What is the real story of Burger King?

They are not happy with me when i order u201cNo Saltu201d frys. They have to make a separate batch just for me. This guy scares little kids! u201cGee I wonder why?u201d

Why is the Chinese zodiac yearly and the Western is monthly?

Chinese Zodiac really isnu2019t Zodiac per se. English speakers call it that for convenience, since it happens to use 12 signs (the 12 Animals), reminiscent of the 12 constellations in gypsy Astrology. In reality, besides the 12 u201canimalsu201d (technically, theyu2019re called u201c12 stemsu201d), you must not leave out the u201c10 branchesu201d.

What is the best way to design a bedroom

When it comes to bedrooms there is always a fight. Itu2019s storage vs. clutter.,Take a look at bedrooms in furniture adds. Everything, if there are things, is neatly put away. Bed side tables are clutter free, other pieces of furniture are free from every thing including dust. How do they do it? How can you do it?,At one time I had more than a 100

What is the best waterproof flooring for a kitchen?

Well, there is water resistant and waterproof.,If you have a plumbing break and end up with 2 inches of water on the kitchen, you have bigger issues than water on the floor. You're going to have to rip up the walls and fix the plumbing. If you're talking about tipping over a pot and cleaning it up right away, almost anything will do. And, your bigg

How do I make solar eclipse glasses?

Understanding why you need goes a long way in making safe solar eclipse glasses. You may already know this, if so you can skip to the next paragraph. Normally the Sunu2019s radiation is so intense that you do not look at it directly. However the solar eclipse gives you a reason to look at it for a prolonged period and it even facilitates you lookin

How do you clean with hydrogen peroxide?

Itu2019s a potent oxidising agent, thanks to the relatively weak O-O central bond - that can easily be cleaved to produce the hydroxyl (.OH) free radical, which is highly reactive and degrades most organic compounds, including the chemical constituent components of bacteria, viruses & fungi. Furthermore, the end products of such reactions are harml

How do you fit a desk in a small bedroom?

There are a few ways to fit a desk in a small bedroom. One option is to use a wall mount. Another option is to use an Ikea hack and attach a desk to the wall. Another option is to use a stand-up desk.

What is the gaming laptop to buy in 2020?

What is the Best Gaming Laptop to Buy in 2021?The gaming laptop will be an evolution of current laptop computers. In the future, there will be handheld devices that can do everything that a notebook computer can do. If you have been thinking about what you want your new device to do, then now is the time to start thinking about it. Take a look at t

What are the best websites for creative advertising examples?

There are a lot of websites featuring great creative work. Most of them are either connected to the awards shows, or connected to some advertising editorial provider. Here are a few to try:,Awards show archives:,Cannes Lions: Cannes Lions | Festival of CreativityLondon International Awards: https://www.liaawards.comThe Clio Awards: CliosThe One Sho

Have you ever seen someone do something that defied rational explanation?

Yes, my step-sister.,Iu2019m just going to be very frank. Iu2019m pretty sure she does not even have a brain. And if she somehow does, she never learned to use it.,Just yesterday, she was trying to cook something on a gas stove. She did not turn it off all the way and had just left the gas running for about 20 minutes. Luckily, someone smelled it a

What is the best interview question ever?

I attended an interview for the first time of a core company that was conducted in my college campus. I was very nervous. I did not preapre much.,When i reached the waiting room i saw some people were busy reading while some were talking about the company and i was listening to their conversation keenly. Then my turn came. I went to my panel along

What does racism look like in your country?

Kenya:,Black-on-black racism: White person walks into a restaurant with his black friend (male or female). Black waiter approaches the white man and offers him the menu. Ignores fellow black person. This behavior is more common that you would imagine. White people are put on a pedestal, either by themselves or by close-minded Kenyans. By the way, i

Could Ripple surpass bitcoins market cap following todays spike?

Itu2019s anyoneu2019s guess, but there is a fundamental difference between Ripple and Bitcoin. The XRP coin ecosystem is under the complete control of Ripple, the company. The Ripple organization still owns the majority of Ripple coins. It will always be in their best interest for the XRP tokens to appreciate in value, until it comes into conflict

Why does a black house fly buzz around me when I am at work or at home? I always see a fly buzzaround me after a couple of weeks at home at my work. Does that hold any spiritual meaning?

There could be a number of things tbh with you. Not all necessarily have a "spiritual meaning" behind them. It could be someone accidentally letting the fly in through the door(s) or windows at your job/home depending on where you work & live at exactly by opening it. It's common/normal to have a fly or insect find its way buzzing around the place

Is Titanic the biggest ship ever?

u201cIs Titanic the biggest ship ever?u201dNope, not even close.,I tried to post the chart several times in different ways but it wouldnu2019t format correctly so youu2019ll have to look it up in the link below.,Giants of the Sea: How Modern Cruise Ships Size Up to the TitanicRMS u2018Titanicu2018 was 46,328 GRT (Gross Registered Tons), 882 feet lo

What happens if income statement accounts are not closed by year-end?

They almost certainly wonu2019t be. It takes time to compute the appropriate year-end accruals. You have to check your bills that came in near year-end to make sure you have allocated each one to the proper period. You have to finish your end-of-year inventory counts, appropriately value all of the items, and then add everything up so you can compu

How many wives did Zeus have?

He had two. First was a nymph, Metis, who was going to have a son prophesied to overthrow Zeus, so he drank her; that's how Athena was born. His other wife was Hera. However, he had too many affairs to count and was basically the worst husband ever. The Greek pantheon is very dysfunctional.

Was there a GM car that flopped just like the Ford Edsel?

Was there a GM car that flopped just like the Ford Edsel? I believe thatu2019s a no. Let me explain.,Answer:,I have a better than average knowledge of the US auto industry, particularly its history as Iu2019m more of a car historian and analyst. But you stumped me on this excellent question. I had to sit on this for a few days. And I needed for you

What is cyclic and non-cyclic phosphorylation? How do they differ?

Each photoexcited electron (energized by light) passes from the primary electron acceptor in photosystem II to photosystem I via an electron transport chain.,As e^- moves along the ETC, it emits the energy, that originally came from light, and pumps H^+ ions to the lumen to create H^+ gradient for the production of ATP (by chemiosmosis). The produc

What are the three branches of government and what are their roles?

Tripartite government is only one theory among several. ,Basically government has three parts: Legislative --- make the laws. Executive --- carry out the law Judicial --- decide any disputes that arise from the laws and how they are executed. The most important judicial function is deciding on whether a law is constitutional or not. Another importa

What is the best statistics software?

There is no one u201cbestu201d. Each has advantages and disadvantages.,I have extensive experience with SAS and R. So, of those two:,SAS has much better documentation, better error messages, great tech support, easier output to Word and Excel, easier integration with Office in general, is better able to deal with huge data and has routines that are