Whats the scariest ride at Universal Studios?

If youu2019re talking Universal Studios Hollywood then the scariest ride under my perspective isu2026Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride.,See the video for yourself:,Because the ride is a high speed indoor roller coaster transporting guests through moments reminiscent of the 1999 Mummy franchise.,The ride launches the riders from a complete standstill t

Can you get a fried egg on your burger at McDonalds?

Depends. Are you an employee? If you are and you have access to the griddle and your manager is not a total B, Yes.,If you are a customer though, No. Breakfast hours are set for a reason. The griddle temp goes up by 50 degrees F for lunch. So in the morning the griddle is too cold for a burger and from 10:30ish on, its too hot for the way they cook

What does it mean if you have a dream about getting a snake bite?

A snake bite dream can speak to transformation and change. In ancient alchemy a snake is symbolic of this. The snake bite is the universal medicine. It's that medicine that both kills and brings new life.nFor you to have a dream of being bitten by a snake is a very positive dream related to your growth. nCongratulations!

Where can I find nice Chinese food in Stockholm?

Chinese food is my middle name. Also in Stockholm. This is mostly due to Mrs Ebbertu2019s strict guidelines for whatu2019s acceptable restaurant food when we go out together, but I have learned a lot from her.,Having grown up in Beijing, she applies some pretty strict standards to Chinese food.,Both she and I particularly like these three places in

What are the top 10 best accessories for Samsung smartphones in 2022?

1.Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G S-Pen makes writing and sketching feel natural.2.Samsung Galaxy Watch33. Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer Smartphone Cleaner keeps the bacteria at bay while wirelessly charging4.Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulb5.Samsung Wireless Charger Stand 15W,6. Samsung Galaxy Buds,There are a lot more accessories out there you can get fo

Does Islam allow abortion in cases of CONSENSUAL premarital relationship?

No. Premarital relationship itself is prohibited. Let alone whether itu2019s by consent or not, let alone abortion.,The Qur'an clearly disapproves of killing:,u201cTake not life which Allah has made sacredu201d (6:151),u201cIf a man kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell, to abide therein (for ever)u201d (4:93).,Considering that weu

Is banana for breakfast, rice for lunch and shake for dinner a good weight loss plan?

That sounds like a dangerously low level of calories. Unless youu2019re under medical supervision, women need at least 1200, men 1500.,A banana is 89 calories per hundred grams.,A cup of cooked rice is 204.,A meal replacement shake averages about 300 calories (range is 200u2013400).,Obviously, the amount youu2019re eating matters. But it looks like

What is the spiciest thing youve ever eatentasted? Explain your experience.

Arif Chatkhara, in Lahore, Pakistan! - The spiciest tawa chicken (chicken prepped on a flat pan or tawa) that may rip you a new one. Even the non-spiciest one, is enough to give someone a gastric bypass for free.. and people gleefully go there for the spice.. as it covers all bases - white pepper, black pepper, green chili.,So the preparation proce

What do Filipinos think of the food served at Jollibee?

Jollibee is their favorite place.,From Philstar.com | Latest Philippine news and multimediau201cTop 10 fast-food restaurants,- Ching M. Alano () - July 17, 2008 - 12:00am,With todayu2019s fast-paced lifestyle, fast food is the fastest way to satisfy hunger pangs. Itu2019s comfort/convenient food thatu2019s good for the soul u2014 and kind to the po

What are examples of copyright violations?

Copying, displaying uploading, publicly showing, broadcasting transmitting a visual, audio, or text work that was made after 1924 without obtaining permission or a license from the owners of all rights.,Putting a TV show or Movie on You Tube that was made after 1924. Putting a professional song from a CD into your YouTube video and showing it on Yo

Which is better, Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure?

They each have their perks. They both have a Harry Potter ride. They have the Hogwarts Express to take you between the two parks, but you need the (more expensive) park-to-park pass. Universal has been known to have u201c"interactiveu201d and 3D type rides. It's said to be more family friendly. In recent years, it's added some roller coasters. Isla

What are Generation Z characteristics?

Generation Z here, weu2019re all depressed assholes and cover it up with our shitty humor because we all know weu2019re doomed.,Weu2019re made up of mostly memes, suicidal tendencies, and assholeism. Weu2019re all sarcastic bastards.,We all have this inner desire to rebel because of how shitty we are treated by just about every non-Generation Zu201

Is there a way to convert black and white pictures to color pictures?

Keep some snapshots in the album for several generations, and then something special happens: they turn into family heirlooms. These photos are tangible memories in memory. The connection with ancestors is unknown, and relatives no longer exist. It is based on this kind of thinking that thoughtful photographers can save precious photos from the des

What makes Korean fried chicken so delicious?

Heaven in a cardboard box!,Iu2019d say that Korean fried chicken is such a deliciously wonderful experience due to (1) overall texture, (2) uniqueness in taste in the world of fried chicken, and (3) contrast in flavors between the u201cfriedu201d and u201cspicyu201d types when eaten together.,The twice-frying technique method helps to maintain juic

How long did the Pisa Cathedral take to build?

The campanile (bell tower), commonly known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, is located behind the cathedral. The last of the three major buildings on the piazza to be built, construction of the bell tower began in 1173 and took place in three stages over the course of 177 years, with the bell-chamber only added in 1372.

What is a sample complaint letter to a bank for a wrong transaction?

What do you mean by wrong transaction? Pls ellucidate it or send pic of this particular transaction so that an appropriate letter can be drafted otherwise bank won't listen. You also have an alternative to go bank with your statement and explain your objection personally accross the table and it will get sorted out.

What are some little known facts about McDonalds?

With billions of people served, McDonald's has played a fascinating role shaping international culture since its first restaurant opened 75 years ago. Here, a compilation of surprising McDonald's trivia even its most loyal customers may not know.,1. Seventy-five years ago, in 1940, brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald opened up the first McDonaldu

Can I paint a mural on my bedroom wall if I forgot to put on primer? I have a dark grey (borderline black) wall and like an idiot, forgot to paint it first before drawing on my pencil design.

Really Iu2019d put on a primer if it needs to be a lighter color, and do the drawing again. It will be worth it. It would take a lot of coats of lighter paint to look good. If the design is complex and you would benefit from having a few key spots to mark to enable you to get the relative perspectives right again, try putting a dab of white primer

What is Onsen Tamago, and what does it taste like?

There are 2 types of onsen tamago/u6e29u6cc9u5375 in Japan. Well, 3 if you count the sort you might make yourself. Onsen tamago just means u201ceggs cooked/boiled/steamed in/over spa wateru201d.,People in Japan who live near Hot Springs have a tradition of cooking things in the hot spa water as well. Not just bathing in the spa. Vegetables and othe

What is my car worth?

Look at all the books like KBB, NADA, Cars.com, Carfax, etc., etc. which will give you a baseline value but remember that no two cars are exactly alike so there really is no absolute price except what someone is willing to pay and you are willing to accept.

What is the best BBQ rib place in the Bay Area?

I don't have enough experience to say which is the best, but Uncle Frank's BBQ in Mountain View was really good. They are now closed (I tried to order last night). According to Jeffrey Yip, there was a kitchen fire.,They are still available Friday through Sunday at Quarter Note Bar and Grill:1214 Apollo WaynSunnyvale, CA 94085nPhone: (408) 732-2110

What is the symbolism of pastel blue and gold ornate on the Winter Palace?

None.,The Winter Palace was originally painted in light ocher, to mimic the Mediterranean marble architecture. Variation of ocher were used for most later paint jobs on its outer walls. During WW2 it became grey, in order to look as inconspicuous as possible.,After WW2, they decided to repaint it in something more joyous. A committee opted for a co

Is Uber different from any other cab service in India? If yes, how?

There are many smaller differences between a traditional taxi service and Uber that some may not even consider relevant (such as precisely u2018whou2019 is driving the vehicle used in the transportation for hire) but Iu2019ll leave those for others to expand on and debate.,If the question is then, what the biggest difference, Uber will explain that

What is the most expensive meal youve ever eaten that you made yourself?

My grandmother made jellies and jams all the years I was growing up. At some point in my 40s I decided it would be fun to do the same.,I bought books on the subject. That was $50. Then I needed a large cooking kettle. The one I liked was made by Cuisinart and cost about $100. It was a beauty. A stainless steel tripod and cloth jelly bags were anoth

Do homemade cell phone signal boosters work?

Wilson Electronics have a selection of boosters. Easy to set up. If you need to find the closest cell tower, download OpenSignal (itu2019s pretty accurate). Point the out side antenna towards the closest cell site. It should enhance the signal in your house.