If an asteroid actually killed the dinosaurs as science claims, then what became of this huge rock? Why cant we see it now? And what is the evidence that such an asteroid did indeed hit the Earth?

Evidence indicates that the asteroid fell in the Yucatu00e1n Peninsula, at Chicxulub, Mexico. In March 2010, an international panel of scientists endorsed the asteroid hypothesis, specifically the Chicxulub impact, as being the cause of the extinction. A team of 41 scientists reviewed 20 years of scientific literature and in so doing also ruled out

I have strong feelings for someone I have never met but only seen (in pictures). Hes my family friend. I thought they were temporary feelings but they have lasted for more than 2 years. How should I lose interest?

First I would like to say Iu2019m sorry. I know how it feels to care about someone, and they do not even know. Below is a list of things you can try.,Acknowledge the truth of the situation: Where the person is a family friend, and you never have might in real life.Accept the problem: Accept that you may never be able to be with that person for more

What should I order at a Thai restaurant other than pad thai?

A few of my favorites are below. Hubster and I have a few Thai places we frequent. We love Thai food and try a lot of places. The first item below (for me) is a make it or break item. If the place has bland pad see ew, we do not go back. We usually order two of our favorites (Hubsteru2019s is beef and broccoli - which is not Thai) and a third new t

How can I create an Instagram story using multiple photos?

Here is how to do it on iPhone/IPad,,You first add a photo to your story,And then you go to your photos, pick another picture, and press share,You then are given options, press Copy PhotoGo back to instagram and then you are given this option,If you donu2019t get this option press the text icon and press paste,Then youu2019ll get this,You can add a

What does it mean when I dream about killing someone?

Don't be worried as dreams about killing someone doesn't mean that you have a Criminal Mind.,Let us look at the possible interpretations of dreams about killing someoneEach individual has a different interpretation of Dreams, positive and negative are subjective. Deep dreams might indicate that in your subconscious you want to get rid of something

What is your review of Nokia Android phones?

The first complete android phone from nokia is Nokia 6 as you all know(please don't consider the nokia X series) .,Nokia was famous for its durability, sound ,display and camera quality.,Nokia 6 still boasts these features. It has military grade body,dolby atmos sound (dual speakers) and lot more( yes the 4gb of RAM and 64 gb of internal storage) .

How do I mirror a layer in Photoshop?

Are you trying to do a mirror reflection of the image? If so, make a duplicate copy of the image layer. Then select image/image rotation/flip canvas horizontal/ or flip canvas vertical, or use 180 degrees. These will all create reflected images. You may need to increase you canvas size if you intend to include them side by side like in a lake refle

What is the best tool to remove the background of a product photo?

Digital technology has a long history of standards for remaking, cropping, and changing the background of images. FocoClipping, an online background remover is one of the new names in the market that allows you to remove image background perfectly without wasting time.,FocoClipping is one of the free-to-use online websites that not only removes the

How does the Philippines compare to Indonesia in all aspects?

Philippines and Indonesia are so similar in general. At least if you only compare the general condition about the area near the capitals.,I am a 22 years old Indonesian and last year (2012) I stayed in Philippines (only Manila) for nearly two months to do my internship. At first, I inquiry about the cost of living from my friends there, and it is q

Where is NASA situated?

NASA isnu2019t in one location, it is distributed across the country, using centers of excellence. This distribution is a combination of different work being best done in different environments, in availability of one facility large enough for the work, and politics.,The headquarters is in Washington D.C. the NASA staff assigned to headquarters spe

Why do people collect movies if you can see everything on the internet?

Because the streaming business is becoming a pain in the ass.EDIT: Not for reproduction in paid spaces.,For example: do you enjoy Avatar, The Last Airbender on Netflix? It broke a record by staying 58 days in a row in the Top 10 Most Watched. Quite impressive, considering it was an already finished show, with zero marketing.,If you enjoy (re)watchi

What is your u2018before and after 10 yearsu2019 photo?

My wife Leonyu2019s country of origin is the Philippines and we became pen friends when she was living and working for her Chinese employer in Hong Kong. After a while we met for the first time when she and her employer were visiting the U.K. to spend Christmas and the New year with her employeru2019s relatives who live in suburban London. And so I

How much do you tip servers at a buffet?

Buffets can be very different and my tipping reflects that!,Two examples-,I live near a very casual inexpensive buffet that is open for lunch and dinner every day. Its cost is about $10. It is completely self serve. You even get your own water and soft drinks. There are no adult libations. The only thing the server does is clear the dirty plates. T

What is the most economical and safest way to go from Vancouver airport to Surrey?

Two options from YVR:,1. Take The CANADA LINE to either BRIDGEPORT STATION (if your Surrey destination is SOUTH SURREY/WHITE ROCK/CRESCENT BEACH) u2014 then board a corresponding Rapid EXPRESS TRANSLINK BUS u2014 makes an express /limited stop journey mostly via highway99 until reaching South Surreyu2019s Semiahmoo Peninsula;,2. Otherwise, if heade

Is Holland the most dangerous country in Europe?

Oh that is easy, it is an awful, socialist state! If you get unemployed they help you, if you get sick, you are covered, if you cannot work anymore due to an accident they help you, school until 16 is free, universities are about 4.000 per year in college fees. It is really very awful!,The police is also very socialist so they first listen to you b

My river cruise has just been cancelled by the cruise company and they are asking me to rebook at a later date, however I would like a cash refund. What are my rights?

That depends on the cruise company, what is stated in your signed agreement, the companyu2019s COVID policy, and the country the cruise is running out of. We canu2019t do the work for you unfortunately if you donu2019t give any real details. I got my Royal Caribbean cruise completely refunded - it took 3 hours worth of calls (2 calls total) and sev

Whyare variables important in research?

variables guide the researchers to persue their studies with maximum curiosity. variables also determine the cause and effects in research.,Vaiables are independent and dependent variables The independent variable is the variable the experimenter changes or controls and is assumed to have a direct effect on the dependent variable. The dependent var

In the 1800u2019s people thought that in the future there would be stagecoaches pulled by metallic horses. What are our visions of the future that will seem antiquated 100 years from now?

It sounds like their vision was pretty spot on. After all, we have front mounted engines that are front wheel drive; which u2018pullu2019 the rest of the vehicle with them. And, the power is even measured in u201chorse poweru201d. :),For us? I think the concept of hand-held computing devices will eventually go away. There will be a more direct inte

How do I make onion sauce?

Onion sauce? That could be a number of things.,In classical French cuisine there is a sauce named Sauce Soubise, which is an onion flavored bechamel. Itu2019s easy to make. Mince onion, sweat them in butter (do not brown the onions) until they are sweet and translucent, add flour to make a roux, cook the roux for a minute and then whisk in milk. Si

Why the name "Statement of financial position" instead of "Balance Sheet"?

The reason is described at length in Basis of Conclusions of IAS 1 para BC14 - BC21. In summary, IASB views that the new title better reflects the function of the financial statement. The old title pretty much describes the structure of the statement not so about the function. The board is also in opinion that the new title is more consistent with

What is the value of a Mexican 500 peso coin?

Hi,,500 Mexican pesos coin is no longer in circulation (since 1992). In that year the Mexican Pesos suffered a devaluation and the nuevos pesos mexicanos were introduced.,This new pesos had 3 zeros removed. In other words 1000 old pesos converted into 1 new peso. So this coin was converted into a 50 cents of current money. 50 cents of current Mexic

Which is the best fish dish of Kolkata?

Thanks for the question.Best fish dish of Kolkata is a myth,nothing fishy about it.There is possibly no one single fish dish that can convincingly outclass the remaining fish dishes Kolkata has to offer. But that doesnu2019t mean none of them are outstanding,in fact all of them which I would discuss are u201cNumero Unou201d in their own rights and

What are Xi Jinpingu2019s greatest accomplishments?

The big one is anti-corruption. There is a lot less corruption now than there was when he got in. The second big one is the environment. China still isnu2019t very green, but the government is taking environment and global warming seriously which wasnu2019t really the case in 2012. Also Xi has done a lot to promote science and technology.,One impor

What are your photos for the June 2020 contest?

Hiiu2026guys i am back with the great pictures..to get ur mood on u2026.n here we gou2026,1.,The full moon..ud83cudf1c,2.,The cloudy skyu2026,3.,Image just before the sunsetu2026silence before the flood cameu2026.,4.,Portrait viewu2026.,5.,Beautiful wallpaperu2026.,6.,N the favouriteu2026.awsm flowersu2026.,Thank u guysu2026.plsss upvote n shareu20

As an airline Captain have you ever gotten frustrated by a poorly flying First-officer?

Yes, I had a First Officer that was a former flight engineer. When we got jets, the FEs had to get a commercial ticket to remain employed The second officers were both a pilot and FE.,THE FEs had the option, seniority permitting, of moving up as far as Captain. Some only made it to copilot. Some became permanent second Officers.,I gave my copilot t

How do I cook chicken thighs and legs?

Baked Chicken Thighs are a delicious and very simple main dish. These chicken thighs have perfectly crispy skin and extra juicy meat! They are perfectly served alongside mashed potatoes or Scalloped Potatoes.Cook up a large batch to feed a hungry crowd, add to your favorite Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup or freeze the leftovers for another meal. Oven