What are the best home designs?

The Floating Seahorse will build homes on water.Essentially an apartment which is just like a boat, the villa is designed to have three levels. One of which, will be underwater for the marine life experience that you can enjoy while you're about to take a nap.,The whole apartment complex will consist of 42 villas.Each villa consists of 1,700 sq ft

What are the differences between iPad 2 and iPad Air 2, other than shape and speed?

Below are some of the differences,camera: 0.3 selfie & 0.7 MP rear cam for iPad 2 Vs the 1.2 & 8MP rear am for iPad Air 2,Chips: Appleu2019s A5 for iPad 2 as opposed to the A8X for Air 2 with M8 co-processor,Air gap: iPad 2, yes while No for Air 2,USB connector: 30 Pin USB Vs the lightening cable for iPad Air 2,Screen quality: Non retina for iPad 2

How do I plan keywords for my website?

Planning of keyword is generally based on your website services. Suppose your website is simply a mobile phone selling website. In such a case you have to simply plan your keywords accordingly to your relevant niche. For example:,Your site is a e-commerce and your keyword should be like:,World Cheapest Phone Buy Onlineor,Shop Top Smart Phones Onlin

Can you share a picture of your study room?

Not mine but my younger brother's. He's preparing for his Joint Entrance Examinations this year. I am long past those horrific times now!,He has turned his bed to his study table. You can see books spread all across the bed.,This was clicked by me without his knowledge.,There's a separate study table as well where he sits sometimes depending on his

How do you find the percentage in Excel?

Hi,,Not sure what data set you have to calculate percentage. I am assuming that you need to know what a particular expense item is a percentage of total expense as a whole.,For the above assume you have a table as below:,To calculate what each expense item is a percentage of Total amount youu2019ll simply use the formula as below:,Similarly, assume

Where can I find a list of all the Disney princesses?

The category of u201cDisney princesu201d is not well-defined, while Disney Princess is a well defined franchise owned by Walt Disney. In short, there is no definitive list,If youu2019re looking for a list of love interests of official Disney Princesses:,Prince Florian (Snow White),Prince Charming (Cinderella),Prince Phillip (Aurora),Prince Eric (Ar

What small kitchen (workspace) will look nice with dark grey floor and white walls?

What you are looking for is a working colour palette, and youu2019re lucky; grey floor and white walls is a very forgiving concept.,Some suggestions:,This kitchen has a wooden floor, but that doesnu2019t matter here.,It would work just as well with a grey floor.,Note the grey tones of the concrete sink and backsplash. Brass and copper accents add e

What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

High Fade Pompadour Hairstyle in men.,Keep calm and.. posters.,Being obsessed with smartphones. Ofc, they make life easier. But now it has become an addiction. Be it kids, teenagers, middle aged, they all are hooked on to their phones. They forget activities like outdoor sports, physical exercise etc. They even forgot human interaction. Cafu00e9s,

What are money market accounts, and how does it work?

A money market account is a type of savings account offered by banks and credit unions just like regular savings accounts. The difference is that they usually pay higher interest, have higher minimum balance requirements (sometimes $1000-$u00ad2500), and only allow three to six withdrawals per month. Another difference is that, similar to a checkin

How do you cook frozen vegetables without them getting soggy?

With the exception of green peas, I would defrost in cold water first then either steam or quick saute. With peas, defrost either in cold water or in the fridge overnight and then place in strainer and dip into slightly salted water to get hot or quick sautu00e9 as well.,If frying is your goalu2026 as a tempura style, after defrostingu2026 place ve

What are the best pictures you saw today?

I saw this picture today. For those who don't know, this is an Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput who battled depression for long but unfortunately committed suicide on 14th June, 2020.,(Image: Google),His death has sparked a national debate on mental health and depression. One of the causative factor to Sushant's depression was supposedly bullying

What are the best things to do in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania?

Dar es Salaam is Located along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and home to a wide range of people and cultures. Known for its beaches, islands, seafood and music, the city is brimming with a variety of activities for every type of tourist. The best thing to do in Dar is visit lists of places,eat alot and

Should I marinate filet mignon? In what kind of marinade and for how long?

Hey, itu2019s a free country.,You can do to your filet Mignon whatever pleases you.,But unless your tastebuds have dulled, in which case the delicate piece of meat is lost on you anyway, you probably shouldnu2019t marinate it.,A filet mignon is born to die in the company of subtle flavours.,You donu2019t even wrap it in a slice of bacon if you ask

I want to get into making wedding videos. What is the best video editing software?

Mike covered most of the edit apps appropriate for wedding videos.,However each works a bit differently and may have harder/easier learning curves depending on your experience.,Download the free trial versions available so you can test them out before you buy. Also if youu2019re a student (full or part time) at any approved school or university you

What is cyclic and non-cyclic phosphorylation? How do they differ?

Each photoexcited electron (energized by light) passes from the primary electron acceptor in photosystem II to photosystem I via an electron transport chain.,As e^- moves along the ETC, it emits the energy, that originally came from light, and pumps H^+ ions to the lumen to create H^+ gradient for the production of ATP (by chemiosmosis). The produc

What are the scariest animals that we are glad ainu2019t here today?

What are the scariest animals that we are glad ainu2019t here today? Great question. An enormous number of cave bear remains have been found, allowing paleontologists to determine a lot about this animal. It had a very broad, domed skull with a steep forehead. Its stout body had long thighs, massive shins and in-turning feet, making it similar in s

What is the largest cruise ship in service?

The largest cruise ship in service is Royal Caribbean's MS Oasis of the Seas. It will soon be joined (in December 2010) by a sister ship, the MS Allure of the Seas. Both ships will carry more than 6,000 passengers.,Here's the Wikipedia article on the MS Oasis of the Seas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oasis_of_the_Seas

PHP (programming language): ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "How do I achieve this?

The idea behind your solution is quite elegant - I like it, although it does not work for a variety of reasons.,First of all, it is quite inaccurate. The Chinese calendar is lunar based, and "Chinese new year" does not match up to the "western" (Gregorian) calendar new year. So the "answer" you get from this will not be very reliable (people born b

How can I get access to truly reputable international cost-of-living comparison data?

As you mentioned in your question, you can go to companies like Towers Watson, Mercer, etc. for international data, but you better be prepared to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get it. There's a basic version that you can access from the US State Department site that I have used in developing employee compensation for international assignmen

What is it like to fly Lufthansa?

I've flown Lufthansa more than a few times in the past ten years (most recently just a few months ago) and here are my observations:,,To the best of my knowledge Lufthansa flies exclusively Airbus planes, which tend to be more comfortable than Boeing planes, especially in economy class. ,The planes are also, as a group, newer and cleaner than the p

Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?

I feel one of the great Indians whom we actually donu2019t know is this woman,She is Sheetal Mahajan. The first woman who has performed first jump over Geographic North Pole on 18 April 2004 without any practice.,Belonging to a middle class family in Pune, Sheetal was in 12th std when she actually performed this jump.,In a society where the number

In what order should I watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies?

Phase 1Iron Man (2008),The Incredible Hulk (2008),Iron Man 2 (2010),Thor (2011),Captain America (2011),(Technically most of the film takes place before the rest, but the ending takes place here in the order and you should watch this in this order)The Avengers (2012),Phase 2Iron Man 3 (2013),Thor: The Dark World (2013),Captain America: The Winter So

A flight leaves Brasilia at 8 am to Washington. The flight takes 13. What time will it be when the plane will arrive in the US capital, excluding daylight savings time (according to the Washington time zone)?

This question is why we need to remove time zones worldwide in this day and age and put time zones as a ancient history. Farmers donu2019t need time zones anymore and people work night shifts and work around the clock so we do not need the sun overhead at 12 noon anymore. That is the reason most used as why we need time zones, that the sun needs to

What are some healthy foods to eat in 2021?

Tips to Eating Healthier in 2021Prepare Meals in Advance. ...,Make Fruits and Veggies the Most Accessible Snack. ...,Experiment with Healthier Substitutes. ...,Pay attention to how food makes you feel. ...,Find Non-Food Reward,***** Broccoli provides good amounts of fiber, calcium, potassium, folate, and phytonutrients. ... *****,Apples. Apples are

What are some examples of formative and summative assessments?

Giving students a rubric for how a paper will be marked is formative. The students know ahead of time what you are looking for. They also take that knowledge to other classes where they have to write papers.,Asking students to write a paper with no preparation is summative and demonstrates their ability at that point in time.

How will my life change if I eat broccoli every day?

These are some of the benefits you can get on eating broccoli everyday.Helps fight cancer,Keeps your bones healthy and strong,Helps you to look young,Good for your hair,Helps to detoxify your body,Helps reduce cholesterol,Helps to reduce reaction to allergies and inflammation,Helps to cure stomach disorders,Reduces risk of heart diseases,Helps incr

Which parts of the Bible have been supported by archaeological finds?

Biblical archaeology is a really fascinating topic! You don't have to be a believing Christian or Jew to enjoy the comparison between what is recorded in these ancient texts and what can be learned from archaeological discoveries. ,First of all, let's think about what kinds of things about the Bible archaeology can confirm: n,The wording of the Bib

What are the best digital marketing strategies?

Having an effective communication channel is the best long and short-term strategy and is fundamental for a profitable business. A direct communication bridge between you and the customer creates various income opportunities while expanding the client base with regular purchases.,Despite the effectiveness of traditional digital marketing channels l

What do you mean by rapid population growth?

Hereu2019s a graphic.,The data suggests we are growing faster than exponential, so think something like "doubling every 30 yearsu201d but faster than that. Over the last 14,000 years the number of years it takes for the population to double has always decreased. It is pretty clear (and mathematically provable) that that trend can not continue indef