Why do manufacturing companies invest in Vietnam and not in the Philippines?

Because Vietnam is cheaper country here from cheaper im mean to say raw material are not to expensive there, where phillipines is expensive in comparison to phillipines that's why companies move to Vietnam instead of phillipines.,In phillipines 1 USD =50 PESO approx,In Vietnam 1 USD = 22,758 Vietnamese dong approx,So the difference is so clear that

How is Zuma Beach?

Zuma Beach - WikipediaIu2019ve never been to Zuma Beach so I canu2019t comment. Here is a link to Wikipedia.,How is Zuma Beach nice?Betsy

What is the startup cost for a cafe in India?

In order to start a cafe in India we need to consider many checks before finalising the pricing.,First comes the location. The location should have good youth crowd in and around the spot. If you take metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai the real estate costs is higher than tier 2 and tier 3 cities.,Now i'm located in Hyde

Is it normal to have a sofa in a bedroom?

Yes, it is okay to have a sofa in your bedroom. Provided, you have enough space to spare. Remember, bedrooms are spaces where you come to rest and relax. So, cramping it up with unnecessary furnishings can only make your life difficult. If you'd ask us, we'd suggest you keep your bedroom design minimal. Thus don't overdo anything and always plan yo

How do you get VC or angel funding for a start-up idea?

The best funding you can get for the idea is that first paying customerIf you get that one paying customer, you are off to the races (it is very hard, trust me). You have a reference for future clients, validation for your offering, feedback for improvement, proof of concept for investors, and so on. As they say, money follows money.,Itu2019s stran

Will China be internationally considered less barbarian if they banned food-used dogs?

My personal opinion, and that of my close friends, is that no, Westerners will still object to the Chinese eating other foods that are different from the West, under other names.,uff08The Western media never says otherwise, and the dog meat eaten in China actually comes from a type of dog that has been cultivated in China for thousands of years for

What is it like to be a Taurean?

Let me tell you my own traits as a taurean.I will not copy-paste any bilge from any random sun sign book but list down my traits as I see them.,First things first,as a taurean,I like to eat a lot.nStereotypically Taurean? nYou bet.nFood for me is a quick pleasure of the senses.Give me tasty food to get over depression,or let me celebrate with a ric

How much money would I need for a week in Thailand?

I did the Bangkok and Pattaya trip with my family from December 18 to 24, 2015. I booked flights on my own from Chennai to Bangkok on Air Asia. It cost INR 12k/head for return tickets. Visa cost was roughly INR 2k/head (1K Baht to be specific)n nI got a great deal on the land only package with the following inclusions:n nPattayaSriracha tiger zoo -

What is globalism in the contemporary world?

What is globalism in the contemporary world?The same thing it was was in the ancient world: the opposite of provincialism and its disregard of service to people outside of one's limited circle of acquaintances. A willingness to cooperate with people you do not know.

Who is the best crypto-trading signal provider?

Online signal providers provide everyone with messages about the most convenient entry points to the market and the most profitable exit points. Messages are transmitted in real-time through an open communication channel (chats, instant messengers, social networks.,The most popular and reliable crypto signal providers are:,u2022 bitstat,u2022 crypt

Are there any apps or sites where I can sell pictures of my feet?

One reply suggets that you wonu2019t, that there are too many u201cfreeu201d pictures of feet on the internet already. If that were true, then why does the porn industry even still exists, much less make money? Fetish photography and related areas are the same. Thereu2019s always someone that will buy the product somewhere. The key is finding them.

What are the different characteristics of globalization?

Really there is only one aspect of globalization.,The ability to communicate and travel to anywhere on the globe in a short period of time.,This implies a lot. No longer are people separated by distance. One can know people on the other side of the globe (think Facebook). One can interact efficiently with anyone anywhere. One does not have to limit

Is gold medal flour good for pizza?

Yes, in my experience, Gold Medal flour is good for pizza. Just be sure to use the exact formula the recipe calls for, like all-purpose vs bread flour!

What countries would you like to visit?

As you can see from the map Iu2019ve made below, there are actually quite a few countries that Iu2019d like to visit (in short, blue = already been, green = want to visit, yellow = really want to visit, purple = maybe, but , and red = no way in actual Hell would visit):,,However, if I could only pick a handful of countries to visit, then my top 10

How can I measure the topography of my (steep) driveway?

Most commercially-published topographical maps arenu2019t going to have enough resolution (or enough source data) to accurately represent the topography within an individual property, unless itu2019s covering several acres.,You could hire a surveying company to come out and collect the data youu2019re interested in and prepare a map for you, but th

What should I make sure to seedo in Hong Kong?

Foodwise: (I always seem to focus on food in travel posts, hmm ...) Try some of the dim sum places in Times Square. There's also some Michelin star rated restaurants there (for more on Michelin rated HK restaurants check this site: http://gohongkong.about.com/od/wheretoeatinhk/a/michelinlist.htm) For breakfast, I've always loved jook, the Cantonese

What should be included in your companys value proposition statement example, and why?

A winning value proposition/winning specialization is chosen based on where the company wants to positions itself. If you want to establish your coffee machine product in the coffee machine market you want to look and see what 1.specialization to do, and 2. what things to be great at, and the 3.mandatory things to be good at. Relative to your targe

What is the wire transfer limit for Bank of America?

I used to work in the International Department at Bank of America. I donu2019t know what all the limits, rules are but Iu2019ve had millions wired routinely so I think itu2019s mainly just whatever their line of credit is.,I have no idea what the regulations are for retail banking (regular individuals) but itu2019s probably whatever cleared funds a

I have strong feelings for someone I have never met but only seen (in pictures). Hes my family friend. I thought they were temporary feelings but they have lasted for more than 2 years. How should I lose interest?

First I would like to say Iu2019m sorry. I know how it feels to care about someone, and they do not even know. Below is a list of things you can try.,Acknowledge the truth of the situation: Where the person is a family friend, and you never have might in real life.Accept the problem: Accept that you may never be able to be with that person for more

What are some quick easy dinner recipes to make?

Carbonara. Boil spaghetti in one pot with salted water. In a pan, fry bacon. When done, drain some of the grease (not all), and crumble bacon into pan. Beat two eggs together with a healthy amount of parmesan. When pasta is done, dump into the bacon pan and coat the noodles. Turn off heat, pour egg/cheese mixture on top. Stir noodles quickly so tha

What is it like to participate in Loi Krathong in Thailand?

Soon I will hear voices in my head for a week or two. These voices remind me that I am a long ways away from home, but mostly they drive me crazy. Actually, I am leering of typing out this answer as Iu2019m afraid the voices might visit me earlier this year. If your scared just reading this, imagine how I feel.,Sometime next month in November the T

What is your most embarrassing food moment?

Ordering the OMFG burger from Lindyu2019s on Fourth in Tucson az.,AZ Hooligan & OMFGNine 1/3 lb. patties (3 lbs.) of meat (optional with bacon), cheddar and swiss (1 LB Cheese), lettuce, tomato, onion & Lindyu2019s sauce. It also has some onion rings on it too.,It was featured on Man vs Food. O.M.G. Burger Q&AIf you can finish it in 20 minutes (and

Do I need 32gb RAM for 4k video editing?

Just do the math.,How long does it take to colour grade and render your 1080p videos?,Since a 4k video file has four times the data as a full HD video file, that should give you a good idea of what it will take to do the same thing with 4k video files.,32 GB of RAM is a minimum requirement.,Our video editing workstation has 64 GB RAM,You did not me