What are the advantages and disadvantages of limited liability company?

LIMITED LIABILITY Company:Is a HYBRID between partnership and private limited company,Definition: Minimum of two people each having a shared responsibility of the business u2013 no limit to number of partners u2013 here owners are seen as separate entities legally,Advantages:LIMITED LIABILITY:Protects membersu2019 personal assets from liabilities o

How do you turn a "normally-recorded" video into a time-lapse?

Creating a time-lapse video from a normal video is not going to be an easy task but, it is definitely possible. There are many ways you can do it with the help of software on your desktop and mobile. Will it look like the time-lapse videos you have seen all over the internet? Then, the answer is no unless you had the footage shot with a high-end ca

How is Philippines during the New Year?

Greetings fellow budget traveler!,There are a few things to consider but generally, not at all too different from any other day in the year. BUT, you are gonna want to visit the provinces if youu2019re interested in our beaches. That said, consider that:,Price of services tend to be higher during the holidays. That includes hotels and resorts if yo

Why do Selfie Sticks have a Bluetooth?

ether you hate u2019em or love u2019em, there is no getting around u2019emu2014literally. I have been bonked on the head by a selfie stick on the busy streets of New York, while skiing, and even in the confines of a major arena during a basketball game. I will soon prepare a how-to and how-not-to article on the etiquette and uses of these increasin

How do you turn a photo into a pencil sketch in Adobe Photoshop?

How do you turn a photo into a pencil sketch in Adobe Photoshop?,This is the photo of Tollywood actress Anushka.,I will show you how you can turn this photo into a pencil sketch.,1. Copy the original layer to another layer by pressing CTRL+J,2. Turn this copied layer into black and white by using command, Image>adjustments>black and white.,3.

How do you make dimension text bigger in AutoCAD?

Create as many dimension style as required for different sizes,Command is dimstyle,You can set scale for aero, text size etc,Change the dim style in property,Last used dim style will be applied for dimensions you draw currently

What does seeing dead bodies in a dream imply?

Dreaming of a dead body or bodies can mean several things. So can the number of bodies, but you did not say how many, so l will not be able to give you a total or complete interpretation. That being said, to dream of dead bodies represents regret, nostalgia, disappearance, broken relationships, and mistrust in love. It also signals the end of somet

Can I sleep 30 minutes after eating lunch?

If I followed this u201cruleu201d, I would be naught but a bag of skin and bones now.,I dislike all these u201crulesu201d because they fail to do the simplest of things, which is to take into account that everyoneu2019s metabolism and body works differently.,What works for you is not necessarily going to work for me.,Thatu2019s why when I see peopl

What is happening in Jeju Island, Korea because of over tourism?

Over tourism is not only the matter of Jeju island but one of the world we are facing in these days. Thank to the remote location of it from the mainland Korea, it was able to preserve its natural heritage not much damaged as it was until recent time. But the development of transportation means enabled people to visit it more often than before from

Is Mount Olympus in Greece or Cyprus?

As others have mentioned there are several mountains named Olympus. There is one in Cyprus but the Mount Olympus, the one Homer described is in Greece. Iu2019m actually pretty sure that Homer, or whoever wrote the descriptions in the Iliad, had a pretty clear idea of what Olympus looked like. The descriptions of a snow capped mountain rising over t

What condition is a dead body in after 1 month?

First of all, itu2019s still dead. And assuming itu2019s not been buried or cremated or placed in a very cold fridge or already embalmed, itu2019s going to be in a very sorry state indeed. Body swollen, abdomen ruptured and already in an advanced stage of decay. And the smell! Rotting human flesh is about the most repulsive smell known.,Now if the

What do you do as an adult and because you are an adult no one can stop you?

My wifeu2019s birthday was last weekend. Yesterday I had a slice of leftover birthday cake around 4pm. It spoiled my dinner. It was delicious.,I will cry without being given anything to cry about.,As soon as one of my friends jumps off a bridge, Iu2019m going to as well.,My mom almost never knows where I am. I donu2019t tell her.,Sometimes I come h

How do I start investing in the stock market as a beginner?

To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a high IQ, top notch education in Finance or inside information.nWhatu2019s needed is a basic understanding of how the stock market works, a strategy to find good companies to invest in and the ability to keep emotions from ruining your strategy.nSince Iu2019m going to write a lot, I want to p

How much wildlife does your garden attract? What makes your garden so attractive?

Our garden doesn't belong to just us, it also belongs to all the wildlife that lives there, plays there and even takes up residence in it. This could include hedgehogs strolling through your garden at night, birds stopping in the thick undergrowth right down to the beetles and woodlice under the stones at the end of the garden.,Ensuring that wildli

How can something as beautiful as a butterfly or a hummingbird come about by accident?

This question has historical importance. It was the centerpiece of the Duke or Argyll u2018s argument against Darwin. He wrote a book about it and chose the Brazilian hummingbird as his best case of something that could not have come about by accident.,To revive 100 year old debates, that were presented more eloquently the farther back you go in ti

How do I make easy chocolate chip cookies?

Well, thereu2019s a pretty much foolproof recipe right on the back of the Nestle Toll House chips bag. But I guess the very easiest chocolate chip cookies are the pre-made ones you can purchase in the grocery refrigerated section. All you do is break them apart and bake. Theyu2019re decent.

How do I set up Amazon Echo Dot in the UAE?

How do I set up Amazon Echo Dot in the UAE? The same way you would set it up in the U.S. It just needs an internet connection with the ability to connect to the Alexei servers. The actual AI that powers the Echo Dot is not built into the Dot.

Can I add a photo to my story after I have posted it on Instagram?

Instagramu2019s new Layout featureOne of the great things about Instagram Stories is that you can add as many photos and videos as youu2019d like without cluttering your followersu2019 feeds. Instagram is continually adding new features to enhance their Story experience. On December 17th, the platform introduced the new Layout feature to Stories. Y

What are the best ways to cook steak in an oven?

While I am in agreement with damn near everything said by my esteemed male colleagues in meat cookery, I would like to mention something none of these gentlemen have so far: your success with regard to optimal meat cookery is dependent upon the cut of meat used. Broil, roast or pan-sear, it all comes down to what part of the animal you plan to cook

What are the best places to visit in Kerala?

VARKALA,Its a fairly quite beach town surprisingly hidden on the Indian tourism scenario. My hometown is near Varkala and I still remember the first time I went to the Varkala Cliff Beach. I was blown off my feet. Let me bring to your notice that this is a guy who at that time was living in Goa, the land of the beaches.,I was surprised that not man

Did actor Johnny Depp say some profound things?

Johnny is on the redirect, answering his lawyers!,"Hurt. Blindness hurts. It was like someone hit me on the back of the head with a 2x4 and, as I said, I didn't have the ability to speak before. Even though I did an interview to try to explain myself, it ended up being a successful play. " - Johnny Depp.,"When did you first learn that Disney wasn't

What is the most gorgeous place you have ever been?

SC is great! There are beautiful beaches one way while you have gorgeous mountains in another! Itu2019s rich in history and diverse in cultures. You could live in a small town where itu2019s quiet and hidden away or a bigger city where thereu2019s always something to do and places to go. The weather is nice overall. Sometimes we get snow :D especia