What can make my skin glow naturally?

A major indicator of healthy skin is a natural glow. But factors like stressful lifestyles, hectic work schedules, inadequate sleep, lack of nutritional diet, pollution, harmful sun rays, excessive smoking, and drinking alcohol can make your skin dull and dry. All of these are part and parcel of your life, and you cannot run away from them. However

What is the best vlogging camera that isnt too expensive?

Do not underestimate the mobile smartphone in your hand. Any (half) decent smartphone with (half) decent video can make the cut.,The problem with video is different. People (watchers) will not mind a slightly less quality video. Most people watch on mobiles. HD quality is fine. Things like 4K, HDR, 60 fps, etc. are overhyped. But what is very impor

What are five restaurant secrets that every home cook should know?

Answering this, having observed my expert Indian grandma in action, whipping up full course Indian meals for 50 people in a day, and having lived several years with my French granny u00e0 Paris, watching and learning, but mostly eating.,a. The secret to rich, thick curries: For Mughlai cuisine, which has probably garnered the most mileage as Indian

Whats the one thing about life everyone should know?

This is a list of fundamental things which will be good for adults to know in our modern era. While choosing the topics my approach was something like: u201cyou donu2019t need to learn all the details if you are not interested but it is really useful at least to have heard of what it isu201d,Some of the topics may be too obvious and some of them ma

What are the best technological inventions and gadgets of 2016?

CES 2016, the first and debatably most important consumer technology show of the year, is over. Weu2019ve already gone over some of the weirdest technology from the show (and there was plenty to choose from), but now weu2019re going to list off the stuff from CES that actually got us excited about the future.,There are some mainstays of the show su

What are the best buffets in Las Vegas?

The best combination of price and great food would be a race between Cosmopolitan, Caesars and Aria. Bellagio and Wynn are high-cost and try to serve top culinary fare but I don't find the food sufficiently compelling to warrant the higher entrance. I've rarely eaten at Bellagio since MGM took it from Wynn, but long lines and high prices make it a

Can eps files be accessed by Photoshop?

Yes, you can open EPS files in Photoshop, but you are converting vector into pixels.,Vector files are great because you can scale them as much as you want without reducing quality.,When you open a vector file in Photoshop it will prompt you to confirm the dimensions and once opened, it is essential an image and you adjust pixels, not individual vec

Who are the most successful youngest entrepreneurs in India?

Ritesh Agarwal (Founder of Oravel)n,nIf you are in the business of buying, selling or creating businesses, then it is quite likely that you would have heard of Ritesh Agarwal.,Ritesh, the wunderkind.,Born in Bissamcuttack, a village in Rayagada district of Odisha, Ritesh started coding software when he was eight years old.,At 16, Ritesh was among 2

Why Samsung smartphone is more durable than an iPhone?

I wrote a script to find such answers. Due to rate limitation, I could only crawl the very recent answers for some well-known writers. Each answer in this list has >10,000 views but no upvotes at the time of writing this answer.,Tom Thomas's answer to Is John Cena dead? (51066 views) ,Nikhil Garg's answer to What are the customer service hours a

Can anyone reliably predict the timeline of AI (artificial Intelligence)?

I completely agree with Jan Krikke u2014 there is currently misconception about the potential of AI at present. AI is undergoing a massive research and already started producing wonderful results for humans in various real life scenarios.,Prediction of timeline of some events currently it is beyond the potential of humans. It includes endless possi

Do flight attendants cheat in relationships?

Thanks for the A2AnCheat? I almost laughed out loud... but as usual, I'm too tired and hungry right now.nGood Lord, they're fortunate, to say the least, if they can find a relationship to begin with. With their lifestyle of being on the go for most of their career, even to maintain a relationship (for those fortunate ones ?) is a huge challenge in

What is the biggest sea island in the world?

Greenland has historically been considered the largest island on earth. But this seems to be a matter of convention. When one looks at a map, Australia looks an awful lot like a really big island. However, Australia has historically always been considered a continent, and this continues to be my understanding today.,In terms of landmass, Greenland

What is an easy mac and cheese recipe?

Cook your pasta.,Drain the pasta, set aside.,Take the same pan, put equal amounts of butter and flour in the pan and make a roux.,Add your milk, and whisk over a light simmer. As it begins to thicken, gradually add your cheese. I prefer a blend of Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Parmesan.,It should melt and thicken.,Mix that into your pasta, and add so

Did the Obama administration give Pearson Publishing $350 million in tax dollars to create a Common Core curriculum, and did Obama get a $65 million dollar book deal in return? If so, is that a quid pro quo?

The theory here is that President Barack Obama, who was a best-selling author before he became president, engaged in an act of corruption in order to get a book deal for him and Michelle after he left office?,Under this theory, why do you think there was such a bidding war among other publishers for the book rights? Bidding hits $60M on Obamasu2019

Which is the best ultrawide curved gaming monitor?

I will be helping you with some of the Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitors, which will allow you to experience virtual games like never before.,Ultrawide monitors give you a much more immersive gaming experience than your standard 16:9 aspect ratio of monitors.,I am providing the best ultra curved gaming monitor,LG 34GN850-B -The LG 34GN850-B comes with

Was Marilyn Monroe known for having poor personal hygiene?

Not that I was aware of. During the filming of the Misfits, I was teenager who was there as an extra. I have a photo of me with Marilyn signing her autograph for me. Iu2019m the boy standing right next to her and I swear on a stack of Bibles, everything about Marilyn was heaven sent (or is that heaven scent). We were both holding the paper while sh

How many F4U Corsairs are still flying?

There are around thirty F4Us of all versions extant around the world,Of those, around fifteen are airworthy, with roughly ten usually being airworthy at any one time,To mirror the Florida-based Mustang Mania event at the turn of the millennium, attention turned to a similar fete for the F4U, with an Indianapolis-based air show turning out seven of

What exactly is ritual purity? Is this concept still relevant in the modern world?

Ritual purity is a state of cleanliness (in various forms), before one is in a state presentable for communion with deity or other non-corporeal beings. In many religions, a current state of menstruation, having sex, wet dreams, sleep or loss of consciousness, bleeding, farting, urinating or defecating, direct physical contact with the dead, being

Which country is best to study abroad? New Zealand, Iceland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, or Belgium. Iu2019m an English speaker, learning French (soon to be fluent), and fluent in Yiddish (similar to Deutsch).

Assuming the list of languages to be accurate, that would seem to rule Iceland out of the running. Icelanders always seem to speak about 46 languages, but the official language there isnu2019t English, French, or Yiddish (or even German, which is what weu2019d normally call Deutsch in English). Icelandicu2019s not exactly an easy language to learn,

Who are some of the best travel vloggers on youtube?

travel YouTubers to followSorelle Amore. It's hard not to fall in love with this quirky, travel-loving female powerhouse. ...,Sailing La Vagabonde. These two Australians have lived out their dream of sailing the oceans of the world with absolutely no previous sailing experience.,Fearless and Far. ...,Dave and Deb. ...,Drew Binsky. ...,The Bucket Li

What are the qualities seen in a man if he has a strong Venus in his horoscopekundli?

Every person is a carrier of both feminine and masculine energies. However, depending on belonging to a certain gender, we are aware of only the energy corresponding to it. And the energy of the opposite sex turns into an unconscious image - an inner man in a woman and an inner woman in a man.,These images do not directly contact a person, they com

What is the best site to download free PDF nursing and research books?

Medicos PDF can be suitable site for nursing students to download good books.,They have included books of:,> Child Health Nursing,> Communication and Educational Technology,> Community Health Nursing,> English for Nursing,> Gerontological Nursing,>Management of Nursing Services and Education,> Nutrition,> Pathology and Genet

What are standards of a good, authentic ramen?

Disclaimer: I am not a ramen chef. This answer is credited to my own lifetime of eating ramen, cooking it at home and a few part-time jobs, plus a bit of added research.,No matter how subjective the matter of u201cauthenticu201d can get, there are only two things that decide how good a bowl of ramen is. Those two things are the noodles and the soup

Have you ever been to Malaysia?

Over the course of my working time in Malaysia, 2001 to 2004, I visited half of the states. I lived and worked in Penang, and visited Kuala Lumpur pretty often.,The people are warm, welcoming, helpful, and friendly. Most speak English. As a visitor, I enjoyed seeing the various cultures enthusiastically preserved by Malaysians. Tradition matters in