How do you write a U.S. number in international format?

Do you mean what is the country prefix? I hope every country actually uses numbers as in 0u20139. Assuming they do and that you have the telephone number of the person you want to call, all you should need at that point is a country code. This (Country Codes, Phone Codes, Dialing Codes, Telephone Codes, ISO Country Codes) site here gives you all th

Would this be considered a flashback or a PTSD trigger? All of it hit me without warning. The smell of sulfur. The blood-soaked sand. My fellow Phikeias fighting a losing battle. Against the hordes of Hell that attacked our hidden sanctuary.

It is only a flashback relating to PTSD if you have lived the traumatic experience or something very similar. I am in Australia and donu2019t watch the news but I am assuming that you have not actually travelled to hell with your fellow frat members and fought in war? A more appropriate term would be an acid flashback, past life memory (a contentio

Are there human remains at the Titanic wreck site?

There are some preserved bodies inside the bowels of the wreckage.,The engineers that were trapped in the bottom are believed to had been preserved as theyu2019re buried underneath all that wreckage and mud.,The bodies that were within the debris field are all gone due to marine life. However; their belongings and the things they wore are still lay

Can you share some underwater photography?

Here are pictures of the most amazing underwater place on Earth. It is the great barrier reef. It is off the coast of Queensland Australia. It has gorgeous underwater scenery. It has beautiful coral. The great barrier reef has beautiful fish. I'm fascinated with this reef. I hope we can save it. Global warming is destroying it. I want to go go to A

What is the cheapest Netflix approved camera to film a Netflix original?

The cheapest Netflix approved camera bought new is the Panasonic S1. Thatu2019s a $4,000 body, and with a basic lens, youu2019re starting out around $5,000. This camera is new enough, youu2019re not likely to get much of a break buying used.,You can probably do a little better if you can find a used Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K. I found one at

What are 10 examples of sentences with prepositional phrases?

Our esteemed Governor and his posseu2019 are treading a very, very thin line and one that could go very badly for them if they arenu2019t careful.,To sum up the political situation in Virginia, upon winning the Legislature and already having the Governorship the Democrats have issued a slew of prefiled bills into the Virginia House and Senate under

Does Rice go bad in the fridge?

Q: Does Rice go bad in the fridge?Cooked rice may dry out or sour depending on how it is stored. My rule is after 4 days it is suspect and warrants a good whiff to detect mold or bacterial growth. This is the easiest way to detect spoilage. If you canu2019t tell by the smell a small taste may be in order.,If itu2019s dry, it was stored in a contain

What are some roots of corruption in Indonesia?

I would argue that one of the most malignant (yet seldom mentioned) practice in Indonesia that is a strong root that results in corruption is: the atrocious pay level of our judges. In my home county in Central Java, a new judge is paid Rp 3 million per month, a senior judge is paid Rp 5 million per month; that's around US$ 4-7 thousand per year. I

What is a chief executive officer salary?

In the United States, the average income for a chief executive officer is $115,193 per year, plus $25,000 in profit sharing. A company's highest-ranking executive is the chief executive officer (CEO). A chief executive officer's key tasks, in general, are making major corporate decisions, managing a company's overall operations and resources, and s

Whatu2019s the biggest double life youu2019ve ever personally seen revealed?

I used to go to game night at my friends church. They had the cuuuuutest youth pastor. I was 13 and he was 21. I guess he was like the youth pastor in training because he hadnu2019t finished his college degree yet but he taught the youth group on Sundays and he was in charge of the game nights on Thursday nights.,He looked a little like this.,Thirt

How do restaurants cook sunny side up eggs?

We use non stick saute pans, which we call egg pans, because we use them only for eggs. Pretty brilliant, huh?,You want to start with cold pan, room temperature actually, not a really hot one. A hot pan will give you crispy egg whites, which some people like and thatu2019s cool, but thatu2019s not how I serve eggs, so cold pan. Put the pan over a m

What are the benefits of DSLR?

Bigger sensor than digital point and shoot camerasnVarious type of lenses that can be used based on neednAbility to shoot RAW format. In JPG, image is compressed and stored.nBetter control available to the photographer

In total, how many minutes of video have been posted on YouTube?

First some facts:,Youtube is the 3rd most visited website EVER,It is the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet,1,300,000,000 people are signed up with a YouTube account,300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!,Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day,YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day,Think abou

What should I eat chicken with?

Rice. I LOVE chicken with rice. A little spicy stirfry with green chillies and mushrooms over buttered rice. Or sweet and sour with scallions heavy sreaned jasmine. Or maybe a mild creamy chicken with mushroom risotto. You get the picture. Oh and I make this saucy roast hen with saffron infused tomato pullao.

What is the meaning and story behind the Starbucks logo?

I have a special passion for logos and their history. Starbucksu2019 logo teaches us the following:,Select your logo only when you saw it in very small (business cards for ex) and in very large size ;)In 1971, Starbucks (then a mere fledging coffee shop on the Seattle waterfront) was looking for a logo, something that would embody the seafaring his

What is the best Amazon product photography service?

If you want to know about Amazon product photography, you are in the right place. You may be a small or big business person selling products for the locality or globally, you should know about product photography. DoMyShoot app provides the best Amazon product photography services, their product photography lures the visitors with no option but to

What kind of party should a 5-year-old have?

A small, short, inexpensive one.,I tried to follow the rule, "one more than your age" for how many children were invited to a party for my daughters. It made the party manageable.,I had their parties at home when they were younger. ,I kept them simple - cake, ice cream, some decorations, easy games and crafts,For example, for a Princess themed part

Could the 2022 Israeli Defense Force hold off an invasion of the Nazi Army at its peak?

A 2022 IDF vs say a 1943 German military.,And the invading army has to make it from Germany to Israel? A distance of around 4,000 km?,The only sensible answer is that under this scenario, 80 long years of technological advancement would obliterate the German WWII military and this is not a criticism at all of the military capabilities of the 1943 G

Which airline is better, ANA or JAL?

Very good question! There are several factors and components that can determine the true answer to this question. Firstly, I will begin talking about the airlineu2019s fleet.,Fleet:Japan Airlines:The typical Japan Airlines plane is approximately 9 years oldJAL (currently, as of July 2018) operate 5 types of planes - The B737, B767, B777, and B787,

What is the best mid-range zoom lens for Nikon DX cameras ?

I totally agree with Gen Kanai, my preferences to lenses change over time. But one remarkable mid-range zoom Nikon lens that I recommend is the Nikon 24-85mm f/2.8-4D. Why?,It's fun: macro-mode at 1:2 helps you explore macro photography at a low-cost, you will discover small things in a totally new perspective.,It's fast: yes it's aperture varies f

Why dont European Union members unify the language?

OK, letu2019s start on eliminating languages that have a small number of speakers. I nominate that we start with Yiddish (maybe a million speakers? maybe many, many fewer?) Thatu2019s it, weu2019ll start by going after the Jews and eliminating their culture.,Oh, dear. That sounded bad, didnu2019t it. Letu2019s refocus on a larger group of people.,T

What are the best historical places to visit in the Philippines?

The Philippines is rich in history since it was colonized by Spaniards, Americans, and Japanese.,Some of the best historical places in the Philippines are Intramuros in Manila, Luneta Park (in Manila also), Vigan in Ilocos Sur, Corregidor Island in Cavite, and Magellan's Cross in Cebu.,Happy traveling!

How do I stream Netflix from an Android phone to a TV?

To do this youu2019d need a smart TV and cast the phone to the TV. Everything on your phone screen will appear on the TV.,However if itu2019s a smart TV then you should be able to install the Netflix app on to the TV if itu2019s not already installed. No need to use the phone.,If your TV is not a smart TV then if your phone supports OTG then get an