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Video editing is no longer reserved for the filmmaking elite. Technology has made it possible for almost anyone to shoot and edit a video.,Itu2019s the reason why so many DIY video production tools are gaining popularity.,If you donu2019t want to download editing software on your smartphone or computer, you can opt for online tools instead.,Here ar

With autism, how do you balance keeping going due to necessity (fear of losing employment for example) vs accepting that a shut downmeltdown is likely to happen if you dont take time for self-careremoving yourself from triggers?

As Robin Hamilton explains well, much of that balance HFAs need has to be u2018createdu2019 since so much of the environment is NOT under their direct control. Because daily life is unpredictable and stressful for everyone, those with autism have to truly regulate their u2018particiaptionu2019 in the panorama of life. The HFAu2019s who cope well in

What are the best night vision goggles for civilian use?

I would have to say that with night vision goggles, you get what you pay for. The ones that give you a clearer image are typically more expensive. Things like the PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular (32) and NVD-Micro Monocular might be a good fit for you.

How do we make chips out of bananas?

Original question: How do we make chips out of bananas?There are some very interesting answers and I donu2019t want to take away from any of them - in fact, I may try some.,Here in Peru, banana chips are called u201cchifleu201d and theyu2019re sold everywhere - often cut long ways:,You can get them at the bodega:,I translated this page for the reci

Why does a black house fly buzz around me when I am at work or at home? I always see a fly buzzaround me after a couple of weeks at home at my work. Does that hold any spiritual meaning?

There could be a number of things tbh with you. Not all necessarily have a "spiritual meaning" behind them. It could be someone accidentally letting the fly in through the door(s) or windows at your job/home depending on where you work & live at exactly by opening it. It's common/normal to have a fly or insect find its way buzzing around the place

Are plotted herbs like mint, thyme, basil, etc better indoor plants or outdoors? I have a large window in front of my kitchen sink I can put them next to but I also have a small patio that offers a lot of direct sunlight as well.

Do you know what direction each faces? A south facing window or balcony will get the most hours of sunlight available. Another arguement for the kitchen sink is that the herbs will be readily available for cooking or making tea, and it will be easy to remember to water them!

What is your favorite soup recipe? Please, include recipe or link to recipe.

Chilled avocado soup with tortilla chips | Jamie OliverIngredients1 large ripe avoacdo,1 cucumber,4 spring onions,a few sprigs of fresh coriander,250 ml organic vegetable stock , chilled,200 ml plain yoghurt,1 mild fresh green chilli,1 lime,Tabasco sauce,1 fresh red chilli,1 handful of micro garlic chives (see tip),TORTILLA CHIPS,u00bd tablespoon o

What online businesses are projected to be a boom in 2022?

If you really start an online business, then you should start a business business is not a problem. You don't need to complicate things. Just choose a method that makes sense to you and start taking action.,1. Choose a profitable online business modelu25cfE-commerce,Itu2019s also easy to sell physical products online, which is exactly what e-commer

What is a good song with the word clock in its title or lyrics?

u201cRock Around the Clocku201d by Bill Haley & His Comets (1955 single),u201cMy Grandfatheru2019s Clocku201d by Johnny Cash, from u2018Songs of Our Soilu2019 (1959),u201cCuckoo Clocku201d by The Beach Boys, from u2018Surfinu2019 Safariu2019 (1962),u201cClock on the Wallu201d by The Guess Who, from u2018Itu2019s Timeu2019 (1966),u201cWhen the Alarm

What is my car worth?

Look at all the books like KBB, NADA,, Carfax, etc., etc. which will give you a baseline value but remember that no two cars are exactly alike so there really is no absolute price except what someone is willing to pay and you are willing to accept.

How do Koreans in Seoul treat foreigners generally?

Through observation, Iu2019ve seen that Koreans tend to be nicer to Western foreigners.,However, I am full Asian (Chinese Filipino), which makes me blend in into the crowd somehow. I donu2019t stand out at all.,Cases in point:,-In Cheongnyangni station, an elderly woman hollered at me, u201cHakseng, *Korean sentence follows, presumably asking me wh

What is the best free photo editing software for the Mac?

Well, if you want completely free, there's always GIMP for raster ( and Inkscape for vector (,If you just want something cheaper than Photoshop, Pixelmator ( and Acorn ( are both quite good.

What is the most unforgettable sentence that someone said to you?

A 97 year old Japanese woman visits a nearby Buddhist temple every evening to pray, and ring the bell until the sun sets. On one of my own routine visits, I lay inconspicuously near the stairs listening to the vibrations take over the silent winter evening. Only this day I failed to wake up before she finished, and soon found myself at the end of h

Who are some of the best female programmers in the world?

Kristen McIntyre:,Kristen has worked at all levels of the software stack, and has mastered may disparate complex elements:,She's been at Apple since 2009, where she designed and did much of the implementation of the Mobile Time Machine, a.k.a. Local Snapshots, feature that shipped in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. The feature enabled atomic filesystem snapsho

Why do they include caffeine in Coke?

Wow! So many wrong answers.,First of all, Coca-Cola was never made with cocaine. It was made (and still is made) with an extract of coca leaves soaked in alcohol that did add a bit of cocaine precursor to the beverage. However, the total amount when they used fresh coca leaves was still less than 1mg per ounce of syrup. Today, itu2019s only measura

What are the places to visit in 2022?

Su00e3o Paulo.Rick and I are going to SP for Pride week, June 2022. (COVID willing.) Never been to Brazil before. We are super excited. We will be in the Bella Vista neighborhood. Former Quora writer (Adriano) will be our guide. We are reallllllllllllllly excited for it.

How do I get a Cebu Pacific promo code?

To access the most recent coupons or discount deals, visit the Cebu Pacific coupon page on Rappler or scroll up. To use a coupon with a "Get Code" on your purchase, click on it. After that, you'll be taken to another website where you may copy the coupon code. Paste the promotional code in the area given before confirming your reservation. Enjoy th

What is the worst recipe that you have ever seen or tried?

Iu2019m thinking this Christmas Whole Roasted Cabbage recipe looks pretty lame. Itu2019s the epitome of u2018vegetables and sadnessu2019:,Image source: LinkItu2019s nicely presented but regardless of how you plate itu2026 it's still just a cabbage. I eat a lot of vegetarian style meals at home, mainly because Iu2019m too lazy to defrost and then co

Can brown paint be turned to gray?

Yes, I think so. You would probably need to add quite a lot of white to lighten it. You will find probably find that it has a warmish hue. You need to neutralise this by adding the approximate opposite hue.

US universities are so much better than European in terms of resources, sports, housing, etc. And usually more affordable. Why there are almost no European students in USA? A lot from China, Africa, Eastern Europe, but no Germany, France, UK, etc.

More affordable? Jeez, I want the stuff you smoke.ud83dude1c,I will use Germany as a comparison, but the results can be translated to France as well.,In Germany, university education is FREE. Yes, that is right. There is a fee per semester, which includes a heavily discounted ticket for public transportation, and a social contribution. On average,

How can I make shawarma?

You can easily make it at home.,The recipe goes like:,Ingredients:For FillingsBoneless chicken- 1/2 kg,Onions (finely chopped)- 5 (medium size),Tomatoes (finely chopped)- 4 (medium size),Capsicum (finely chopped)- 3 (Optional),Green Chillie (finely chopped)- 5 to 6,Curd- 250g,Coriander leaves,Red Chili Powder- 1 teaspoon,Maggie Masala (Readymade, y

What are the most search terms on Google for Dubai?

Here are the most searched terms ranging from 1k/month to 27lakhs/month.nCheers!,dubait2740000,dubai timet823000,dubai airportt450000,dubai weathert368000,dubai mallt301000,dubai hotelt301000,dubai currencyt246000,dubai jobst246000,dubai jobt246000,currency in dubait246000,dubai gold ratet201000,dubai time prayert165000,dubai atlantist135000,dubai