Where can I find a comparison of the advanced features offered by modern cameras?

A good site is Compare Cameras - Imaging Resource where you can choose two models and it shows you pros & cons of each model, and also suggests similar models. There are other excellent sections on the site and their reviews are very thorough.,Beyond that, type in to google u201cmodel name + specificationsu201d and you will get results for the spec

What does the holy Bible(God) say of Meditation?

Question: What does God say about meditation?God does not need consciousness, rituals, prayers, spirituality, mindfulness, or meditations; God needs our obedience and good deeds to prove our faith.,consciousness, Meditations, rituals, prayers, or faith without works are useless if there are no fruits of good deeds.,Prayers and spirituality will not

What is the meaning of philosophy in education?

Education should not be limited to the four walls of a buiding. Education, like knowledge, is infinte. Too many of our schools and teachers stand in front of students telling them everything they know. This type of education is more restrictive than informing. Teachers should be more like facilitators that guide students on where to go to find info

What dishes have the worst effort-to-results ratio?

Sussex Pond Pudding!A year and a half ago, a friend of mine wrote an amazing No Reservations pastiche set in Narnia: http://archiveofourown.org/static/collections/yuletide2010/works/137185,In it was this description: n,I recognize an old-fashioned dessert Iu2019d heard of but never tried u2013 Sussex Pond Pudding, made by encasing an entire unpeele

What are some genius things about Chinese food and cooking?

For stir-fry, there are almost endless opportunities for experimentation and creativity. There are no exact "recipes" -- at least not in my extended family or my wife's family.,My background/qualifications: I've taken "home ec" classes in American high school that taught baking and pancake making as well as $100+ USD "cooking classes" in Manhattan

How does the Polaroid 300 compare to the Fujifilm Instax?

Polaroid 300 is the name given to Fujifilm Instax Mini film which as been rebranded by Polaroid, under license by Fujifilm. The Polaroid PIC 300 camera is the name given to the discontinued Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s which was also rebranded by Polaroid under license by Fujifilm.,So regardless of if youu2019re asking about the film or the camera, they

What was the real reason Anthony Bourdain killed himself?

When I was a teen, I stumbled upon Anthony Bourdainu2019s show No Reservations on the Food Network.,In that particular episode, he was visiting Spain and he was eating everything the country had to offer: paella, seafood dishes, and tons and tons of meat. What Bourdain offered to me was a view of life outside of Los Angeles. I thought it was so coo

What is the most famous hospital in the world?

This question is like asking what is the best restaurant in the world? What is the best college in the world?,The answer is alwaysu2026 it depends. On best restaurant, what is it that you want to eat? No best restaurant prepares all food expertly. On college, what is it that you want to learn? No college is academically best in every subject.,Simil

What sides should I eat with chicken wings?

So many things:,1. Mac and cheese- with roasted garlic, tabasco, herbed breadcrumbs.n2. Slaw- fennel cabbage pear slaw in a blue cheese ranch dressing with pecansn3. Crudites- celery, carrot, cauliflower and fennel with a bacon stilton cream cheese dipn4. Collard greens and beans- collard greens and black eyes peas slow cooked with speckn5. Truffle

How can cruises be improved in a post-COVID 19 world?

This question is being answered by me u2014 somebody who has never been on a cruise, and who has no plans on doing so in the near future.,Here are some of the reasons I would not want to be on one:,Too many people who want to u201cpartyu201d,Too much alcohol,Small cabins (unless you pay a premium price),Port visits are too short,Not suitable for th

What is the most diverse country in nature in the world?

This place stretches for 3000 km in length and width.,7th largest, but nothing compares what it contains.,This is India.,India speaks about 800 languages, about which 20 are major, and each differs from the other. Apart from Hindi,,You have Kashmiri, Punjabi, Urdu, Dogri, Pahari, Rajasthani, Sindhi in the North.,Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, in the t

How can I download PowerDirector Pro APK for free?

This is very easy and you can download it for free in latest version. Just watch this video and you will understand The whole process. There is a link through which you can download it easily.,Thank youud83dude07

What was the Industrial Revolution?

Industrial Revolution was an epoch in history (particularly European history) that characterized the transition from 'Feudalism' to 'Capitalism' and development of the latter.,In the middle of the eighteenth century, 'English Capitalism' was characterized by the handicraft system. It was not the old craft production where each petty enterprise had

Which is the best college for BJMC in India (shouldnt be too expensive)?

BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism and Communication) is a 3 year undergraduate degree course for candidates who wish to build their career in the field of journalism and mass communication.,Out of all the colleges the best BJMC College is KCC Institute of legal and Higher Education. It is affiliated to IPU, which is a Delhi state University and has good

What are some good examples of postmodern architecture?

Postmodernism in architecture takes many forms, so itu2019s difficult to come up with one building or a single set of features that define the essential characteristics of postmodern architecture. Firstly, my use of the word u2018essentialu2019 would come under attack since postmodernism distances itself from the ideas of purity, essence, absolute,

How do you tell a guy you miss him over text?

Missing someone means that you miss the moments spent together. You guys share the comfort that you feel relax in each other's company.,You can do that very articulatively by making them recall the time spent together.,You can make them realize their importance.,You can show them that you are doing good but not that good as in their presence.,Do sm

What makes the Gangnam neighborhood in Seoul notable?

The "ancient" root cause of why Gangnam turned out to be what it is today (most expensive real estate, a key business district, highest concentration of all the desirable services/shops/etc, trendiest restaurants) is simply because that's where some of the best high schools are located.,Before, the high school system revolved around an exam system

What is the story to the entrance to Caesars Palace?

Back when I worked there from 1990-1995, it was the entrance to a covered moving walkway that brought people from the strip directly to the Olympic Casino side of the resort. The idea was simple. It was (and probably still is) a long walk from the street (Las Vegas Blvd, aka "The Strip") to the casino (about a 7-10 minute walk) so the moving walkwa

Which is the best antivirus in 2022?

Depends if you are asking about business or personal. On the business end our favorites based on testing is Bitdefender GravityZone and Malwarebytes Nebula.

What is the best standard deviation value?

You'll need to expand on that. ,If you are using the standard deviation as a QA measure of some production process, you obviously want it as low as possible. The exact numbers will vary with what you are doing - two kg might be great if you're pouring concrete, and a millimeter might be horrible if you're making phone parts. ,If you're surveying so

Where is the hyperion tree found?

Hyperion is the name of a coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in Northern California that was measured at 115.61 metres (379.3 ft), which ranks it as the world's tallest known living tree. Despite its great height, Hyperion is not the largest known coast redwood; that distinction belongs to the Del Norte Titan. Hyperion was discovered August 25, 2

Can you share some underwater photography?

Here are pictures of the most amazing underwater place on Earth. It is the great barrier reef. It is off the coast of Queensland Australia. It has gorgeous underwater scenery. It has beautiful coral. The great barrier reef has beautiful fish. I'm fascinated with this reef. I hope we can save it. Global warming is destroying it. I want to go go to A