What is the best island in the Maldives for couples?

Maldives ranks pretty high when it comes to choosing a place for honeymoon couples When one thinks of a place where sun rays are at their best and where sunshine has some marvelous manifestations The Maldives has plenty of beautiful and romantic islands to stay for newlywed couples this island also has some of the best tidal waves in Maldives.,And

How can I get a flat stomach?

You agree with me of not, this is the most common though confusing question specially among those who can't go to GYM on regular basis but at the same time are ready to put in some effort to make things better.,I am not a certified nutritionist or a gym trainer. I can only list out some of my personal experiences that have helped me greatly to achi

What cheap HD cameras can I use to shoot my YouTube video in India?

Depends your budget... but the best and the cheapest way would be to use a "Phone Camera"... ,Most phones come with decent cameras and mic.,nYou can buy camera of Xiaomi YI action camera for approx 6000 rupees AMAZING CLARITY. But is it has wide angle lens, which makes it more likely to be used outdoors than indoors, like you will surely not vlog w

What are the main characteristics of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

I personally think there has only been one continuous Imdustrial Revolution. I've watched UK fall behind because successive governments thought they had reached a plateau and could go back to pillaging industry and commerce through taxation. Improvement in materials, systems, and methods needs to be constant

How far is Los Angeles from Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is essentially inside Los Angeles, which surrounds it on all four sides:,map beverly hills los angelesNote: West Hollywood is also an independent city (like Beverly Hills). So, technically a few miles of Beverly Hillsu2019 Northeast side is West Hollywood adjacent. Drive a few miles to Santa Monica and La Brea and youu2019re in LA.

What are the advantages of globalisation, if any?

Globalisation lowers the cost of products and increases the profits to capitalists:n,It opens up a larger pool of unskilled and desperate work force willing to work for less, adjusting the supply and demand curve. Countries compete with each other on whose people will work for less (accept a lower standard of living and less safe working conditions

How much does one McDonalds earn in one year?

In total sales the store must make at least 1-2 million a year to be profitable. Most McDonald's rent the land under their store and that can cost upwards of 500,000 each year. They also need to pay their employees and other bills so their profit margin is only going to be 8%. This equates to around 120k each year if the store generates 1.5 million

What countries have very similar looking flags?

For a long time the tiny nation of Liechtenstein between Switzerland and Austria had the exact same flag of Haiti. No one noticed until one of the Olympic games. So Liechtenstein added a crown to theirs.,The former nations of Gran Colombia have adopted the same flag just with slight adjustments.,Take the flag of Colombia as a template.,Venezuela ad

Where can I download a blockchain transaction ID?

Each peer in the blockchain network maintains a record of all the transactions executed so far in the blockchain network, along with their transaction ids. If you have access to one such peer, you can download the transaction id from there.,As an example, you can see Hyperledger Composer. Once a test network is deployed, you can view the transactio

What is it like to live in ", "modifiers": {}}, {"text": "Los Angeles", "modifiers": {"link": {"type": "topic", "tid": 90067, "url": "https:www.quora.comtopicLos-Angeles"}}}, {"text": "?

Here's the thing I realized after about a year of living in Los Angeles -- if you don't like it, that's kind of on you. ,Yes, traffic and sprawl. Yes, subpar public transportation options (mainly because the area LA covers is so vast). Yes, crime and sometimes brutal city living. And, I agree with David Kim, it's not a great place to vacation if yo

Would you personally take in a homeless family to keep them off the streets?

I have done this so yes. We were living in Flagstaff Arizona when one of my daughters encountered a couple with a baby in an old u2018umbrellau2019 type stroller walking along the main road in a pouring rain storm. She pulled over to see if they needed assistance and found out they were homeless, had an 18 month old child (in stroller) and the woma

Can I skip a post-workout meal because Iu2019m doing the 16:8 intermittent fasting?

I eat once a day within 2 to 3 hours window of time. I also lift weights few times every week, every month. In my world, there is no post-workout food, pre-workout shakes. There is no solid or liquid food until the windows of feeding using fresh home-cooked meals. I drink plenty of water during and after training. I do begin my day with a cup of co

What are the best ways to measure employees performances?

For quarterly and monthly performance management, Iu2019ve used Objectives and Key Results for years.,As written in the OKR FAQ, OKR is a simple process of setting company, department, team, and personal goals and connecting each goal with 3-5 measurable results. As you achieve those results, they feed into the overall objective completion. It's al

What colors go with dark orange and grey? I have a tweed orangeblack chair and a tweed gray sectional. Both midcentury modern. Im looking for other colors to pull my area together.

Without a photo I canu2019t say. Theoretically, the grey and the black are related. I worked a few ideas out for you- keeping i mind the funky palettes of the 1950u2019s. modern interiors (1950u2019s | Mid century modern colors, Mid century modern decor, Mid century modern interiors),My colors are a bit different but still in keeping with the playf

How do you keep yourself awake for late night studying?

Unless your part-time job prevents you studying in the evening, you should NOT need to study regularly past midnight, except in exceptional circumstances!,Your study plan should be all about using 3 hours or so just before and after your evening meal until around 10 or 11pm.,So for example:,5.30pm to 6.30pm u2014 Study session #1,7 30pm to 9.00pm u

Whats the best customer service experience youve ever had?

Five years ago, I went shopping for a mid-size tractor to use as a retirement hobby and do some much need landscaping for a bad water runoff problem I had here at the house as well as a failing septic field.,I shopped the fancy, sparkling clean showroom at the Kubota dealership and talked with a really nice young salesman. Looking back at the entra

What is the resolution for the fujifilm instax mini 90 Neo classic camera?

Fujifilm Instax uses instant film instead of digital sensor. Film is an analog medium, so it doesn't have "pixels" per se, though film scanners have pixels and a specific resolution.,Fujifilm states their instant film can resolve approx. 12 lp/mm (thatu2019s line pairs, not pixels). Instax Mini has 46mm u00d7 62mm image size, so theoretically you s

What is an essay about quantitative research?

Generally an essay is, according to Wikipedia, u201ca piece of writing that gives the author's own argument.u201d So once you have defined what quantitative research is (some good definitions in other answers here), you need a thesis statement that shows your point of view about it. Something like this would work: u201cQuantitative research only go

Which is the best mobile phone that you can buy in India under 16000Rs?

Well you have already got so many answers. But still i'll give a short liat to look at. Right than here it goes :,1.Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 :5.5 inch, Dual Sim or Single+Memory Card, Metal Unibody, 3 GB Ram, 32 GB Rom,Snapdragon Processor, 16 MP Rear Camera, 5MP Front Camera, Fingerprint Scanner and 3900 mAh battery. Price : 11,999,2. Lenovo K4 Note :

What is the best Italian red sauce restaurant in Chicago?

Although I am not an Indian, but I truly love Indian dishes and I would recommend Kama Indian Bistro and Tandoor Char House.,Both of these Indian restaurants are budget-friendly so you do not need to worry about breaking your wallet.

What colors cannot be created through red, blue, and green lights?

It would depend on the specific colors of those u201cred, green, and blue lights,u201d but the fact is that it is impossible to completely cover the entire range of colors visible to humans with a reasonable number of fixed u201cprimaryu201d colors, no matter what colors you choose. Hereu2019s why.,The horseshoe-shaped space shown in the chart belo

Why are Starbucks coffees so expensive?

u201cJohn, use my partner numbers.u201d,Before I could answer, Jen, my 6u20326u2032u2019, giant, giraffe of a manager, shoved me aside and entered her employee identification. The price came out to zero for one venti brewed coffee.,u201cHeu2019s a cop,u201d she said. u201cAll cops get free drinks.u201d,A couple minutes later, Commando Katie came to

How do I reflect a picture on an iPhone?

Download the app.. Toolwiz. Go to effects and you will see the tool mirror.choose your photo, and it will mirror it automatically in several different ways. You can adjust how close you want it mirrored and how small you want it, all by the touch of your fingers. I know phones are kinda hard to work with, what I might suggest is to invest in an And

Can moon be considered a light source?

A mirror cannot be a source of light. Source means it can provide light with innate capabilities. Moon is simply a piece of rock reflecting light, it has no light production capabilities.,It is not a source but a reflector of light.

How do I cook a garlic butter chicken recipe?

Recipe for garlic butter chicken:Heat pan: Preheat a 12-inch non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.,Dry chicken (for a better sear): Dab chicken on all sides dry with paper towels.,Toss chicken with flour and seasonings: Sprinkle over flour and Italian seasoning, and season with desired amount of salt and pepper. Toss well to evenly coat (all flo

What type of cameras can we use for photography?

Iu2019m frankly tired of the u2018itu2019s not the camera, itu2019s the photographeru2019 trope constantly making itu2019s way around the community. Itu2019s both.,As a full time photographer in NYC that just returned from a 4 day assignment that took me to capitol hill; in reference to brand, make, and model, in the world of professional photograp

What is the best statistics software?

There is no one u201cbestu201d. Each has advantages and disadvantages.,I have extensive experience with SAS and R. So, of those two:,SAS has much better documentation, better error messages, great tech support, easier output to Word and Excel, easier integration with Office in general, is better able to deal with huge data and has routines that are