Is an MS in the USA really worth investing in for an Indian? The expenses to be covered while pursuing an MS is a huge amount, especially for middle-class Indians who rely on bank loans, scholarships, or TARA to cover the expense.

I have been writing this answer since 2017. This answer is enormous. So make some popcorn or chocolate and hope you enjoy it!,My answer is actually: Is MS in the U.S. worth it? That question merged into the current one that you see.,This doesn't focus on Indians alone. Before reading the answer, let me preface this by saying I came to the U.S. duri

Which country has the deadliest snakes?

The following region was briefly mentioned in another answer, and itu2019s not really a country like Australia or Tanzania (which are also home to many venomous snakes), but itu2019s still worth talking about.,Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ilha da Queimada Grande (translated in Portuguese as u201cthe island of slash-and-burn fireu201d), also kno

How do I design a small kitchen living room combo?

Hello,,Hope you doing well Small kitchen and living room combo is a great idea for a small space, a small apartment, a studio apartment small area can be a pain in the head because you will need to design it well so that you can have the space you want. but it gives a free open space feel where doing cooking you can contact or interact with your fa

How do I choose a modern LED ceiling light?

Some LEDs are more efficient than others and therefore use fewer watts to produce the same or more lumens. For general lighting, I recommend using lights that produce at least 600 lumens for standard height ceilings, and at least 900 lumens for tall ceilings.,LED Ceiling Light Ideas,Zeo Round LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Kichler.,Urban Mini L

What does "graphic software" mean? What are some examples?

I use Adobe Creative Cloud daily. It is a software suite of graphic design, video editing, and web development applications. I mainly use Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. You might use different applications more depending on what type of work you wish to do. If you visit their website you can learn more about the uses of each application and s

Are there Photoshop actions that mimic Instagram filters?

Daniel Box made a filter-for-filter action set of Instagram's entire offeringn,The direct download link:

How do I cook zucchini in a microwave?

I havenu2019t tried this myself, but according to a website you need to wash them, pierce them with a fork, and then cook them at 750W for 5u201310 minutes (you have to check on them, because it depends on the size). In the middle of the process, youu2019ll have to turn them once to make sure they cook evenly.,As I said, I havenu2019t tried this my

What is the worst time to visit the Philippines?

Definitely during a Typhoon. The problem is: Typhoons can hit Philippines any time of the year. And there are usualy ten each year. Philippines is the country afected most by tropical storms.

How can I cook crispy fried chicken at home?

I donu2019t have a wide experience in fried chicken but this Malaysian recipe turned out well:,^^ u2018Belacan Fried Chickenu2019 is crispy and juicy. Belacan (pronounced u201cbu2019lah-chanu201d) is power-packed stuff; itu2019s a Malaysian paste made up of ground-up fermented shrimp. Sun dried and packed in blocks.marinated similar size (small) ch

Have your neighbors ever called the cops on you for something ridiculous?

Itu2019s never happened to me, though I can think of some good stories in this line:,A 90-year-old woman I knew sat on her front porch and saw boys down the street in their speedos cooling themselves off in a small above-ground pool in a neighboru2019s front yard. She called the police and said there was a bunch of naked men in a pool.,My new next-

What are some books youd recommend to learn more?

Some great answers already here! Keep up the work guys!,Here is a list of my favorite books that I recommend all my friends.,PSYCHOLOGYFLOW: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HAPPINESS by Mihaly CsikszentmihalyiWhy you should read it?In an unexpected yet mindblowing take on happiness, Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced cheek sent me high) shows through decades of resear

How do you bake home-made biscuits?

If you mean American biscuits like scones, check this simple recipe Self-Rising BiscuitsIf youu2019re from India and by biscuits you mean cookies, do let me know so that I can share my cookie recipes :),Thanks for A2A!,EDIT after Questioneru2019s reply:Here are some simple recipes you can try.,Butter CookiesIngredients:All Purpose Flour (Maida) - 1

How does a magazine make money?

If we think of a magazine as a brand and not just a printed product it can have many income sources. nAds, subscriptions & content licensing, as noted above, also custom publishing, video, seminars, permission email marketing, sales of subscriber lists, trade shows, etc.nThe value is in the content and the reader relationship to the brand.

How do I get more views on a YouTube cheat?

You canu2019t just cheat your way in youtube, getting views, can sometimes be done using clickbaiting but to get the long term views and get that audience that will actually get you money. you need quality content and that is how top youtubers do it

Which is better to study, a BSc or a BTech?

we canu2019t compare the courses, which one better. Both B. Tech and B. Sc. have their own merits and de- merits. It depends entirely on the studentu2019s areas of interest and skills before choosing either of the courses. B. Tech is engineering and B. Sc. is bachelor degree in science. Thus, it is advisable to first chalk out your skills, aptitude

What are the best settings for picture control in the Nikon D7200?

I use u201cStandardu201d with sharpening set to 7 for pretty much all of my shooting. I shoot exclusively in RAW (NEF) and therefore if needed picture control settings can be easily changed later in software during my RAW conversion.,If you decide you want to create your own favorite picture control setting I suggest you shoot a number of test pict

What is the best type of paint to use on denim?

Source : stitchfix.comDenim has been one of the most widely-worn fashion trends since 1873. It has become a classic item and is currently just as stylish. wearing jeans every day seems different now that we've accepted it as the "new normal" and have started going back to the pattern. However, we want you to realise that denim isn't only for thin,

How do I pursue a career as a financial analyst?

Iu2019ve never thought that I would become a financial analyst before, for my major is computer science and technology, which doesnu2019t seem to have any relation with it. Until when I gradually got interested in stocks and economic area, and developed huge admiration for analysts, who are so knowledgeable with great efficiency.,Then I decided to

What is the most efficient solar system for home use?

When it comes time to buy solar panels, you'll certainly see plenty of references to efficiency. But is solar panel efficiency really the most important attribute to consider?,Certainly, solar panel efficiency has a big impact on real-world performance, and on the extent to which your solar panels help you reduce your reliance on traditional utilit

If you were to purchase a cell phone for the camera alone, which one would you get?

With every passing day we are increasingly convinced by one thing about cameras - the best one is the one you could have on you at all times. Even the legendary makers of Leica cameras are thinking along the same lines. They are contributing to the development of Huawei camera phones and are developing ultra portable cameras.,The best camera on a s

Do I need to book early for Burj Khalifa At The Top (levels 124125)?

Q. Who is the owner of Burj Khalifa?To answer the question on its ownership, we will have to look at what is in the building:,Residential floors: The building has 900 residential units in the building were sold to individual buyers, with some owning as many as 22 apartments.,Offices: The building has 37 floors of corporate suites, which seem to hav

As a photographer, what should my MacBook Pros display be calibrated to?

I would calibrate it to the CIE Illuminant D65 Illuminant D65 - Wikipedia.,Which will give you a monitor showing your images as they would be under a 6500 K light source - which is the generally acceptable daylight colour temp.,Just be aware that calibrated does not mean 100% accurate - you will still find some areas where your images do not match

What is the oldest civilization on Earth?

Civilisation literally means living in cities, where the inhabitants have defined roles and social structure. The oldest city we know about was u00c7atalhu00f6yu00fck in Anatolia, founded about 9,500 years ago.,Thatu2019s the oldest we know about, though. It might not be - indeed probably wasnu2019t - the first large, settled human town but the fir

Will China soon become a cultural powerhouse within Asiathe world, like Japan and South Korea up to now, or will censorship continue to prevent that?

Will China soon become a cultural powerhouse within Asia/the world, like Japan and South Korea up to now, or will censorship continue to prevent that?Thanks for A2A. A very good question that makes me pause. Personally, I think that the most quintessential u2018Chineseu2019 culture can not be exported, but maybe some marginal or derivative cultural

What is the longest first name in the world?

u2014u2014Ramjamfunkybogaloo Smythe.u2014u2014-,Real person not a guiness record breaker .,It took a long time to get used to calling him by is name.,In the end we all called him Ram Jam for short.