What is natural selection?

Suppose, you are a moth.nA happy non-melanised moth, camouflaging his way on the lichen covered trees, in pre-industrial england.nYou look something like this (in the red circle). The other one is the melanised moth, we'll get back to him later.,Now, enter the industrialization. nWhere the humans are really happy, for it will be a better world for

How is a quantitative and qualitative data used?

My dissertation used both. You will see a generally qualitative tool (an IDef0 model) being used to characterize systems. The characterizations are then compared quantitatively so that others can respond to the findings qualitatively.,You can also look to the statistical graphs in the appendix that affords quantitative analysis of categorical (qual

If you were buying a new Mac laptop, which one would you get? Air? Pro?

Better for what purpose?,My ex got a brand-new MacBook Air at the same time I got my new MacBook Pro. She loves her Air. I love my Pro. We would be miserable if we traded.,The Air:,Has longer battery life,Is lighter and easier to carry,Works great for what she uses it for (email, Web, editing documents in Word, creating PDFs, Skype calls),Fits in a

Which Oakland restaurants have great outdoor garden patio dining?

A wonderful Beir Garten is Brotzeit Lokal on the Embarcadero. It's right on the Oakland Estuary, has an amazing selection of local beers, wonderful food, and a great patio. Their website is http://www.brotzeitbiergarten.com.,In the same vein is Spiesekamer in Alameda, another German establishment with a beer garten that is very pleasant and great f

What are the best photo editing apps compatible with Windows 10?

What you show here isnu2019t u201cphoto editingu201d. It is all out image manipulation. Photoshopping.,Lightroom is designed to adjust the tone, contrast, background noise, etc. of photos taking in RAW format. That isnu2019t what you want to do at all. You want to blend in new imagery on existing pictures.,Photoshop is obviously out of your price r

What is the best hotel to stay at in Anchorage, Alaska?

The Lakefront Anchorage, formerly known as the Millennium. I had a chance to stay there with two groups last autumn, and everyone loved their rooms, the location, the views, the service, and the food. My groups were seasoned VIP travelers from Switzerland and Australia, and out of 200 participants, there was one complaint because a pair of pants ha

What is a flag with red, white and blue?

There are many national flags using the 3 colors you mentioned. Not in any particular order, but including all three colors - blue, white and red - only (no additional colors) on their flag :,Ashmore and Cartier Islands GBRAustralia GBRBouvet Island,CambodiaChileCocos (Keeling) Islands GBRCook Islands GBRCubaCzech RepublicFalkland Islands (Malvinas

What experiences have you had that you would describe as a miracle?

One time I was hoping that I could have a friend, and an older lady at church told me that God told her that I needed a friend, and she offered to be my friend.,One time we had no money for food or toilet paper in our campus apartment. We had been down to making bread out of flour and water on a pan because that was all that was left. We received a

What are the different types of Computer Science students?

The Elitist Jerk. This kid learned everything quickly or was already coding before he got to college. Either way, heu2019s super smart and has no problem letting you know he is super smart. Youu2019ll hate this little bastard, but youu2019ll still ask for his help.,The Moocher Male. You have no idea why this kid is in class. He clearly has no idea

How do you create a loan amortization table in Excel?

Letu2019s assume a mortgageu2026,Use the following formulas to show the total payment, interest portion of the payment, and principal portion of the payment.,In this case, Iu2019ve created the labels Rate for the interest rate, Term for the number of years for the mortgage, and Amount for the total amount being borrowed. Note that Rate is divided b

How is Ninoy Aquino International Airport compared to Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport of Makassar, Kualanamu International Airport of Medan and Ngurah Rai International Airport of Bali?

TL;DR: Itu2019s not the best one around, but itu2019s not a fair comparison.One doesnu2019t simply put airports randomly around for comparison - Makassaru2019s new terminal was already operational when I went there on 2008 while Medanu2019s new airports was opened on 2013 and Denpasaru2019s new international terminal was open around that date.,Nino

Interior Design: ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "What color should I paint my room?

Honestly, colors can do wonders. The trick is to know where to apply which color. First, letu2019s brush up our basics again.,Since wall paint is relatively cheap, choose your furnishings first and then your wall color.,For every room, choose one light, one bright and one dark color, from a monochromatic scheme to instill a mix of values within you

What is the best mid-range zoom lens for Nikon DX cameras ?

I totally agree with Gen Kanai, my preferences to lenses change over time. But one remarkable mid-range zoom Nikon lens that I recommend is the Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4D. Why?,It's fun: macro-mode at 1:2 helps you explore macro photography at a low-cost, you will discover small things in a totally new perspective.,It's fast: yes it's aperture varies f

What is the easiest way of opening a jar that wont open?

You need to break the vacuum seal of the jar by allowing a little bit of air to get in. Use the tip of an old-fashioned hand held bottle-top/can opener, or the tip of a flathead screwdriver and wedge it under the rim as best as you can, then lift the edge of the lid away from the rim of the jar a tiny bit.,You should hear a soft popping sound from

What is the best site to download video editor software for free?

VEED is the #1 free online video editor - trusted by thousands of content creators. You can create videos from start to finish using VEED, completely free. Make videos for any social media platform (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more) and for any purpose - work, school, personal, and more.

Have the streams that run under the sand of the Sahara desert been mapped?

In Australia's Murray Darling basin systems Artesian water flow to the sea taking approximately 400 years to do so. The system is fed by precipitation.,Artesian water in the Sahara does not flow in most cases. It is held in acquifers. The water fell as rain 10.000 years ago or more- when the worlds climate was much colder and the Sahara was a wet j

What is the cheapest way to fly from Canada to Thailand?

If cost is your only issue then you should look at Philippine Airlines.,The fly to Manila from Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouva to Manila.,They offer a decent service, and often have some great promo fares available.,Once arriving in Manila, hop on a cheap 3.5 hour flight to Bangkok.

What is the definition of economic globalization?

Economic globalization means from the BIG MOUTH of the World Wide Web that it refers to the mobility of people, capital, technologies, goods and services internationally.,It is also about how the integrated countries are in the global economy.,It also refers to the interdependencies of different countries and regions that have become a reality acro

Why will India be the most populous country in 2022?

Hereu2019s a map of Muslim-majority countries:,No idea why Bosnia & Herzegovina isnu2019t painted on the map.And hereu2019s a map of the religious composition of the Middle East for example:,The majority of Muslims are Sunnis, followed by Shias and Ibadis (Oman).

What is the most diverse country in nature in the world?

This place stretches for 3000 km in length and width.,7th largest, but nothing compares what it contains.,This is India.,India speaks about 800 languages, about which 20 are major, and each differs from the other. Apart from Hindi,,You have Kashmiri, Punjabi, Urdu, Dogri, Pahari, Rajasthani, Sindhi in the North.,Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, in the t

Are there any safety door designs for a house?

Safety Doors Designs u2013 Add Strength And Beauty To Your House:Keeping the home safe and protected is the priority for all owners. Be it safe against trespassers or pests, and it is always better to keep the home protected by having an extra layer on the main door. Safety door designs are primarily installed to protect you and your family and saf

How can you make flatbread pizza dough without yeast?

Mix wheat flour (preferably bread=type, rather than cake or all-purpose) with water to form a soft but kneadable dough. If you are doing kosher-for Passover, roll it out and get it into the oven within less than ten minutes of mixing the flour and water. (Note that adding both meat and cheese to the top is not kosher though it may be halal.),If you

What are some cool facts about the Universe?

These are some of the cool facts about the Universe:-,The sun takes about 230 million years to travel around the Milky Way galaxy.,2. Neutron stars are the fastest spinning objects known in the universe.,The core of a neutron star is very dense. A spoonful of a neutron star weighs about a billion ton.,3. Quasars are the brightest objects in the uni

Is a ketogenic diet good for weight loss?

I have been a fat girl all my life. But a little more than a year ago, I was skinny, very skinny. And somehow after losing about 30 kg, I still felt bad about myself.,But I also worked out and watched my calories closely and educated myself about nutrition because I couldn't really push myself during a workout due to my severe back condition- ankyl