What are the four principles or elements of good customer service?

Simply put, customer support stands for serving the clients' needs. However, it's more than just providing answers. Today's customer service plays an important, if not critical, role in the promise that your product makes to its customers. According to Qualtrics XM Institute's report, only one in five consumers will forgive a bad experience if they

What diet should I eat to reduce belly fat?

First the good news, when you lose fat, itu2019s not just your belly, youu2019ll lose fat wherever it sits in your body, including your chest, waist, thigh, arms etc.,What follows is the results of years of experience and a lot of failure! Losing fat is hard and there are a lot of myths. Iu2019ve tried many and failed, taken the time to do the rese

Who made the rose window of Notre Dame?

The rose window of Nu00f4tre Dame Cathedral was created by the architect Jean de Chellas during the years of 1250u20131260.,Most of the original 13th century glasswork is still intact (this being before the burning. I believe the window was not touched during that horrid day).,Jean de Chellas is also credited with the creation of the south end of t

If you sow financial seeds into a successful ministry, can you tap into the anointing, grace, and power of that ministry and can it transfer to your ministry?

Dear Friend, Iu2019m a Catholic so I donu2019t believe in giving money to a ministry to get what I need, as itu2019s up to Godu2019s grace as a result of my prayer to Him, to grant what I need. I make offerings for the upkeep of Godu2019s Temple/Church, now with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Sacraments of the Church. These offerings help suppo

Which camera should I get between the Canon G7X Mark II and the Canon EOS 4000D?

The 4000D is a Canon camera that I don't recommend. Generally, I use Canon cameras, and I think theyu2019re great. The fatal flaw of the 4000D is the plastic lens mount. In my experience, plastic fatigues and fails relatively rapidly. This camera is cheap. The specs are similar to the 1200D, which was discontinued a few years ago, but it had a meta

How do I sell goods online from home to start a small business?

First, let me congratulate you for thinking about how you can create an opportunity to build a business from home.,There are many parts and pieces to starting a business, whether online or brick and mortar.,Before you go 100% into starting your online business, you need to get a clear picture of the type of business you want to have.,To help you ge

What is like to use the Fujifilm XT-1?

I have the X100 and the X-Pr01 with a nice arsenal of prime optics. Highly complimentary cameras. The X100 is a small jacket sized camera that I carry everywhere. Very good image quality, as versatile as a fixed optic camera can be. The digital equivalent of a Konica S3 that I carried with film when I was off the clock. It is one digital camera I w

What is a good Indian spicy dish that contains no curry?

Almost none of the popular spicy Indian dishes contain anything called curry powder. I am an Indian and in the 46 years I have spent so far in my country, I started seeing u201ccurry powderu201d in the supermarkets only in the last six months or so.,Take this for example, an advertisement from the British era:,[Source - historytoday.com],One Col. K

What small things do noobs ignore but actually matter to win in PUBG Mobile?

My I'd is assasinsara and I played in Asian and middle east server,pubg been an great stressbuster for me,Noobs ignore these things,1.Not applying the intuition- whenever Noobs gets closer to any house and building the very first thing they do is straightly getting inside the house and than getting killed.The very first thing they overlook is the p

How do I understand a balance sheet?

A balance sheet, also known as a "statement of financial position", reveals a company's assets, liabilities and owners' equity (net worth). The balance sheet, together with the income statement and cash flow statement, make up the cornerstone of any company's financial statements. If you are a shareholder of a company, it is important that you unde

Why do Indian startup companies not become as big as the foreign ones?

Why do Indian Startups not become as big as the Foreign ones.,Before answering - it is to be noted that the chance of startups to becoming highly successful businesses are very very low. Very few startups become big and successful businesses.,Now - what you are asking is why Indian Startups dont become a Facebook or Google or Tik-Tok with a worldwi

What are the effects of carbon dioxide on the environment?

Greenhouse effect: Carbon dioxide is one of the examples of heat-trapping gases, including methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor. In balanced proportions, these gases act as blanket that keeps the earth surface warm. But at elevated levels, especially of carbon dioxide, it accumulates in the atmosphere, becomes a thick blanket, trapping radiation

What are some of the most interesting roads in the world to travel on?

I'm not sure u201cinterestingu201d is the word that best describes Bolivia's 80 km (50-mile) Road of Death. Rather catchy name though, wouldn't you say?,At 4600 meters (15,000 feet), deep in the mountains, there is no opportunity for texting. One mistake and neither you nor your vehicle will ever be found. All the dangers are there: fog, landslides

How can I communicate with my spirit guide?

Ask. One has three methods that Iu2019ve filmed and recorded over the past ten years. One is to use hypnotherapy - deep hypnosis with the help of a hypnotherapist. Itu2019s one of the first things they do after examining a previous lifetime - to ask for the guide to come forward.,Second is to seek out the help of a medium that one knows is accurate

What are some good and cheap active noise-canceling headphones?

If you want good active noise-cancelling headphones, I recommend Bose.,If you want good and cheap active noise-cancelling headphones, I think you can choose OVC H15.,the price of OVC H15 is under $50, and the quality is great. I also tried other headphones under $50, and I think OVC H15 is the best one.,let's see how OVC introduce their product on

Which acting role made an actor famous but the actor regretted it forever after?

Kate Winslet - hated Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic (1997), Kate Winslet is very self-critical toward her performance as Rose because she think her own American accent was u201cawful,u201d every single scenes she felt like u201cReally, Really? You did it like that? Oh My God.u201d James Cameron was not the kindest director to work with when heu2019

Does Rice go bad in the fridge?

Q: Does Rice go bad in the fridge?Cooked rice may dry out or sour depending on how it is stored. My rule is after 4 days it is suspect and warrants a good whiff to detect mold or bacterial growth. This is the easiest way to detect spoilage. If you canu2019t tell by the smell a small taste may be in order.,If itu2019s dry, it was stored in a contain

What are some of the strangest laws in the world?

Some Weirdest Laws from Around the WorldJapan : It Is Illegal To Be FatAccording to the law, companies and local governments must annually measure the waistlines of Japanese workers and citizens who are between 40 and 74 years old. The waistline limit for men is 33.5 inches whereas for women it is 35.4 inches. Dieting guidance and re-education is g

Should I buy iPhone 7 plus in 2021?

iPhone 7 was released in 2017. It is an old phone with a strict classic design and a single camera. The device was one of the most popular devices on the market. Today, it is almost impossible to find an iPhone 7 on sale, but there are still stocks of phones in resellers' warehouses.,Here are some reasons why you should buy the iPhone 7:Classic app

What sins cant be forgiven?

Everything is forgivable. ,This is because forgiveness is not something you do for another person. ,Forgiveness is something you give yourself.,If you have been wronged, the last thing you want to do is carry that burden with you forever.

Whats the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke?

Coke Zero is made by the Coca Cola division, and designed to taste as close to "regular" Coke as possible -- not marketed as "diet" but as "zero calorie" and sweetened with Ace K & Nutrasweet. Diet Coke (or Coca Cola Lite in other parts of the world) is something different, made by a different group -- it's always tasted different, and been sweeten

What are some delicious desserts of your country (pictures encouraged)?

Greece has a big time sweet tooth game. A fair portion of Greeks have serious dental issues in their 60s. It canu2019t be solely due to indolence. Itu2019s too much sugar to handle.,Below is the display of my favorite pastry shop in the world. Itu2019s located in Rhodes, Greece. Itu2019s name is Stani (u03a3u03c4u03acu03bdu03b7), which means sheepf

How much money would one get for 1,000 subscribers on YouTube?

The question is flawed to begin with. n,Youtube pays on the basis of number of ad views and not the basis of subscribers. It depends on the location of viewer as well. For example, in India, you will get u20b9100 per 1000 views. Similarly in USA, you can get thrice the above stated amount about $5 per 1,000 views.,It also depends on the demographic

What causes the greenhouse effect?

Physics. The greenhouse effect is not simple. The entire planet is involved, from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the atmosphere - at least up to the stratosphere.,RE: u201cWhat causes the greenhouse effect?u201d,Focusing on the surface leads to conflicting conclusions. The surface is important, of course. Most of the light from the Sun

What is it like to be in Chiang Mai, Thailand during the Yee Peng Lantern festival?

The celebration usually lasts five days.,1st Day u2014 An alms-giving ceremony begins at dawn for locals offering dry food to monks. Visitors have a chance to join in bringing offerings.n2nd Day u2014 A traditional Thai dance and music night show is being performed inside the Wat. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the classical Thai drama and ha

How does offering free tertiary education affect a countrys economy?

I am going to assume that tertiary education means colleges and that we are supposed to compare a system of free colleges to a more conventional combination of paid colleges and on the job training. Otherwise, the question is too unspecific for me to answer in an interesting way. Under my assumptions, the effect is most likely to be negative.,The d