What is a good ratio of vinegar to milk for sour milk? Two tbsps to one cup works well for the pancake recipe that called for it, but not for other recipes, and I have heard one tbsp to one cup.

I looked at a couple different websites and every one of them says the same thing. The ratio should be 1 cup of milk to 1Tbsp vinegar or lemon juice.,How to Make Sour Milk | Buttermilk SubstituteNeed Sour Milk for a recipe? It's easy to make and is often used as a substitute for Buttermilk. While not 100% exactly buttermilk it will be similar and w

Hey everyone, I have a question regarding stacking in Astrophotography. my current set-up allows only short exposures due to which number of subs are more. The stacking process takes too long. How can I fix this. Can I stack already stacked Images?

I use a free stacking program that doesnu2019t seem to get much notice in the amateur astrophotography community, but I find faster than Deep Sky Stacker (DSS DeepSkyStacker - Free), a popular freeware program. Check out Sequator. I can stack 15u201320 600x4000 pixel raw subs from my Canon T6i in under 3u20134 minutes, 60 or more in under 10u201315

How do you keep track of a job application?

My process is simple. I used excel to track dates of resumes sent and job application statuses that are hyperlinked to local windows folders that contain a copy of the job description applied for and copy of resume/cover letter sent.,I used to print out copies of everything stuffed in folders but then Iu2019ve gone totally paperless exported variou

What is an alternative software like CyberLink PowerDirector video editor that is for free with no cracking involved and thereu2019s a PC trial version for a month?

If you want a very good free Video Editor then I can recommend HitFilm Express, totally free - forever and no u201cWatermark until you payu201d rubbish.,Download HitFilm Express | for Mac & PC - fxhome.comThe other thing which is very good about HitFilm is that you can expand its already very good capabilities all the way up to Pro. You donu2019t n

Who is better, Suga or Jin?

*Original question: If you had the chance to marry Suga or Jin who would you choose?NOTE: This answer is just for entertaining outcome, do not take this answer seriously.If I had to? I really donu2019t know when this scenario would/could happen (NEVER), let us draw that part together; I will write 15 facts of each of them, and then reason why I cho

What did Americans in the 19th and 20th century think of Australia and Canada?

There is a long tradition of Americans visiting Australia and giving their opinions of the place.,Mark Twain was an early contributor to this body of literature.,Due to his complete lack of business acumen and his habit of investing in failed gadgets and inventions he was often broke. Such was the situation in 1894 when he was obliged to go on a sp

Where can I buy cheap Fujifilm Instax Mini film?

This was the cheapest I saw, if it's the right kind.https://www.walmart.com/ip/FujiFilm-Instax-Mini-Instant-Film-Sheets-10-count-2-pack/43922214?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222227031718300&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=t&wl3=65398337231&wl4=aud-310687322322:pla-120507370631&wl5=9026839&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=8175035&wl11=online&wl12=4392221

How do you make extra crispy fried chicken?

Science.To be specific, frying it twice.This method, which I learned from studying the works of the great J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, is a brilliant way of not only ensuring that your fried chicken is extra-crispy while remaining moist inside, it paradoxically enables you to serve it more quickly.,It takes a bit of extra preparation, but it works. I did it

Is it likely that Mount Vesuvius will destroy Naples during its next large eruption?

Let me throw some brief highlights regarding the history of Mount Vesuvius, and then I will tell you what this could mean for Naples.,Above: Graph Of The Avellino Eruption If It Were To Happen Today u2014 NOTE: Ashfall would continue to fall throughout the White Zone, and well outside this map.FACT ONE: Mount Vesuvius has had no fewer than THREE er

What are the best restaurants in Cochin that can serve authentic Kerala food?

Kochi is definitely the foodie paradise in Kerala. Being in heart of Kerala, definitely you will find a lot of authentic Kerala food,One misconception one needs to remove is that Kerala has a huge array of Vegetarian options (less popular outside Kerala). However, its very unlikely you find a pure Authentic Malayalee Vegetarian Only restaurant in K

How many people in the US actually eat potato salad?

Iu2019m enjoying this discussion which so far has been civil. And, it should be civil, but some folks get all touchy about their potato salad, especially here in the deep, deeeep South.,I personally think the spices are a good idea, especially if they are as good as you say they are. My wife went to high school with a guy who produces seasonings fo

Trump tweeted: "News Reports about the Dept. of Commerce dropping its quest to put the Citizenship Question on the Census is incorrect or, to state it differently, fake! We are absolutely moving forward." How can he do it without court approval?

David Zhang, you are correct, Trump cannot move forward on the Census, he can only go forward on discussing with the Court if they find new favorable evidence, assuming they do not decide to go with the Census without the question. @Steven Eber must have skipped the news this morning and last night. The Commerce Department announced that the Census

How do I eat healthily if Iu2019m poor?

My tuppence. It sounds that you are from UK. Thatu2019s great because Iu2019ve been a student for years and I know how to live very cheaply, if need be.,TL;DR: there are 5 tenets of reducing expenses in this answer:,getting bulk calories from cheap, reasonably healthy foodstuff (rice, oats),getting the satiated feeling through starchy vegetables (t

How would you cure the religious mentality in Africa specifically in Nigeria?

I once attended a special service at a church - I believe they just had a week long event and the grand finale was the Sunday service. In one of the services that Sunday (the thanksgiving session I think) a guest minister was brought up to share the Word.,At the close of her message, she went on to talk about the early beginnings of the church, how

What diet should I eat to reduce belly fat?

First the good news, when you lose fat, itu2019s not just your belly, youu2019ll lose fat wherever it sits in your body, including your chest, waist, thigh, arms etc.,What follows is the results of years of experience and a lot of failure! Losing fat is hard and there are a lot of myths. Iu2019ve tried many and failed, taken the time to do the rese

Andy is making a dollhouse for his niece. He is scaling it down based on his real house. If the dimensions of his living room are 10.1 m by 7.2 m, and he uses a scale where 1 m = 6 cm, what will the dimensions of the dollhouse living room be?

the dimensions of his living room are 10.1 m by 7.2 m.,he uses a scale where 1 m = 6 cm,room dimension of 1m , represents 6cm on the map.,dimensions of the dollhouse living room be ( on the map) = (10.1*6 and 7.2 *6),dimensions on map: 60.6 cm u00d7 43.6 cm,Answer :: 606 mm u00d7 436 mm.

Where can I find good tutorials about photo editing with Photoshop?

I discovered that the best tutorials for Photoshop is not the written ones, as they consume a lot of time to read and visualize and understand then implement; in the other hand videos are quicker, faster to watch and understand and implement, more over you can write a comment or a question in the video channels, and in most cases you will get an a

How safe is it to use an aggregator torrent sites to down load a pirated media content for the residents of Western world (European Union, Northern America) and developed Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, etc.)?

It is not safe. Piracy is a crime, plain and simple. Not only are pirate downloads sometimes full of hidden nasty surprises (malware), but you are risking administrative or criminal punishments for violation of intellectual property rights. Donu2019t be a criminal - buy your content legally.

How does one soft boil an egg from cold water?

Put the egg into the cold water and turn on the heat, bring the water to the boil and the moment the water is boiling start a four minute timer, after the four minutes lift the egg out and cool it in some cold water. If the egg is too soft try another with 5 or 6 minutes.

What are different market segmentation?

Market Segmentation begins with the persona that fits the mold of the audience that a marketer wants to appeal with starting the online marketing journey.,Customer Relationship Management provides data to work with to create an audience that is attracted to feel the burning desire to become advocates with a sensation to feel they want more of this.

What are some great haunted house names?

Here in the Philippines, we have a famous haunted house called the Laperal House in Baguio City.,The Laperal family was one of the aristocratic families of old, and the family patriarch, Dr. Roberto Laperal built the house in the 1930s as a vacation home for his family. Baguio is renowned for its cooler climes, and is considered the summer capital

Which iPhone 11 Pro color do you think looks best?

Both colours look great. But you can choose as per your lifestyle. White tends to get a bit yellow after 1u20132 years and is a bit hard to maintain whereas gold is an easy deal. So yes if you can maintain your phone properly then you can go for any of them. But if youu2019re careless just like me, then go for gold.,Ps: White would look classier is

What kind of relationship would be between a Scorpio and a Capricorn?

There are many other variables that you are not mentioning. Are you talking about a romantic relationship? A business partnership? (In the latter, this pairing could be formidable as allies and financial growth through their combined powers of shrewdness, intuition and calculated risk is nearly a givenu201d),But I would honestly need the birth info

What is the difference between aerospace engineering and aeronautical engineering?

Aeronautical engineering is mainly focusing on designing and testing of flying machines which can be operated in earth atmosphere like aircraft, helicopter etc. Whereas aerospace dedicated to outer atmosphere vehicles and equipments like rockets, space vehicles etc,This is the simplest answer. You can find more details from Wikipedia.

When mixed, what color do yellow and green make?

Thanks for A2A Ravi,A shade in between green, and yellow, what I would describe as an artichoke green. Green is comprised of blue, and yellow, so you will just be increasing the percentage of yellow to blue. It will be a green closer to yellow, a warm green, as opposed to a cool green that is closer to blue, like a jade, or petrol green.