Can I delete Facebook messages on both ends of Facebook?

I donu2019t know, Iu2019m not on facebook. Iu2019ve been getting text messages on my cell phone, and telling me Iu2019m getting unusual login attempts.,Which is whyu2026 Iu2019m not on it. Iu2019ve been hacked into,and then I stopped going on facebook. I knew something was wrong, and my friend Jaque deleted me, and so I knew.. my facebook was hacke

Which mobile device offers the longest battery life?

In my opinion... ,Oukitel 10000 has the biggest battery life. ,,u200bnIt might not be the slimmest or fastest phone in the world but it's battery backup is amazing. With moderate use (web surfing, gaming, music, or anything not in excess) it can run for 5-6 days and with light usage it can run for 11 days! ,,,nIf you want to know where to buy just

Do Filipino have weird food combinations?

Oh, yes!,Hereu2019s a quick list.,Quezo Real Ice CreamThis is cheese flavored ice cream with real cheese bits inside. Absolutely heavenly!,Filipino-style SpaghettiThis is a sweet bolognese-style spaghetti sauce with another unusual main ingredient: hot dogs!,Coffee and BreadFilipinos love dipping pandesal (morning bread) into coffee. Itu2019s like

What is Amazons unique value proposition?

Amazonu2019s unique value proposition is incidentally that they add more value than anyone else. Period.,They do this many ways:,Price,Selection,Shipping speed,Reliability / customer service,Other prime membership perks: content, cash back, deals kindle, audible, prime now, etc.,New products & services like amazon echo, checkout free retail, drone

Does painting a room a darker color make it feel smaller?

Used correctly, they donu2019t. If you paint a poorly lighted small room a very dark color, then yes, it will feel claustrophobic. However, if you paint a dark accent wall in a well lighted or sunny room, it will just be a nice accent. Iu2019ve seen whole rooms painted black or dark blue and they just seem cozy and restful. Decorators have been pai

What is the best vegetarian South Indian food?

Tamilnadu,Idli-,Sweet paniyaaram,Chettinadu chicken,Tamilnadu special macroons sweet,Karnataka special bisibelabath,Poli(obittu),Andra special fish pulusu,Telangana special hyderabadi biriyani,Kerala special aviyal,Kerala speacial appam,Hope I have satified your hungry stomach..enjoy

How much is a secondhand GoPro Hero 7 Black worth?

Gopro Hero 7 Black quality is excellent, but purchase of 2nd hand depends on two points.1 Present condition of the camera, 2. Price of camera should always be 50% or less of the present price of same model if the item is in brand new condition. Because you are not getting the warrenty, quality and longevity is also been reduced. Beside you are not

Where is a great place for breakfast in Manila?

It really depends on your idea of a great breakfast.,If you like a bayside breakfast, some outlet restaurants in Harbor Square in CCP will be pleasant. Pancake House is my go-to place there but you can go to the Starbucks if that's your thing.,Biker's Cafe in SM Mall of Asia's Blue Bay area near the water is also technically bayside, but it's harde

Are many girls attracted to red head guys?

I'm gonna say that from all the hair colors, red (ginger) hair is probably the least popular. When women are asked to describe their ideal guy, it's rarely tall pale and ginger. Also, amongst women requesting sperm donations in order to have children, red hair is the least requested. However this could be because red haired men make up a very small

Whatu2019s the best breakfast in the morning?

In my opinion, no one eats a better breakfast than the Cantonese.,This is what youu2019ll find if you Google u201cCantonese breakfast.u201d,Cantonese people call it Yum Cha, meaning (morning) tea drinking. We know them as dim sum. I don't know how many different varieties of these small dishes exist.,Typical morning at a dim sum restaurant.,However

What did the US Civil Rights Act of 1964 accomplish?

My father was born in 1946 - one of the earliest baby boomers. He was born in NYC and lived with his parents. Once a year they would take a road trip to visit the maternal grandparents in rural VA between Roanoke and Richmond. When they traveled, they always made sure to bring this:,Once south of DC, commercial services were hit and miss. Businesse

How can you upload pictures on Instagram from your GoPro?

How to Share GoPro Video to Social Sharing AppsWhat are you trying to do?Share GoPro App video to various social media apps.,Where does it apply?GoPro App,How to do itThis article describes processes to share video to Instagram or other social sharing sites.,Share from the AppShare to InstagramShare from GoPro StudioIf you want to share a file from

Which are the best Microsoft Surface Laptop 2022 in the US?

u2665u2665u2665 9 BEST Similar Microsoft Surface Laptop 2022,1. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 13.5" Touch Screen - AMD Ryzen 5 Surface Edition - 16GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive with Windows 11 (Latest Model) - Platinum,2. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 12.4in Touchscreen Intel i5 8GB 128GB SSD Ice Blue (Renewed),3. Microsoft 12.4 Multi-Touch Surfac

Is nitrogen gas a greenhouse gas?

No. Nitrogen, and also oxygen, are completely transparent to the infrared radiation the Earth emits and radiates into space unless it hits a greenhouse gas. This is the big flaw in the reasoning of the man-made global warming deniers who talk about CO2 being only 0.04% of the atmosphere. almost all of the remaining 99.96% of the gases in the atmosp

What is the best automated trading software using interactive brokers?

In my opinion, Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader (C.A.T) is the best-automated trading software using interactive brokers.,There is no automated software or tools that is completely risk-free. CAT can help you with your work while you are not there to do it by yourself. It can also help you to do it faster. Cat bot uses the ping pong strategy. And af

What are some good mango cake recipes?

Mango cake recipe with & without oven(pressure cooker)Mango is everyone's favorite,so what can be better than a mango cake.,IngredientsMangoes-2,Soda water-1/2 cup,Condensed milk-250 ml,Baking powder-1/2 tbsp,Baking soda-1 tsp,100 gm flour,Vanilla essence-1 tsp,Butter-20 gm,Whipped cream,Sugar syrup,Process:,Pre-heat microwave for 5 mins on 180 deg

How does YouTube send money?

Being a You Tuber, after you have done your job by creating, editing, mixing etc. Itu2019s time to upload to YouTube.,Just as you upload, people from all over the world start engaging with your video, if itu2019s creative and interesting and informative.,After a period of time when your channel is grown up a bit and videos are getting more views, y

Why does my tongue feel weird after burning it?

Because itu2019s been damaged.,More than likely, some taste buds have been destroyed and arenu2019t functioning.,Not only canu2019t they taste, but they might not even be reporting sensation back to the nerve.,At that point, when touched, youu2019re not getting equal feedback from them, and it can seem like thereu2019s a foreign object in your mout

What should I do in Athens, Greece?

Things to Do in AthensWhat can you say about Athens that has not already been said? We have spent seven days in Athens with kids having enough time to go everywhere, from museums to squares, beautiful parks and botanical gardens, churches, and all the other historic buildings. The local police station as well. While I was wandering around with my h

What do you think is the Philippines tech specialty?

I'd venture to take a look at this from another angle, starting with what we know about Filipinos' specialties/expertise in general then look at how tech applications have risen to meet the demand: ,Specialty 1: The Philippines is good at social. Chismis chismis, diba?,Social Media - Filipinos are all over Twitter; the Philippines has ranked Top 10

What colortype of emergency lights are allowed for volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMTs POVs in your stateprovinceterritory? Are sirens allowed? Please make sure to clearly list color and your stateprovinceterritory.

I live in North Carolina. Here in NC, volunteer firefighters, EMTu2019s, and rescue technicians who are members of a licensed department or squad are allowed to use red, white, and orange lights. If fact the only color that is restricted is blue. Blue is reserved for law enforcement. Emergency room doctors, anesthesiologists, and members of organ t

What are John Maynard Keynes economic theories?

Thanks for your question.,Demand creates supply: before Keynes, economists believed, from the classical economists (when it was called political economy), that supply creates demand. Keynes theorised that companies will not change prices according to demand (e.g. they will not raise prices when there is high demand and people compete to offer more