What qualifies as personally identifiable information?

Personally Identifiable Information (under the US legal definition anyway) is any fact or attribute of a person that could reasonably allow a third party to use that detail (alone or in combination with publicly available data) to identify the exact identity of a patient (or person who has a reasonable and absolute expectation of privacy and confid

When was United Nations founded in?

The United Nations was founded in 1945, shortly after the second world war.,The second world war proved to be a devastating tragedy for all countries involved. The UN was formed with the purpose that, if further conflict arises between nations, a solution could be debated upon without the need of a war. It maintains world wide peace and fosters, so

Where is the best place to get a private van tour in Seoul, South Korea?

Kim's Travel and Tours in Gangnam. You can even have English speaking guide if you are willing to pay the fee and tipu2026,They mostly handle South Korean tours for foreign tourists .,We had a great time last year on the 8-day, private tour of family of 6 peopleu2026,Enjoy!!!u270cu200du2640ufe0f

Are there any Bible passages that have gotten you through difficult times in your life?

2 Timothy 1:7 u201cFor the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.u201d,This verse has helped me get through financial hardships, physical dangers, and family crises. Thank God that He provides me all the virtue I need and He lets me know that His Spirit is helping me. Without the knowledge that God

How do Dropbox employees feel about Google Photos?

Source: I worked for Dropbox.,I was originally going to keep my mouth shut, but there are so many clueless answers in this thread that I can stay silent no longer.,Thoughts on Google PhotosIu2019m thoroughly impressed by what Google is doing with Google Photos. It blows my mind that a service like Google Photos came out of a company like Google. Iu

Why would Disney Parks deny entrance to a bride in her wedding dress?

A Mustang.,Well, not exactly a Mustang, but that was how I added it up. I was married at Disney World, more specifically Epcot Center, in front of the fountain in the France area, next to my bride in her wedding dress, with the u201cEiffel Toweru201d in the background.,Background, oh yes that. My bride is a fan of Disney. She helps manage her famil

F9: The Fast Sagas (Fast & Furious 9) Rotten Tomatoes score dropped from fresh to rotten. Why did it fall and how does it compare to the other movies in the Fast & Furious franchise?

On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, 60% of 258 critics gave the film a positive review, with an average rating of 5.70/10. The site's critics consensus reads, "F9 sends the franchise hurtling further over the top than ever, but director Justin Lin's knack for preposterous set pieces keeps the action humming.",After 20 years of Fast fi

As a Dutch person, what foreign foods would you say are the most popular?

Chicken satay.(In itu2019s finest form)Easy to make, every family boasts their own secret recipe for the sauce, and when barbecue season rolls around youu2019ll hear about old people landing in the hospitals because they swallowed a piece of skewer or something.,But you donu2019t have to wait for barbecue season. Ask a Dutch where he/she believes y

What will space travel be like in 2050?

Most women aren't worth your energy. Do not waste so much energy on women. ,Alcohol will keep you average. You're going to be the best thing to happen to planet earth, so you really can't afford to be average. ,Finish college. The system is rigged, but being broke sucks. You gotta play the game. ,On that note, you aren't really bad at math. You jus

In your opinion, what is the best USB microphone for music vocals?

There is no u201cbest micu201d for recording vocals and instruments. Depends on your needs and your budget.,I would recommend getting a two channel USB interface like the Focusrite 2i2.,It has two inputs, one you can use for voice, and one for your instrument. The 2i2 does not require extra power, it can be run off of USB bus power. You also get a

Do professional photographers use point-and-shoot cameras?

Professional cameras do use P&S cameras including smartphone cameras. Professionals, who are good at their work, worry about u201cthe momentu201d and not u201cthe gearu201d. However, this is just occasional. Expecting that professionals will completely abandon the expensive DSLR or mirrorless, plus the lenses and switching to compact cameras is not

What is the Chinese zodiac for 1998?

Year 1998 was the year of Tiger, but be careful: since this is a date from the Chinese calendar system, only those born in the period from Lichun on 1998 to Lichun on 1999 are considered born in the year of 1998 in this system and hence have the zodaic of Tiger.,Here is more about Lichun:Lichun (u7acbu6625),means the beginning of spring in Chinese.

Who are the most successful youngest entrepreneurs in India?

Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of Oravel)n,nIf you are in the business of buying, selling or creating businesses, then it is quite likely that you would have heard of Ritesh Agarwal.,Ritesh, the wunderkind.,Born in Bissamcuttack, a village in Rayagada district of Odisha, Ritesh started coding software when he was eight years old.,At 16, Ritesh was among 2

How do you write an authorization letter to claim money?

How do you write a bank authorization letter?Authorization letters are formal letters that empower somebody else to take actions on your behalf. So in order to make a bank authorization letter, itu2019s important to empower someone with bank relates issues, for example in taking collecting or sign on documents, etc. In order to let someone else cla

How simple a resume could be?

Simplest and impressive is:- Write Name, age, qualification( start from graduate), no need school details. Experience ( start with present). Never mention you are out of job. Any special training or achievement in short. THATu2019S ALL.

Wouldnt strategic bombers such as the B-52 or Tu-160 make a better platform for an air force one or presidential transportation aircraft than civilian passenger airliners like the 747?

Heck, no. I canu2019t speak for the Tu-160 but the B-52u2019s human-accessible interior is TINY. Most of the fuselage is fuel tank or bomb bay. That double-deck B-52 cockpit? I couldnu2019t stand fully upright on the upper deck and Iu2019m not tall. The lower deck is shorter. (Or maybe it was vice versa - hard to stand in the bottom and no room in

How do I memorize all countries and capitals?

I can memorize every country, where itu2019s located on the map and its capital, so I guess Iu2019m just gonna tell you my ways.,First of all, I printed out some maps: Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania. I started from the most complicated continent (in my opinion), Australia and Oceania (mind you, those small

What is certificate of deposits?

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a product offered by banks and credit unions that offers an interest rate premium in exchange for the customer agreeing to leave a lump-sum deposit untouched for a predetermined period of time. Almost all consumer financial institutions offer them, although itu2019s up to each bank which CD terms it wants to offer,

Why are ISO documents expensive to buy?

International Organization for Standardization - Wikipediahttps://www.iso.org/files/live/sites/isoorg/files/about%20ISO/annual_reports/en/annual_report_2016_en.pdfThe annual budget runs to around USD 40 million, of which around USD 6 million is from sales and services, the rest being members funding (163 countries are members). This funds just 144

What is an independent variable in science? What are some examples?

The dependent variable is the thing you measure. The independent is the thing youu2019re manipulating. Example: company is doing an experiment to see if a new drug decreases depression. One group gets the drug and the other gets a placebo. After 2 months the company asks everyone to fill out a depression scale. The depression scale scores is the de

What is the significance of Machu Picchu?

u201cThe dwellings at Machu Picchu were probably built and occupied from the mid-15th to the early or mid-16th century. Machu Picchu's construction style and other evidence suggest that it was a palace complex of the ruler Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui (reigned c. 1438u201371)u201d.

Which is your favorite beach in Philippines for affordable surfing lessons?

Sabang beach Baler Aurora and Bagasbas beach, Daet Camarines Norte. These areas both face Pacific Ocean, like Siargao. They are 1 bus ride away from Manila. Other surfing areas, like La Union and Zambales, face West Philippine sea, also known as south china sea.,To find an affordable surfing lesson, do not ask the hotel, so that you can bypass thei

How can I get a scholarship from the University of Cambridge?

For the sake of this answer I will assume you are using the word "scholarship" as a catch all for all types of financial assistance for which you do not need to do any work as an employee, other than maintain grades to some agreed level. Your question doesn't say anything about your nationality or your subject or your college choice or your degree

What is the highest building in the world today?

The Burj Kalifa in Dubai has 163 habitable floors and is 828 m tall while the building with the second largest number of floors is International Commerce Center in Hong Kong with 118 floors, but it is only 484 m tall. The average height of a floor of the Burj Kalifa is 17 ft, while the average height of other towers on the top 40 list is 15.8 ft.

What is the best Japanese food? Why?

Okonomiyaki!,,,If you're passionate about food, you have to try Okonomiyaki,Welcome to Okonomiyaki World!,What is Okonomiyaki? (u304au597du307fu713cu304d) It's a traditional Japanese food that is sometimes called "Japanese Pancake" or "Japanese Pizza". It's a savory dish that is a bit more like an omelette or frittata than a pancake and it's made w