What are some easy to make non-vegetarian breakfast recipes?

Here are some non veg super tasty breakfast,Bread omlet,Ingredients4-5 bread slices,3-4 tbsp oil/butter/ghee,For the omelette mixture:4 eggs,salt - to taste,1 tsp red chilli powder,1/2 tsp turmeric powder,1/2 tsp black pepper powder,InstructionsFirstly, in a bowl, beat the eggs and add into it.,Into it, add salt as per taste, red chilli powder, tur

Im American. I often notice on British cooking shows that they often spread butter on the inside of sandwiches. You never see this in America. Is that realistic? Will the average Briton put butter in the inside of say, a ham sandwich?

I can't really imagine a sandwich without butter in it, or what else butter could be better used for (other than cooking and baking), so of course we butter the inside of sandwiches!,Personally, if I'm using some kind of u201cmoist" filling or spread then I don't always butter the bread, but a sandwich with just bread and ham would be pretty dry ot

How do I upload presets to Lightroom mobile?

Unfortunately Lightroom mobile doesnu2019t make it easy to add new presets. Firstly they require that you download the preset in DNG format, then add it to a gallery and finally create a preset from the imported DNG file. Whew.,Hereu2019s an article that helps describe that in more detail,Finally hereu2019s a few free Lightroom presets that you can

What are some great ways to make ice cream without an ice cream machine?

I have tried this at home and the result was pretty good!,,,Ingredients:n,1.5 cups of chilled Milk,1 cup of Cream,1 cup of Milk Powder,1 cup of Sugar,1 cup of fruit pulp (If the pulp is already sweet, add less sugar),nProcedure:n,Blend all the ingredients into a smooth mix.,Pour it in a container and allow it to set in the freezer for 3-4 hours.,nA

What is the biggest mistake that a big company has made?

Imagine working in the hot streets of Manila in the early 1990s. You are a butcher, slaving away in a loud, humid market for long hours. You only make several dollars a day to support a large family.,One evening, you are holding a Pepsi bottle cap in your hand. On it is a number. You bought several of these sodas in hopes of winning a big $40,000 g

What is the latest fad among the youth of India?

High Fade Pompadour Hairstyle in men.,Keep calm and.. posters.,Being obsessed with smartphones. Ofc, they make life easier. But now it has become an addiction. Be it kids, teenagers, middle aged, they all are hooked on to their phones. They forget activities like outdoor sports, physical exercise etc. They even forgot human interaction. Cafu00e9s,

How do you calculate standard deviation from sample size, mean, and confidence interval?

This type of problem tests your understanding of confidence intervals in statistics. The typical confidence interval for the mean is a 95% confidence interval.,95% CONFIDENCE INTERVALThis is defined as an interval of values,Mean + or - 1.96(SE),where we have the following definitions:,Mean = sample mean,SE = standard error of the mean = SD/sqrt(n),

Which camera would you choose, Sony A7, or BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k?

Given that I already have 20-something Micro Four Thirds lenses, and four Micro Four Thirds camera bodies, if I was getting serious about video work again, the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K would be a no-brainer.,Now, make no mistake, this isnu2019t a general purpose camera, itu2019s really just for video purposes, and serious ones at that. Yo

Where can I find the Instagram filters?

Well, Instagram face filters come from Ar filters that found a prevalence by those creators who focus on the face filters. With a new wave comes from numerous photo effects and filters for boosting up Instagram stories content, the power of third-party apps such as VSCO and lightroom come to more eyes of marketers to produce sound, well-designed fa

What are some inspirational quotes about learning or sharing knowledge?

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared.,Knowledge management doesnu2019t happen until somebody reuses something.,Carl Sandburg: u201cEverybody is smarter than anybody.u201d,Michael Polanyi: u201cWe know more than we can tell.u201d,Karl Popper: u201cAll life is problem solving.u201d,Bernard Lonergan: u201cOne cannot play fast and loose with what one

What is summer like in Batangas City, Philippines?

Batangas City in the summer is extremely hot since the place is near the ocean. But if you want cooler place, you can stay at some rural Barangays in Lipa City, Alitagtag, or Cuenca.,The summer getaway in Batangas includes Laiya beaches in San Juan, diving in Mabini, and beaches in Lemery. You can also visit resorts in Los Bau00f1os, Laguna if you

Is there any way I can control my DVDBlu ray player with no remote? I have an LG bp220 DVDBlu ray player with a usb port in the front. Is there anything I can use, like an iPhone or wii remote or wireless mouse, that can function as a remote?

The iPhone doesn't have an IR transceiver to send signals to the IR receiver on the player. The others you had said are also not compatible because they are not made for that situation for the most part. You can go to your local Walmart or any electronics store and get a universal remote for ten bucks or more and it should work. They will usually h

What is the best food for your skin?

Hey mate,,Thanks for asking.,I will just copy one of my previous answer which is almost relevant to your question. If any specific query is there, then you can ask in comment thread.,I will definitely answer some ways to get your desired results.,First of all glowing skin is not a miraculous thing nor a over night miracle. Yeah! You can get it but

Why are some salts coloured?

Majority of all the colored compounds have transition element(s) ions in them like the examples you've mentioned "Copper Sulphate is sky blue. Copper nitrate is dark blue", Copper is a well known transition element due to its anomalous electronic configuration which defies the general trend as one moves from left to right across a periodic table. ,

How is block printing done on sarees or fabrics? Should we have to purchase the required fabrics, like Tussar silk, from one state and then get the printing, like Bagh print, from a particular region?

Bagh Print is a traditional hand block print with natural colours, an Indian Handicraft practised in Bagh, Dhar district in Madhya Pradesh, India. Its name is derived from the village Bagh on the banks of the Bagh River. Bagh print fabric with replicated geometric and floral compositions with vegetable colours of red and black over a white backgrou

If I write a sentence or couple of sentences that are verbatim from either the textbook or from Wikipedia in my history GCSE (from memory) is that plagiarism? Would it be ok if I reword it slightly?

Natasha, I think the kind people attempting to answer this so far are living on too elevated an academic level. They don't understand about GCSEs.,I do, but on the other hand it's a very long time since I took O level History (which stopped at 1914)! But let's have a gou2026,Firstly, unless you have been given specific definitions or phrases to lea

Where are the best beaches in Europe?

What countries have the best beaches for tourists?Note: This question has been merged with u201cWhere is the best beach on earthu201d which is a completely different question than the original query about the countries with the best beaches. Iu2019m sticking with my original answer for the countries that have the best beaches.,ResearchI did a simpl

What are the five codes of ethics?

An u201cethical codeu201d is a set of principles that helps societies decide the u201crightu201d thing to do. Respecting the property of others (Thou shalt not steal), not lying under oath (Thou shalt not perjure thyself), paying employees promptly, helping the helpless or infirm, etc. are elements of many ethical codes.,The u201cTen Commandmentsu2

Where is Stanford university?

Stanford University is in Stanford, an unincorporated census-designated place in Santa Clara County, California, United States adjacent to the city of Palo Alto and sandwiched between the cities of Menlo Park and Mountain View in the heart of u201cSilicon Valleyu201d. Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford Research Park, and Stanford Shopping

What does an "f2.0 lens" mean?

An aperture is needed with clear lenses because there is distortion at the edges of the focused light. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camera_lens#Aperture_stops) As that aperture gets smaller, on the other hand, distortion from diffraction sets in. Most lenses have a "sweet spot" where the aperture is set to a middle value (often around f/8.0) where

What was your biggest cultural shock while living in or visiting Saudi Arabia?

I've spent around 10 months in Riyadh which is the capital of KSA (kingdom of Saudi Arabia). I am a software developer and I stayed there while working on one of the projects for our prestigious clients.,These are some of the things which shocked me during my initial days in Riyadh -,Abaya (black cloaks) are everywhereThe dress code for women is go

Which laptop is more productive for web developer?

It depends on whether you need to use Photoshop.nIf you need to use Photoshop then you have to get a Mac or a PC. Chromebook won't work.,Another considerations is weight. If you are going to have to carry it around a lot, you may not like to have a big 17 inch laptop. If you are NOT going to carry it around, the 17 inch screen is nice, and having a

What are some breakfast recipes that use two eggs or less but serve at least two people?

Egg Mayonnaise Toast,u30fbSliced bread (5 or 6 slices) ...... 1 slice u30fbEgg ...... 1 piece,u30fbMayonnaise ...... as needed,u30fbSalt ...... a little,u30fbCoarsely ground pepper ...... small amount,1. Put mayonnaise on the bread.,2. put an egg on,Sprinkle salt over the eggs.,3. toaster,4.Sprinkle coarsely ground pepper and it will be complete.,B