Is Palawan part of Luzon Visayas or Mindanao?

Palawan is part of the Luzon group of islands.,There are three main group of island in the Philippines.,Luzon group of islands or kapuluan ng Luzon,Visayas group of islands or kapuluan ng Visayas,Mindanao group of islands or kapuluan ng Mindanao

What is a standard normal distribution table?

A table that shows the area under the standard normal curve corresponding to various z scores (ie number of standard deviations from the mean).,A standard normal distribution is a normal distribution with a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1.

How do people view Asian countries?

A Pakistani here. This is how I look at Asian countries (in alphabetical order).,Afghanistan: A country severely affected due to Afghan wars and terrorism. Afghanistan is known for Mazar Sharif and Buddha statue in Bamiyan.,Armenia: Genocide of Amenians by Ottomans still one of the most discussed topic of modern time. Armenia has disputes with Azer

What is the year of the rabbit?

The Rabbit is the fourth of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Rabbit is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol u536f. In the Vietnamese zodiac and the Gurung zodiac, the cat takes the place of the Rabbit.

What is the difference between AI powered cameras in mobile phones and the intelligent auto mode intelligent scene recognition in DSLR mirrorless cameras?

The Intelligent Scene Recognition algorithms, ISCN (Sony), iAuto (Olympus), Smart Auto (Canon), SR Auto (Fujifilm), Easy Auto (Nikon), Intelligent Auto (Panasonic), Auto Picture (Pentax), etc. all do essentially the same thing. These modes actually started out and pretty much are a standard on consumer camerasu2026 a few mirrorless or DSLRs offer s

What are the prime factors of 56, and how are they determined?

I'll answer the second part first. You determine the factors of any number by looking at it and identifying divisors (factors), by trial and error if necessary. Then you break these factors into their factors until you reach prime numbers.,So 56 is even, so 2 is a factor. Being prime, 2 is a prime factor. Divide it into 56.,We're left with 28, whic

What are some good reasons to leave the US for Australia?

Anonymity.,Also ,Enjoy Australia's Medicare, gun-control, compulsory voting, left hand driving, chicken parmigianas, mates, weather. Probably better availability of jobs too tho not for long. Better public holidays. Summer Christmas. ,Don't look forward to the cost of rent, petrol prices (although admittedly a lot better since Christmas) in fact th

How does one make pesto sauce pasta at home?

I blend garlic, basil leaves, olive oil and pine nuts in the little food processor. Simpler.,I like pasta for pesto, that is rolled or small. Orchietti is my favorite (little ears). I like the artichoke flavor, look for green Orchietti. Penne is fine too. Twisty pasta works.,Ingredients: one person pesto.1 tsp Garlic, fresh or grated.,1/4 cup pine

Which is the best non gaming laptop with i5 or i7 11 gen and with thunderbolt 4 port, 100% sRGB, 16GB non solderd dual channel expandable RAM, 2 SSD slots and full metal body within the range of 80,000 and available offline?

You're seriously better off actually going to an offline store and asking. nEspecially because stock online and offline is different And there's no way to tell which will be available online or offline.,EDIT: And oh, just 2 more things.,Try Ryzen. Youu2019ll just be wasting money on Intel, especially if you wonu2019t be taking 100% benefit of Thund

What would you do if you had the IP rights to the Warhammer 40k franchise?

The first thing Iu2019d do is edit a few existing armies:,Restore the Adepta Sororitas to a full army with an independent Codex, not one of these new Indexes. Iu2019d also order full conversion to plastic models immediately, no dissent. Finally, these individuals are, in my mind, a force between the Guard and the Marines and so Iu2019d make sure th

What are things you can not take on a plane?

Any object larger than 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), including handles and wheels.,Alcoholic beverages for consumption in flight or any alcohol over 140 proof.,Liquids or gels in bottles over 100ml except for baby formula or prescription drugs. No limit on nitroglycerin as long as you have the prescription.,Ammunition, f

Will an exercise physiologist help with my rheumatoid arthritis?

Greetings,,There is a reason that the joints become stiff, and toes overlap for some folks and that is internal relative to the nutritional elements in the body. Time and time again I can show people through hair tissue mineral analysis why it began and what was off balance. Otherwise, you are trying supplement and modality one after the other if y

What made your u201cjaw dropu201d during a job interview?

Back in 1997 I had a job interview for this Steel company. Prior to the job interview I stopped at the bank and requested roughly $50.00 in quarters so that I can have money to spend at the laundromat.,This was a four person panel interview. I was somewhat nervous because this would be the first job that really paid well for me.,So as I was prepari

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?

What is the best country in South America to vacation, what are must sees while there?Does it need to be only one country?,Although far from EU or Canada-USA friendship ties, South America is a fairly integrated continent, land crossing are quite fluid.,I would recomend the former Inca Empire, spanning from Nazca And Cuzco in Peru to Salta, Argenti

What are some of the most widely circulated fake pictures?

You may have seen some of these photos before as you flipped through furniture and design catalogs. Artfully staged kitchens, floor tiles scrubbed clean, tables hand-crafted immaculately, shining pots, and fresh green vegetables on the cutting board. Others are of living rooms, swept with perfect afternoon lighting illuminating through the windows,

Is it safe to save private pictures on the Google Photos app?

Secure yeah. Have you tried logging into your Gmail from an unfamiliar device (look at the memes). Private no, Google uses your photos to improve their AI, although it's not a human looking at the vacation you took last year it's automatically being used so the machine can understand this is what a vacation look like, this is Jim and Jim comes up i

In China, is it really common for the average person to know their specific zodiac in the combination of Element-Animal (like Wood Ox or Water Tiger), or just Animal? (in America, Chinese Americans often know their animal sign, but not element)

You may go to my INDOCHINESE ASTROLOGER page or Astrological Analysis Facebook pages for the said questions thoroughly.,Or,You can go through my first blog on Google search engine regarding the detailed information on my INDOCHINESE ASTROLOGER Facebook page.,Love and Grace,Ashish Sisodia,Indochinese Astrologer

What are the best camera apps?

Here are some best camera apps that transform your simple photos to awesome images that can be cherished lifelong.,u00b7 PhotoRus u2013 Camera & Photo Editor & Pic Collage MakerIf you want a decent editing tool that can create collages, enhance pictures, use filters, frames and convert photos to art and prepare photo grids, then this is an ideal ap

How do you save a photo in Lightroom?

Lightroom is an all-in-one photo management program for viewing, editing, and organizing photos. Unlike Photoshop and other popular image processing programs, Lightroom projects can't be "saved" in the traditional sense. All the information about how you have edited your files is automatically stored in the Lightroom catalog, which is actually a da

What is the best island hopping tour in the Philippines?

Island Hopping Spots in the Philippines1. El Nido, PalawanEl Nido is famous for its numerous islands and beaches at the Bacuit Archipelago; plenty enough that it offers not one, not two, but a total of four island-hopping tours! To make things simple, the tours were named as Tour A, B, C, and D (with A and C being the most popular). The place is ja

What makes flying first class worth it?

I am currently living in Vietnam Teaching English Online and I was shopping for groceries one night. After I completed my purchase at the store I pulled out my phone to request a Grab (Uber).,The motorcycle wouldu2019ve cost me about $1usd while a Grab car wouldu2019ve cost me $5usd. I had my hands full of bags but I couldu2019ve made it work on th

What are some good ideas for throwing a Platform 9 and 34-themed birthday party?

This one is not easy to answer, and I am assuming the birthday kid in question is of age old enough to still enjoy it thoroughly.,You could actually expand the theme a bit to be a journey from finding out youu2019re witch/wizard (wizard from hereon for simplicity) to boarding the train.,Have invitation cards sent out which are in the fashion of the

Has the Philippines ever attempted to colonize any country or territory?

Formally no, but the 12 million Filipino diaspora has created considerable presences around the world. These are obviously not Philippine-sponsored missions to colonize new territories, but the demographics are worth appreciating. Data from 2014 includes nearly 1 million Filipinos working in Saudi Arabia, and 700,000 in the United Arab Emirates. Me