What can I do with bachelor of arts degree?

I got a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) in Illustration.,I also got a BA in Multimedia- 3D Animation.,I have other degrees but those are not relevant to this answer, so letu2019s just talk about my BA and BFA.,Was the degree (and the student loan) worth it?,Well, I didnu2019t find a job with it, if thatu2019s what youu2019re asking. To be honest, none o

Why cant I bring toothpaste on an airplane?

You can, it just has to be in a tube thatu2019s less than 3 ounces or 100 ml. Thereu2019s no specific restriction on toothpaste, which is why international flights can give out amenity kits in business class that include a small tube of toothpaste.

How can I charge my camcorder battery without a charger?

Very difficult and best not tried. Chargers are designed to carefully regulate the charging current and monitor the battery voltage at the same time to avoid damage to the battery.,The best thing to do is to look carefully at the battery to read its model number, which will usually be a combination of one or two letters and some numbers. Then searc

How do I eat healthily if Iu2019m poor?

My tuppence. It sounds that you are from UK. Thatu2019s great because Iu2019ve been a student for years and I know how to live very cheaply, if need be.,TL;DR: there are 5 tenets of reducing expenses in this answer:,getting bulk calories from cheap, reasonably healthy foodstuff (rice, oats),getting the satiated feeling through starchy vegetables (t

What wont be available after 5 years?

The things which will start disappearing in the next 5u201315 years:,,Bangladesh:,Just a rise of 1 meter in the sea level and 50 percent of it's land will submerge in water. Butu2026 what can we do?,A large part of Bangladesh and India (Bay of Bengal) is vanishing under the sea at a really fast rate. Here is an NY Times article on this : Borrowed T

What is an Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories is one of the many ways you can use Instagram to show photos or video (or in my case, share what I write) in creative ways.,People look through Instagram stories as if they were a slideshow - you can stare at your phone and watch images go by pretty much all day long.,The feature allows you to display a wide range of creative prow

How do I exit from safe mode in a Samsung Galaxy J2?n

How to turn off safe mode?Whatever be the reason of getting your phone into Safe mode, we still have the resolution to come out of it. We have a number of tricks to get off safe mode. These methods can be applied to any Android phone, including the Samsung Galaxy models like Galaxy Note, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Grand Neo, Galaxy S Series, Galaxy Y Ser

What are some things that need to be said about K-Pop andor unpopular opinions?

IF YOUu2019RE BORED, RANDOMLY SCROLLING THROUGH QUORA, PLS STOP FOR A MOMENT AND JUST GIVE THIS ANSWER A READ, BECAUSE IN MY OPINION THIS TOPIC REALLY NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.I usually donu2019t beg for reads, in fact, Iu2019ve never begged for reads before but I just really feel that some people need to take a moment and read what Iu2019ve got to sa

What are the best graphic design tips for every designer?

14 Tips in Graphic Design That Every Designer Should KnowGraphic design can not be simplified down to a straightforward equation or a plug-and-play solution. However, there are easy-to-understand principles that even the earliest of beginners or non-designers can implement to achieve a successful outcome.,Read on for fourteen essential graphic desi

What are your 10 rules of graphic design?

Graphic design should also follow certain principles. Breaking design rules is sometimes allowed or even encouraged, but you still need to understand the rules you are breaking to avoid mistakes. Whether from text to layout, or color or special effects, all design elements should follow certain principles and techniques to avoid mistakes.,Image sou

How did Mauna Loa volcano form?

Mauna Loa volcano is one of the volcanoes on the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean. Here the islands and their volcanoes have all formed by a hotspot or mantle plume called the Hawaii hotspot which acts like a blow torch burning up through the crust,Mauna Loa would have started as a submarine volcano, very much like the newest Hawaiian volcano,

As a Leo woman dating a Sagittarius man. How do you feel about the relationship?

The best match for Leo u264c woman is Sagittarius u2650 man,Only 3 signs represent crown ud83dudc51ud83dudc51ud83dudc51,Leo u264c => king ud83dudc51,Sagittarius u2650 => its star Jupiter represents crown ud83dudc51 chakra,Capricorn u2651 => represents kingdoms ud83dudc51, also represents unicorn ud83eudd84 (face to face with lion ud83eudd8

What are some mottos for a nation who has a single superpowered character?

My first thought was the motto of King Louis XIV, Lu2019u00c9tat, cu2019est moi, or roughly in English, u201cI am the State.u201d It loses something in the translation. It exemplified the grandiosity and narcissism of Louisu2019 belief that he was the very center of France. He did, after all, build Versailles in such a way that his bedroom was the

What is the best sprite, cranberry, juice, and vodka recipe?

Skip the Sprite and use club soda with a squeeze of Fresh Lime. A cran/pomegranate juice would add some refreshing sweetness as well.,Build in a Collins Glass,1.5 oz Vodka,3 oz cran or pom/cran juice,.5 oz fresh lime,.5 oz light simple syrup (optional for those who like sweet),Ice,Balance with club soda (about 4 oz)

What is the UNiDAYS discount for Apple?

UNiDAYS has some great student discounts for Apple products. Basically it offers up to 10% off when you shop online.,UNiDAYS Apple Music discount: if you a student of university or college you can get discount on Apple Music for up to 4 years. Discount amount depends on your country of residence. You can check availability of Apple Music discount h

What does GDPR mean for Wordpress?

In May of 2018, the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation. Itu2019s a new law that is designed to protect the safety and privacy of every EU citizenu2019s personal data online. It also has a global reach u2013 and itu2019s forcing all businesses with an online presence to make essential changes to their websites within one ye

Where does the Christmas tree come from?

Before there was a Christmas. The practice of bringing evergreens inside, during winter, was a tradition employed by many cultures, from the ancient Egyptians to the Romans to the Vikings.,It was that Scandinavian path that is most responsible for our practice today. The Germanic tribes cemented that practice well in Germany. Wreaths, boughs, and s

Why do most intellectuals tend to lean towards liberalism?

That's a good question. It's not true in every research field; engineers and economists, for example, have far more right-wing intellectuals than other fields. But it's true in a lot of fields of study (especially in the social sciences and humanities), and it's an interesting truth.,Right-wingers often argue that intellectuals lean left because th

What are the best weight loss drugs, medicines, and supplements?

The best weight loss drug isu2026well, food.,The best weight loss medicine isu2026yup, you guessed it, sleep.,And the best weight loss supplement is supplementing healthy eating with regular exercise.,Iu2019ll put your bill in the mail for this earth shattering info.,But on a serious note, food, sleep, and regular exercise are the absolute best are

Whats your most unforgettable travel experience?

It was 3 November 2019.,My mom and I were returning from a family function. We boarded a train from Kanpur at 11 pm and were supposed to spend all night in the train.,Since, we suddenly planned to attend the function, we were left unprepared to handle the cold night.,My mom covered herself with her dupatta (scarf) . I took out my shirt from my bag

What are some famous sauces?

This is famous in the UK,From Wiki:,The ingredients of a traditional bottle of Worcestershire sauce sold in the UK as "The Original & Genuine Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce" are malt vinegar (from barley), spirit vinegar, molasses, sugar, salt, anchovies, tamarind extract, onions, garlic, spice, and flavouring. The "spice, and flavouring" is be

Where can you download PDF files?

All files are stored online on web host servers, on the cloud or Amazon Web Services. Many of these files you can access if the files are not behind a membership or pay wall.You use Google or other search engine to find what you are looking for by typing exactly what you seek. There is no command or keywords that will get you all PDF files. That wo