was pretty bad. I had searched the internet for int

What are the best old fashioned German names?

You can't name your baby anything you want if you live in Germany. You can't pick just any name or make one up that you think sounds nice.,In Germany, there are certain restrictions when it comes to choosing a name for a child. The justification: Names should protect the well-being of the child, and some names could possibly defame him or her or ev

Is there a site that combines both Western and Eastern astrology?

Yes there is a site called Chinese and Western Astrology and it covers not just the eastern and western signs but also the elements and introvert versus extrovert traits. It provides a free Chinese and Western Zodiac Compatibility score chart using a unique formula.

How do I pronounce "Rachelle"? Is it a normal English name for a female?

Meaning of Names, Baby Name Meanings gives two pronunciations: RAY-chu0259l, ru0259-SHEL.,It is a normal English name, if a bit unusual. It is a variation on the more common name, Rachel. These variations are not uncommon with women's names in English.,The name is from Hebrew, and it means "ewe," which is a female sheep. But the meanings of names a

Where is the resume format on Word?

Q: Where is the resume format on Word?There isnu2019t u201cau201d single resume format. There are many templates that provide the starting point for a resume.,Select u201cFileu201d tab.,Select u201cNewu201d menu choice.,Enter u201cresumeu201d in the box that says something like, u201csearch for online templatesu201d and hit the enter key or tap the

As an airline Captain have you ever gotten frustrated by a poorly flying First-officer?

Yes, I had a First Officer that was a former flight engineer. When we got jets, the FEs had to get a commercial ticket to remain employed The second officers were both a pilot and FE.,THE FEs had the option, seniority permitting, of moving up as far as Captain. Some only made it to copilot. Some became permanent second Officers.,I gave my copilot t

Is the market going to crash in 2022, or is it just a prediction?

A stock market crash is coming. Let me give you very solid reasons as to why are we going to see a market crash over the next few months. I will share with you my views in points.,US 10 year treasury yields are now over 2%.,Oil is now at $93 per barrel. Just look at the speed of this rally.,Russia is within days of invading Ukraine as per the US in

Whats one instinctive thing you did that prevented something bad from happening?

When I was 18 years old I moved into a small single apartment in a not-so-great area of Los Angeles. It was a cute little place with a Murphy bed, a tiny kitchen with a window to an alley, and a bathroom.,The refrigerator was old, and this is what saved me. It was a short fridge with the freezer inside at the top, separated by a tray. One morning,