Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?

Q: Who made the first touchscreen phone, Apple or Samsung?,A:1971 Dr.Samuel C.Hurst invented the electronic touch screen interface, while teaching at the University of Kentucky, United States of America.,The first working somewhat touchscreen phone that you could actually buy was the IBM Simon in 1992, which featured a basic touchscreen, however it

What makes a strong income statement and balance sheet?

Some of these may be slightly subjective and are my opinion and what I look for. Remember, these financial statements do have limitations as they can be a snapshot in time, there can be timing differences, and accounting rules not reflecting economic reality and value. These are indications that a company will thrive and stay in business, though th

What are Bible verses about productivity and success?

The proverbs about the industrious ant are here.,Bible Gateway passage: Proverbs 6:6-11 - New International VersionBible Gateway passage: Proverbs 30:24-28 - New International VersionThe parable of the Rich Fool is here.

How can I eat keto at a buffet?

I always choose buffets when I go out, because they allow me to stick to my ketogenic lifestyle.,Itu2019s incredibly simple:,avoid any noodles, rice, potatoes, desserts, and whatever other carbohydrate-heavy things there may be; you know which ones they are.,load up on fish, poultry, meat, and leafy greens.,bring a small bottle of olive oil, and do

What are the absolutely must-see tourist destinations in Washington D.C.?

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Yes, thatu2019s a DC-3. You can easily spend the whole day here and not see everything. The cafeteria isnu2019t bad either.,The National Zoo. Pandas. Itu2019s a large facility with an aviary and ape house too. You can spend an hour just watching the gorillas. The setting, which dips down into a ravine, is outst

What are the best aspects of living in Batangas, Philippines as a young adult?

I work Sto. Tomas, Batangas which is just a jeepney ride away from Laguna, but my home is in Batangas City, at the very heart of Batangas province.,To be perfectly honest, my living conditions here isnu2019t very magical. But things here are not as expensive as NCR, and the traffic is more tolerable, and though the shops are quite limited, with the

Could the 2022 Israeli Defense Force hold off an invasion of the Nazi Army at its peak?

A 2022 IDF vs say a 1943 German military.,And the invading army has to make it from Germany to Israel? A distance of around 4,000 km?,The only sensible answer is that under this scenario, 80 long years of technological advancement would obliterate the German WWII military and this is not a criticism at all of the military capabilities of the 1943 G

Is it safe to visit the Cau00f1o Cristales river in Colombia?

It is a gorgeous trip, and it's safe, as long as you fly. I lived in Bogota for a while, and was lucky enough to hop onto a tour my friends had organized - to get there we chartered a cargo plane into La Macarena through a tour service. The plane was an adventure in itself, as we sat strapped along the wall next to motorcycles and people's moving b

How do you make the Cheesecake Factorys Cinnamon Roll Pancakes?

Wow. In these Coronavirus times, the Cheesecake Factory has really been going all out with thoughtful recipe releases of some of their popular dishes!,Sooooou2026. what do you do when you combine Cinnamon Rolls and Pancakes? Well, besides potentially diabetes, you get one kick-ass SUPER SWEET Breakfast and Brunch delight! Behold, the Cheesecake Fac

A Catholic family of six wants to visit Mexico City. How would you plan the trip?

Mexico, of course, has a long Catholic tradition, tempered by a heavy-handed secularization history. Youu2019ll have a lot of fun in Mexico City (CDMX), exploring the Mexican Catholic history. And if you like Baroque and Mexicou2019s own u201cChurriguresqueu201d style, youu2019ll feel at home.,I donu2019t know how youu2019d like to organize it or h

Should I buy a Redmi Note 5 Pro?

Hi Let's us start by saying that it's October 2018 and somehow (and just somehow) Redmi Note 5 pro is still the most bang-for- buck smartphone on the Indian market.,When it was sold initially at Rs 13999 and then at Rs 14999( due to GST and other tax issues) it was the best sub 15k phone and now it's available at a beggarly price of Rs 12999 on Fli

How do you track a Western Union money order online?

goto www.WesternUnion.com. DONu2019T SIGN-IN, but go to the menu, which is in the top right. ONCE YOU CLICK ON THAT A DROP DOWN MENU SHOULD APPEAR, with the 2nd option as, track transfer. Select that. A new page will open asking for the MCTN = tracking number ( should be in the email you received or on the receipt)(10 digits)

Will the state of New York prosecute Trump when he leaves office?

I believe it will and I also presume that first up will be criminal indictments against Trump and his kids based on the following.,Trump Foundation was sued by NY State in civil court last December and the case was strong enough to force Trump to dissolve Trump Foundation, consent to pay $2.8M in fines and restitution as well as have the entire fam

What is stopping you from going to the store and buying a cake?

I would go to a grocery store and buy a cake mix to make and bake at home. If I want cake, which happens, I prefer to get it at a proper bakery.,I heard that grocery stores ice their cakes with sweetened Crisco. It tastes like that to me, although I donu2019t know if itu2019s true. In any case, grocery store cakes donu2019t usually appeal to me. So

I have 4 teenage daughters (and three preteen sons). My daughters all share a room and have for their whole lives but lately theyve been complaining about it. What do I tell them? (I cant afford to move houses right now.)

I agree with the answer that you should just be honest about the financial situation, but I have a couple of suggestions in the meantime as well. My daughter has 2 toddlers & her boyfriend has a toddler as well. My grandkids are a girl & a boy with a new girl on the way, & the step son is a boy. My daughter owns a decent sized trailer that had 2 sm

What is artificial intelligence and machine learning PPT?

Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to act in a certain way without explicitly being programmed to do so and it is all about algorithms, it is the most promising step to making Artificial Intelligence which can also be defined as a mechanical imitation of human reasoning and learning.,Generally speaking Artificial intelligence is t

What are your favorite Taylor Swift lyrics?

u201cSo I'll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep and I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe.u201d - (Last Kiss),u201cI had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.u201d (Long Live),u201cWasn't it easier in your fire-fly catching days when everything out of reach, someone bigger brought down to you? Wasn't

What countries in Africa should I avoid during travels?

As of November 2018, I would be very careful of the following.,Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, RCA ( Republic Central Africa), some selected parts of Mali, Niger, and Nigeria. My criteria are very simple.,Any place where there is a war or some sort of extremism going on ( Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, and parts of Nigeria).,Any place where foreign troo

What are the most affordable vacation spots in the United States?

Top 3 Cheap Vacations in the U.S.Glacier National Park#1 in Best Cheap Vacations in the U.S.A favorite destination for hikers, Glacier National Park borders Canada from the northern edge of Montana. After paying the nominal entrance fee, you can hike, swim and climb to your heart's content. Also take advantage of the park's free ranger-led activiti

What is the most amazing picture ever taken?

Mother's love cannot be defined. Here are some of the most beautiful pictures that represent motherhood :,Baby Antelope Playing with Stick,Black Skimmer Bird and a Baby Chick,Cheetah Cub and Her Mother,Lambs Playing on Mother Sheep,Baby Rhino Giving His Mom a Kiss,Mother Gorilla Hugs Her Baby,Mother Lion Carrying Her Cub,Musk Ox Mom and Baby,Baby M

What incident has traumatized you for good?

I have had quite a few throughout my life. Iu2019m answering anonymously as this account is linked to my Facebook and there are things I donu2019t want family/friends to see.,I have an eidetic memory. I remember things from as young as 1 year old. When I was 3, we lived in a one bedroom motel room. It was my two sisters, my mother, and me. We had a

Can anyone share hisher IIM Kozhikode interview experience?

IIM KozhikodeInstitute of Hotel Management, Dadar-Mumbai.,23rd Feb'18,Slot- 8:00 AM,CAT Percentile: 98.44,Profile:,10th: 84.67 (RBSE),12th: 74.77(RBSE),Graduation: 7.78- Electronics and Communication Engineering-NIT Trichy,Work Exp: 30 Months-Automobile Sector,Reached the venue at 7 AM and verified the Documents. I was the last one in my panel, but

Which camera is most useful for portrait and wedding photography?

Assuming that there are no budget constraints, the possible wish list for wedding photography may have the following-,Full frame DSLR: Canon 5D Mark-III is the undisputed champion here. However, you can also use full frame DSLRs from Nikon and Sony;,Alternate/ Back-up Camera: This need not be a full-frame DSLR. However, it is better to have another

What is it like living in Marseille, France?

QUALITY OF LIFE IN MARSEILLEMarseille, France, is among the top cities with a free business environment. Our data reflects that this city has a good ranking in housing and healthcare.,COST OF LIVINGCosts of living in Marseille are in the 112th place of all 248 Teleport cities Sign up to get access to our cost of living index and use our internation

How can I choose best color combination for my interior painting work?

While choosing colours for your home, first decide on the feel you want to create. Colours can drastically change the look and feel of any space and even your moods. Colour decisions are very personal. However, there are few general thumb rules that can guide in selecting the right combinations.,Keep in mind the kind of furnishing you already have

Whats the best way to find a list of manufacturing companies in any given US city?

Thatu2019s actually a useless selection for marketing purposes but most list brokers have them (never complete because many businesses that do manufacture are listed as a retailer, wholesaler, job shop, etc. as their primary business.) The Thomas Register of Manufacturers was the gold standard for this and theyu2019re still available online and as