Whatu2019s the most outstanding life hack?

I was one among those people who keep alarm at 4am and wake up at 8am.,On waking up i used to have no idea when the alarm produced sound signals.,My boss was pissed off with me due to this. i was literally fed up with myself.,Then i developed this hack to wake up at 4am.,First i downloaded "sms schedule" app.,{ for those who dont know, in this app

What is the strangest thing youve found inside of a wall in a home?

My landlord. Yes, you read that correctly.,When I was in my early 20u2019s I rented one side of a duplex. The duplex was once u201cone homeu201d built in the early 1920u2019s, that had been divided on the ground floor. The side I rented was a small one bedroom unit. My landlord, was the owner of the house. I was a young and pretty blonde and he was

Why is pasteurized cheese bad during pregnancy?

Where did you hear this? Are you sure it was not unpasteurized cheese? There is no reason for pregnant women to avoid pasteurized cheese. Unpasteurized cheese ( made from unpasteurized milk) May contain bacteria or fungi that could cause illness for the mother or even the baby, although this is less common. If you purchase your dairy products from

Why do they include caffeine in Coke?

Wow! So many wrong answers.,First of all, Coca-Cola was never made with cocaine. It was made (and still is made) with an extract of coca leaves soaked in alcohol that did add a bit of cocaine precursor to the beverage. However, the total amount when they used fresh coca leaves was still less than 1mg per ounce of syrup. Today, itu2019s only measura

What sucks about AI?

What is horrible with today's AI, it makes a sort of AI alchemy mixed with pseudoscience having dangerous effects as the pseudoscientific theories about racial and ethnic classifications.,Instead of being a leading science and engineering, the mainstream, big tech AI/ML/DL is selling some math-techniques, statistic models, algorithms and black-box

What is the most cooperative thing Pakistan and India are doing?

UN Peace Keeping missions.Ironically, while South Asia remains a hotbed of tensions and a tinderbox of possible conflict, the armed forces of the two biggest countries Pakistan and India have a pretty long and established history of contributing troops to UN peacekeeping missions and maintaining the peace in countries ranging from European Bosnia,

How do I transfer photos from camera to computer without losing quality?

2 solutions come to mind:,Most digital cameras come with a USB cable to transfer photos, the camera SD card appears as storage media.,Get a USB SD card reader for the PC, often these are built in to laptops. And physically plug the SD card into the reader.,Both of these allow the PC to read the image without reduction in quality, however JPEG compr

Why do we use the word Asian?

Asian is a term too broad and is an outdated, Euro-centric way of looking at the world. Every civilization had an equivalent of "others" - people who were outside the civilization and Asia is just one such term [people who were not in Greek world of Europa]. ,It makes no sense to put Japan and Syria in the same bucket as there is very little connec

Whats one instinctive thing you did that prevented something bad from happening?

When I was 18 years old I moved into a small single apartment in a not-so-great area of Los Angeles. It was a cute little place with a Murphy bed, a tiny kitchen with a window to an alley, and a bathroom.,The refrigerator was old, and this is what saved me. It was a short fridge with the freezer inside at the top, separated by a tray. One morning,

How do I improve my English communication?

I can tell you what worked for me.,I was a non-english medium student throughout the school. If you know hindi, you would understand- I am one of those who have studied u2018Time period of simple pendulumu2019 as u2018u0938u0930u0932 u0932u094bu0932u0915 u0915u093e u0906u0935u0930u094du0924u0915u093eu0932u2019. ;D,College curriculum wasn't easy to

Where can I find some good Lightroom presets?

There is no such software called u2018Photoshop Lightroomu2019. There are Adobe Lightroom (Lr) and Adobe Photoshop (Ps).,Ps is the defacto standard for all photography post-processing applications. The capability of Ps is mind boggling and u2018almost anything is possible to do in Ps on a photou2019. Ps is the standard against which every other pho

Who is the most famous celebrity in India in 2020?

Who is the most famous living person in the world in 2021?Iu2019d guess at Elizabeth II. Because sheu2019s Elizabeth II.,Is there anybody on Quora who doesnu2019t know who she is? Anybody on Facebook? Twitter? Reddit?,Thought not.

How can I export my product from India?

Export in itself is a vast concept, and an exporter requires a lot of preparations before starting an export business. To start an export business, the following steps may be followed:,1) Establishing an OrganisationTo start the export business, first, a Sole Proprietary concern/ Partnership firm/Company has to be set up as per procedure with an at

What are some good examples of human resources?

Human Resources encompasses many things, such as:,^ Trainingn^ Compensationn^ Employee Relationsn^ Management/Employee Developmentn^ Employment Lawn^ Staffingn^ Offboardingn^ Etc.,Depending on the employer, an HR may handle all of these, or, in the case of a large employer, HR might be very specific, such as Training Specialist.,Donu2019t know if t

What interesting thing did you read today?

June 1, 2017:,This is the sweetest thing I read today. u2764ufe0f,Source : Fox News,Brazilian twin sisters commemorate 100th birthday with stunning photo shootFox NewsTwins Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi turned 100 years on May 20, 2017. The twins commemorated their milestone birthday with a photoshoot. (Camila Lima Photography

I forgot my Facebook password and email password. How can I log into Facebook?

I was able to get back my account by contacting Facebook experts at JA.,This was after I had tried everything according to Facebooku2019s Help Center which was useless as I had forgotten both the pass and verification email.,This post has details on how you can contact them:,Whatu2019s brilliant is that you donu2019t have to wait to get in touch wi

When Dunkin Brands & Coca-Cola distribution, finally mirrored the chess strategy of Arizona Ice Tea sized pre-pack and Starbucks Frappuccino Iced Coffee Drink how much would the idea be worth today, I suggested it back in 2011 during an interview?

Nothing.,You can say anything you want in an interview. The value of an idea is in the execution. You did not say anything that the listener likely did not know already. The company just needed to weigh the cost of applying that strategy or not. What is the return? Your remarks cost nothing and were worth nothing. The company decided that those ide

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

Mounted on the wall,Mounting the TV on the wall frees up space on an entertainment center, where you can put more equipment,When you have things like cable/IPTV/satellite receivers, game consoles, Blu-Ray/DVD players, media streaming devices (like an Apple TV or Roku boxes), surround receivers (including a speaker for the center channel), HTPCs, et

Are there different types of love?

A couple scene -,Gf : I am feeling naughty today.,Bf : Really?,Gf : yes.,Bf : What do you have in mind?,Gf : I want you to tie me up and do whatever you want.,u2026u2026u2026,Love type 1 :Love type 2 :One tie up for twenty minute.,Second tie up lifelong.,Images source : My phone gallery.,Guru:)

Who owns Chinas debt?

The Elites of the Party. Also those average Chinese citizens who work hard trying to provide for their families and loved ones.

Where is the hyperion tree found?

Hyperion is the name of a coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in Northern California that was measured at 115.61 metres (379.3 ft), which ranks it as the world's tallest known living tree. Despite its great height, Hyperion is not the largest known coast redwood; that distinction belongs to the Del Norte Titan. Hyperion was discovered August 25, 2

Why are smoothies good for your health?

Because they are food. See Is [this food] healthy?Smoothies are not magic. They can form a part of a healthy diet but, like anything else, should never dominate the diet. Note that blending your food does not make it u201chealthieru201d. It does allow you to absorb the nutrients (especially the sugars) faster, though.

What was it like to live in Japan right after WWII?

One day, in the middle of their busy daily routines of working in makeshift factories chisling bullet casings (often losing a finger or two in the process), waving off Kamikaze pilots flying to their deaths, being bombed, queueing up in rationing stations, people received an announcement to gather in the nearby schoolyard or a house with a radio. T

What makes Su00e3o Paulo special?

Brazilians.I wrote this to a Brazilian friend at Metau2014,I said this on Facebook:,I confirm u2014in no uncertain termsu2014 that nobody fucking parties like Brazilians. Iu2019ve been to carnival in Tenerife, Spain. Iu2019ve been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Iu2019ve been to various American St. Patricku2019s Day, Independence Day, and similar ce

Which is better, Dell XPS 17 or (16-inch) MacBook Pro?

That really depends on the type of work you are going to do on your laptop.,The Dell has windows 10 and Macbook has Mac os iu2019m sure you know that, so the question is what is the main difference between them Cause both can do almost all the works easily.,Now im going to mention few things about both the laptops that is better than other.,Dell :,