What are the differences and similarities between organic and inorganic compounds?

There are no differences.,u2018Organicu2019 and u2018Inorganicu2019 is a human made distinction with no real correspondence in the natural world.,As an example, carbon disulfide, CSu2082 and silicon disulfide, SiSu2082 , have differences from being different substances, not from the fact that the first is considered organic while the second is not.

What does it mean when you dream of a bad guy in a mask chasing you through the house. You find a way out of the attic as you push knives out of the way so he canu2019t hurt you?

Are you presently having someone new in your life? Perhaps someone new is entering your life, indicated by the hidden nature of the person in your dream. In any regard, you moved upward to higher ground, where you were able to save yourself.,The mere fact, that you can dream of an escape indicates that you still have the fight within you and you wi

How do you take better photos with your smartphone?

Professional photographers take professional photos, and can do so with any camera, film, digital, or those in a smartphone or tablet. Some amateurs can take professional-quality photos, as well, and may be able to do so with any camera of any type that has the features needed for that photo.,The only difference the camera makes is through limitati

How does big data technology power Alibabas Double 11 shopping festival?

The Double 11 Online Shopping Festival, which has taken place every year on November 11 since 2009, has set new standards for online shopping around the world by continually generating record-breaking revenues and creating an innovative retail experience for consumers. Double 11 event used Alibaba Cloudu2019s advanced big data algorithms, complex I

Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?

I feel one of the great Indians whom we actually donu2019t know is this woman,She is Sheetal Mahajan. The first woman who has performed first jump over Geographic North Pole on 18 April 2004 without any practice.,Belonging to a middle class family in Pune, Sheetal was in 12th std when she actually performed this jump.,In a society where the number

Whats inside Sleeping Beautys Castle in Disneyland?

Inside Sleeping beautyu2019s castle is a walk through attraction with stained glass windows and other displays telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. It is narrow and has a lot of stairs, you climb upstairs on one side, walk over where the drawbridge area is and down the other side. Itu2019s cute and was cutting edge when it was first installed in t

Which are the best commercial office interior designers in Coimbatore?

It was really good to get the interior work of my apartment done from Tribe of Architects . Their designing is awesome and meets the current trend. They are very cooperative and has a customer friendly approach . He attends to minute requirements of the customer. Quality of work is excellent and quotes (costing )are very competitive . In a nutshell

Is the Chinese zodiac for 2017 a rooster or a chicken?

bb"ju012b(u9e21)". It means both rooster in English and sounds like "gee".,The one who born in the year of the rooster are good at reading peopleu2019s emotions. They are sociable, harmonious, and easily make new friends.

Whats the most hurtful thing your mother or father has ever said to you?

I hate to brag (well, not really) but I have the most amazing 28 year old severely autistic son in the world. Ryan is non-verbal, but he is overflowing with laughter and joy every day of his life. He is the personification of happiness.,I have never had a good relationship with my psychotic father ~ a clinically diagnosed sociopath. My mother the n

How does one soft boil an egg from cold water?

Put the egg into the cold water and turn on the heat, bring the water to the boil and the moment the water is boiling start a four minute timer, after the four minutes lift the egg out and cool it in some cold water. If the egg is too soft try another with 5 or 6 minutes.

What SD card is best for a 4k video?

Itu2019s 4k, so find the largest capacity you can afford that uses the right size interface.,To give you some idea:,u201cHow much space does 4K take up?Any iPhone after the iPhone SE and 6s offer the option to shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second. It's a huge boon for budding filmmakers, but it does take up storage space u2014 even with the new H

What is the best way to cook and eat a hard boiled egg?

The hard-boiled egg! Which of us have not suffered through hard-boiled eggs that were grey, rubbery and noxious? I know I have.,Years of experiment, and also reading J. Kenji Lopez-Alt who did actual experiments, has led me to the following method:,Place egg in cold water.,Bring to boil.,Allow to boil for one minute.,Remove pan from heat.,Let sit f

Which country is cheap for Indians to visit as a tourist?

a. Thailand u2013 1 THB = 2.14 INR (as of November '18),A budget traveler's haven, is exactly what Thailand is. Bangkok maybe a bit more expensive than other places compared to in SE Asia, but the country's accommodating locals, wide range of stay options, cheap delicious food and an effective transport system, puts it high in the list of a budget

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media?

As per my opinion, social media is utter garbage and here is why:,It is a breeding ground for perverts:There are perverts who send creepy messages to unknown women in their social media inbox without the dear of consequences. Perverts are everywhere, be it Facebook, YouTube or any other social media platform.,It makes you feel bad about yourself by

Can I use Polaroid 600 film in my Fujifilm Instax square?

No, you can not really use them due to difference between how Polaroid camera system and its cartridge are designed to work and how Instax camera system are designed to work.,Beside, polaroid 600 film is bit larger than instax square.,Instax Square entire film size is roughly 3.4u2033 x 2.8u2033,Polaroid 600 film entire film size is 4.2u2033 x 3.5u

Is all-purpose flour the same as plain flour?

Yes. Plain flour as it is known in places like Australia. All-purpose flour as it is known in places like the USA, The Philippines.,So when you are reading recipes you can translate this one as is.,Note that some people will also try and tell you that all-purpose is good for bread, good for biscuits/cookies, etc. All-purpose is not that all purpose

What has been created by Africans?

I got the following from the website discoveringegypt.com:,The PyramidsThe oldest pyramid was erected for King Zoser between 2667-2648 BC. In fact it is the first monumental stone building designed and constructed that we know of.,Metallurgy from North Pare in Tanzania 2000 years agoAfricans were smelting iron nearly 2,500 years ago. Metal tools ca

Can social media marketing really help my business?

If you have not considered social media for your marketing campaigns then you are missing out on a lot. SMM offers you a cost effective way to increase your brand presence across the globe. Almost everyone on the world has some form of social media account and you should put it at the forefront of any marketing campaign.,Benefits of SMMBrand awaren

What are the highest paying finance jobs in India?

The logical answer for the question is a u201cFinancial Manageru201d and not an MBA.,The reason being that, literally speaking, MBA is a degree whereas a financial manager is a professional, performing a job who may or may not have an MBA, hired in an important role, in almost all the major financial institutions like Banks, NBFCu2019s, Broking age

What is normal in your country but weird in the rest of the world?

(This is an expanded version from my answer in a similar question),Iu2019m from the Philippines. Hereu2019s my list in addition to those already posted by some of my countrymen here:,We use umbrellas on sunny daysI guess the correct term would be parasol, but these arenu2019t in fashion in the west anymore and I rarely see people doing it in the US

Which breakfast foods are high in protein?

My top 5 plant based proteins to add to your daily breakfast routine:,Each and every body part requires protein to function, from red and white blood cells to hair and skin (all made of protein.) Eating protein at every meal stabilizes our blood sugar levels, helping with everything from mood to weight management to nervous system health.,So how do

Iu2019ll be traveling frequently from SLC to the Philippines (MNL) for work. What is the best airline to use to earn rewards and receive free upgrades?

You are in an interesting position as there are no direct flights between SLC and MNL and there are no direct international flights from SLC that would position you for a flight to MNL. Complimentary upgrades are tough to come by for transpacific flights but you may be able to earn rewards or miles to apply toward upgrades if you select an appropri