Is Singapore or Bangkok a better entrance way to a four-month tour of Southeast Asia?

After you complete a week of traveling in Bangkok, itu2019s a breeze to travel in Southeast Asia.BANGKOK will be the gateway to flying, preparing you to get ready for the four-month-long tour of Southeast Asia, keeping Singapore as a last and taking off from Changi Airport back home.,BANGKOK, a Thailandu2019s capital city is where I live and it has

Who is the god of thunder?

Most polytheistic religions have a god of thunder. The famous one who I havenu2019t seen mentioned yet is Bau2019al, who features as a popular local idol in the Old Testament.,In fact, YHWH (the one known popularly as just u201cGodu201d) has a showdown with Bau2019al over this very issue in 1 Kings 18. The question - does the u201cgod of thunderu20

What are the best untapped business possibilities in the field of sustainability?

Possibilities arise when we look at problems and pain points with different lenses and perspectives. I adopt this mindset u201cThe Best has yet to comeu201d as ingenuity and innovation prevail. Today, we have a pressing need for more green, business solutions now as we face challenges to prevent our Planet Earth from over-heating and to make it u20

What are the best tips to survive a shooting massacre or terrorist attack in a city?

Given no other information than that there is a shooter or an active terrorist attack, one in which the attackers didn't kill themselves in the beginning, there is a lot you can do to maintain your own survival and the survival of others.,Stay positiveI know it sounds flippant to start off with "Stay positive," but this is literally a guiding princ

What are the SWOT analysis advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of SWOT AnalysisSWOT Analysis is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection. It is a strong tool, but it involves a great subjective element. It is best when used as a guide, and not as a prescription. Successful businesses build on their strengths, correct their weakness and protect against internal weaknesses and external threa

Why is a club sandwich relatively more expensive than other types of sandwiches?

Clubhouse sandwiches are more expensive because they are more labor-intensive than other sandwiches. (People always talk about ingredients and forget to consider labor.) The three slices of bread must be toasted, which was always a pain when I worked in a kitchen that only had a 2-slot toaster. That 3rd slice of bread also means that the sandwich t

What will the next few years be like with technology?

Apple & Google are going head-to-head: itu2019s gonna be a bloodbath.,I caught u201cThe Family Guyu201d on the Fox Network tonight, and saw three Google Pixel and two Apple iPhone advertisements during a half-hour show (and more later). Both were playing up the advantages of their product ecosystem over the competitor, both pushing nearly identical

What time is Christmas 2020 around the world?

Christmas Eve, 24 December 202010am u2013 Christmas Island (Kiritimati), Samoa, Tonga,11am u2013 New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington),12pm u2013 Fiji, Russia (Far East),,1pm u2013 Australia (eastern regions), Papua New Guinea, Guam,3pm u2013 Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Indonesia (eastern regions),4pm u2013 China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malay

What is the craziest sale youve ever made?

Way, way back in the dark ages (think circa 1994) I started working as a customer service representative at a Glamour Shots in Alabama.,For anyone who doesnu2019t know, Glamour Shots was (is?) a chain of glamour photography studios, almost exclusively based in malls across the U.S..,Hereu2019s how it goes:,The customer makes an appointment for a se

What is the best paint for kitchen cabinets?

In the event that you like the format of your current kitchen and your cabinets are fit as a fiddle, Color them can be a shrewd approach. If you look our kitchen projects we builds lots of projects. But white kitchens are look perfect and its combine with other color as well. Once visit this kitchen gallery Orange County Kitchen home Remodeling Pro

What are some of the unique andor unusual places to visit in Japan?

For an Occidental person, the oceanside. In Western countries, the seaside is a tourist and day tripper goldmine full of fancy but quaint B&Bs, restaurants, and nicknack shops. In the United States, you can sell stones,glass, and even wood that was vomited back onto land by the ocean, as is. You donu2019t even need to clean it.,But in Japan the bea

Which smartphone should I buy for under 15000?

All the phones mentioned below are superb in terms of different scenarios, Choice is yours, what kind of one you need.,Top three picks under 15k price point:,MiA1: It possess everuthing you would be expecting under 15k.,4GB RAM 64GB on board storage and hybrid slot for memory expansion even. Dual Sim Hybrid Slot, A slim and sleek handset(very slim)

How do I increase my communication confidence?

Improve Your Posture - Stand tall and wide; the more space you take up the better you will feel. Chest out, stomach in, just like in the military.,Be More Open - An open stance signals safety and comfort to both the other person and yourself. Keep your hands out of your pockets, legs apart and arms open.,Talk More - Practice makes perfect, but also

How do I make oatmeal cookies without baking soda?

The leavening action with baking soda lightens the cookie by creating a slight rise, usually, an increase of size from half to near doubled. Without any leavening, the end product will be dense, chewy, and perhaps even crunchy as a challenge to chew if overbaked into dry. Pulling the cookie sheet at the first sign of browning will allow the texture

Could the 2022 Israeli Defense Force hold off an invasion of the Nazi Army at its peak?

A 2022 IDF vs say a 1943 German military.,And the invading army has to make it from Germany to Israel? A distance of around 4,000 km?,The only sensible answer is that under this scenario, 80 long years of technological advancement would obliterate the German WWII military and this is not a criticism at all of the military capabilities of the 1943 G

Is it common for Google employees to sleep overnight in the Googleplex?

I've heard some stories of this - especially among interns - but haven't witnessed it.,I personally slept over once, in the first few years. I can't remember the project; I guess it seemed important at the time.,I lived in SF and worked in Mountain View, and going all the way home seemed ridiculous if I was going to be up late anyway. So I tried ju

How much does it cost to see the Statue of Liberty?

To see the Statue of Liberty? Nothing.The Statue of Liberty faces towards the water, so the front side isnu2019t easily visible from anywhere on land other than Governors Island, which is only accessible by a ferry that charges a fare .,However, the back of the statue is easily visible from New Jersey, especially from Liberty State Park, which is f

Was Soviet Union a welfare state?

Free housing in the Soviet UnionNo Free LunchNothing can be u201cfreeu201d in a state.,The state budget is filled with money earned from selling goods and services. Funds from the budget are allocated to state expenditures, including construction of the housing.,The state pays for the concrete, bricks, glass and metal, and the labor costs from arch

USB vs MicroSD - Which is faster and more reliable?

USB is not a storage type, it's just a way of transferring it. Sure, it does limit the speed, but nowadays no storage method is as fast as USB 3.1 so the speed is limited by the storage itself. MicroSD cards use Flash storage, and the regular USB keys which you probably see being used everywhere, also use Flash storage. So theorically their speeds

Whats the difference between Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC?

As far as Iu2019m concerned, the most important difference is that if you buy PS CS6, you own your work tool, whereas if you buy PS CC, youu2019re only renting it.,Imagine if a surgeon had to rent her scalpels and clamps. Or a chef had to rent his knives. Or a musician had to rent her instrument. Or a plumber had to rent his wrenches. Or an editor

What are some examples of people who had personalityskill changes after a brain injury?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often referred to as the silent epidemic. This is due to the fact no one can see the damaged brain. After the survivor returns home, people often believe the individual should be u201cover it.u201d,Poor short-term memory is one change that is virtually universal. There is no part of the brain that does not involve me

What is the best whiskey glass available?

Whisky is one of the most known and appreciated beverages. Contrary to what you may see in some movies, Whisky is not traditionally supposed to be drunk in large glasses or even in large gulps. To fully enjoy the beverage and prolong the pleasure to its last drop, it is necessary to give attention to certain details. One of the most important aspec

Is it worth buying the Samsung Galaxy 10+?

Four reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Over Note 10Samsung just released its Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus; here are the things that would make you prefer Note 10 Plus to the main variant (Note 10). We already know the Samsung Galaxy Note series to come with S Pen (Stylus); however, in these new devices, the S pen comes with more functio

How do I design a small kitchen living room combo?

Hello,,Hope you doing well Small kitchen and living room combo is a great idea for a small space, a small apartment, a studio apartment small area can be a pain in the head because you will need to design it well so that you can have the space you want. but it gives a free open space feel where doing cooking you can contact or interact with your fa

What are some of the most cringe-worthy things that tourists do in your country?

I live near Banff National Park. If you havenu2019t heard of itu2019s a National Park in Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. Photos of it seem to turn up every few days online in places like national geographic, imgur, and reddit.,Itu2019s definitely lovely. And super, super crowded.,After all the park sees nearly 5 million visitors annually, with pre