What kind of alcohol contains the least amount of sugar?

None.,u201cAlcoholu201d, or more correctly ethanol (two-carbon alcohol chain with single bonds) is a product of sugar.,Eth- means a u201ctwo carbonsu201d chain,-an- means u201csimple bondsu201d in the chain,-ol means u201calcoholu201d, presence of a hydroxile molecule (OH) in the chain; since there are only two carbons and the molecule is tridmensi

What would you do if you were eating in a restaurant, and just as you were about to take a bite of your fettuccine Alfredo, a woman at the next table whips out her breast and starts feeding her baby?

Iu2019d compliment the chef on my lovely grilled chicken fettuccine alfredo. Itu2019s my favourite dish. If I gave any thought to the woman breastfeeding, Iu2019d be thinking I hope you didnu2019t see me glance there for a second. I didnu2019t mean to do that.,Babies gotta eat, too. You were once a baby, too.,Mmmmu2026.fettucine alfredou2026.

On a color wheel, what is the complementary color for magenta?

That depends on which colour wheel you use. There is no single colour wheel. There are lots of different colour wheels and each is designed for a specific purpose. For example, here are two different colour wheels,In these two wheels, the colour opposite red (as an example) is different for the two wheels. There are many such wheels and what colour

Is 2022 a good time to invest in ICICI Bank stocks?

ICICI was formed in 1955 at the initiative of the World Bank, the Government of India and representatives of Indian industry. The principal objective was to create a development financial institution for providing medium-term and long-term project financing to Indian businesses. Until the late 1980s, ICICI primarily focused its activities on projec

What does ravioli mean in Italian?

Quite literally it means u201cdumpling with a pasta skinu201d. Itu2019s a generic name that applies to any stuffed pasta, and is opposed to gnudi and gnocchi (dumplings with no pasta). Ravioli is a generic name, and it applies to a number of different preparations. The terms applies to creative versions like these pretty horrible ravioli alla carbo

What are top places to go when visiting the Philippines?

Well, that entirely depends on you mate.,Looking for a nice beach getaway? Try:,Panglao, BoholCoron, PalawanOr perhaps youu2019re looking for a place deeply rooted in our cultural history (though honestly I doubt it):,Intramuros, ManilaVigan City, IlocosOr maybe a nice place to shop and buy many things?,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Man

Is the UK capitalized?

Yes, as is the practice with initialisms - if it were an acronym, it could be written as either u2018UKu2019 or u2018Uku2019, to rhyme with u2018ducku2019; in British English spelling, it is less commonplace to write initialisms with a full stop than it used to be, hence u2018UKu2019 not u2018U.K.u2019, whereas in American English it is still commo

How do you say good morning in German?

Guten Morgen - Good morning,you can also say u2018Morgenu2019 in reply to Guten Morgen or when you are greeting someone on the go!,Some more ways of greeting in German -

What would the life of a passenger on the Hindenburg be like?

Flying on the Hindenburg has often been compared to crossing the ocean on a luxury steamship, and though it was certainly the most luxurious aircraft to ever fly, it would be more comparable to a luxury rail journey. To begin with, a ticket on Hindenburg was not cheap. In 1936, the average yearly salary was about $1,800, so for about $450 for a one

If someone finds San Franciscos weather too hot, would living in Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scandinavia, Russia or Canada be better in terms of weather for them?

By u201cSan Franciscou201d, I assume you mean the actual city of San Francisco, not the Bay Area, which has numerous micro-climates where the weather can vary from almost constantly cool in the Daly City area to highly variable with hot summers (>30C or 85F on average) in places like Livermore or Morgan Hill south of San Jose.,Even within San Fr

What habits did you learn in India that have stuck?

Born and raised in India, lived there for twenty some years before moving to the US. Here are some of the habits that won't let go:,Water: I rarely drink water pressing the glass/bottle to my lips. It is always about a couple of inches away (except when I am in a moving vehicle) and my non Asian friends treat it like a superpower. They also use my

What is the best American beer according to the British?

You realize when you ask a question like this, youu2019re inviting an avalanche of answers like, u201cNone of it! Itu2019s all tiger piss! Those Yanks donu2019t know how to make beer!u201d And, though American, I have to agree that there is a good amount of the stuff made in my country that has no taste of any value. (Everywhere except in the forme

Is the name u5343u5c0b (Chizuru) a good unisex Japanese name?

u5343u5c0b is usually read CHIHIRO. One u5c0b hiro is a unit for depth of water, around 1.8 meters. Thus u5343u5c0b which is 1,000 hiros, means/suggests u201cvery deepu201d. And yes, it is a unisex name in Japan. It works better than some unisex names like MASAMI, HITOMI which have a more female notion causing possible misunderstandings.

What is the best iPhone to buy in July 2022?

iPhone 13. Best iPhone for most people. $829 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Pro. Best iPhone overall. $1,099 at Amazon.,iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. Best iPhone value. $819 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Mini. Best small iPhone. $729 at Amazon.,iPhone 13 Pro Max. Best battery life.

Is the Lenovo Yoga 9i 14" 2-in-1 a good laptop?

Yes, the Lenovo laptops have gotten great reviews and this specific model is boasting great performance with the i7 evo platform, two other laptops you can look at however are the Dell Inspiron 2u2013in-1 and the HP Envy X360 which both have options for 11th gen intel cores and are 2-in1s.

Which color combination should I choose when it comes to formal dresses for black men?

Charcoal gray works better than jet black, as black does not reflect well on the skin tone in harsh lights.,Do not shy away from black trousers/waist coats/sweaters, as it has a slimming effect on the body.,Avoid purple and brown. It kind of blends with dark skin.,Off-white shirts are preferable to pure white. Pure white will accentuate the contras

Why is Mark Zuckerberg losing money?

Because valuations for tech companies have gotten out of hand and there was a backlash to his perceived weakness on issues of censorship and advertising.

What is the national animal of Scotland?

The UnicornIn Celtic mythology the unicorn was a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as masculinity and power.,Tales of dominance and chivalry associated with the unicorn may be why it was chosen as Scotlandu2019s national animal.

What are the best furniture design for small homes?

Hello,,There are a number of different furniture designs for small homes that give a unique look to the interiors of the rooms that include Trundle Beds, Bunk Beds, foldable 2 seater Dining Tables, Wall Mounted Dining Tables, Wall Mounted Folding Study Tables, folding chairs, Wall Mounted TV Unit and many more that is too useful for smaller rooms.,

What is the best meal you can have for $10 USD?

Heck, give me $10 and I'll cook you up a nice Sirloin, or my specialty: Cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken breast with a side of angelhair pasta and green beans.,(not mine, just a quick search on google)

In the Constitution, what are checks and balances?

Legislative BranchImpeachment power (House),Trial of impeachments (Senate),Selection of the President (House) and Vice President (Senate) in the case of no majority of electoral votes.,May override Presidential vetoes.,Senate approves departmental appointments.,Senate approves treaties and ambassadors.,The best examples of checks & balance is that

Hey everyone, I have a question regarding stacking in Astrophotography. my current set-up allows only short exposures due to which number of subs are more. The stacking process takes too long. How can I fix this. Can I stack already stacked Images?

I use a free stacking program that doesnu2019t seem to get much notice in the amateur astrophotography community, but I find faster than Deep Sky Stacker (DSS DeepSkyStacker - Free), a popular freeware program. Check out Sequator. I can stack 15u201320 600x4000 pixel raw subs from my Canon T6i in under 3u20134 minutes, 60 or more in under 10u201315

What is a good Indian spicy dish that contains no curry?

Almost none of the popular spicy Indian dishes contain anything called curry powder. I am an Indian and in the 46 years I have spent so far in my country, I started seeing u201ccurry powderu201d in the supermarkets only in the last six months or so.,Take this for example, an advertisement from the British era:,[Source - historytoday.com],One Col. K

Why are Go Karts so expensive?

They are notu2026,If you know where to look!,Private karting (owning your own kart) can be costly if you want to run at the highest levels. Your most significant investment will come in year 1. Buying your kart, helmet, suit, etc. An entry level series will cost you $500-$1,000 a year in entry, membership and track time. Regional championships will