Do flight attendants cheat in relationships?

Thanks for the A2AnCheat? I almost laughed out loud... but as usual, I'm too tired and hungry right now.nGood Lord, they're fortunate, to say the least, if they can find a relationship to begin with. With their lifestyle of being on the go for most of their career, even to maintain a relationship (for those fortunate ones ?) is a huge challenge in

Can you list three things that wed be shocked to learn about you?

Hmmm . . .3 things, huh? I donu2019t know, Iu2019m pretty up front about most stuff to my knowledge. But here it goes.,1 - Iu2019m part of the LGBTQ acronym, but not in the way most people might think, and is likely completely invisible to most people at first, second, or even third glance. Or even after years of friendships. Only one of my friends

Without nukes, what are the top 10 militaries in the world?

The USA.,Russia.,China,India,France,Japan,South Korea,The UK,Turkey,Germany,Curiously, all ten have been involved in at least one of the last two world wars and six of these militaries also hold nuclear weapons, although Global Firepower does not take nuclear weapons into account. This list is taken from Global Firepower.,The other three nuclear st

What is the most beautiful thing in the whole world?

I got down from the bus.,As I was walking into the office campus, I saw one girl kneeling down on the walkway.,She took out her ID card from the lanyard and placed it obliquely on the floor. Curious, I went closer. She was trying to make the millipede climb on it.,Once the millipede climbed, she took it and put it beside the walkway to prevent it f

Why should you consider using computational fluid dynamics for your building projects?

CFD basically deals with problems related to fluid flow including changes in wind velocities, pressures, temperatures etc. Any building project is influenced by the external conditions that include, but not limited to, external wind conditions, temperature differences.,In the first case, when considering sky scrapers or building around a sky scrape

What are the top 10 best accessories for Samsung smartphones in 2022?

1.Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G S-Pen makes writing and sketching feel natural.2.Samsung Galaxy Watch33. Samsung ITFIT UV Sterilizer Smartphone Cleaner keeps the bacteria at bay while wirelessly charging4.Samsung SmartThings Smart Bulb5.Samsung Wireless Charger Stand 15W,6. Samsung Galaxy Buds,There are a lot more accessories out there you can get fo

What are the relationships between criminal justice and criminology?

Criminology is the study of criminal behavior. It is used to ascertain exactly what is happening, without the perpetrators knowledge, and most definitely without their consent. It is a complex game which most people canu2019t participate in. It requires emotional intelligence, and as much education as humanly possible. I have nearly 4 degrees: art,

What are your 5 favorite websites? Why?

Alrighty, besides Quora, here are my choices:,YouTube - To watch videos for entertainment, education, and everything else in between., - To discover wonderful pieces of art and to showcase my own.,edX - To acquire knowledge without the burden of student debt.,YourMorals.Org - To better understand my personal values.,Watchcartoononline

How is the hierarchy level designed from entry level to MD level in any organization?

Thank you for A2A!,The hierarchy levels of the employeesu2019 designation vary from industry to industry, below I have described in brief u201cThe hierarchy of an Investment Bank.u201dThe specific order or titles might vary a little from firm to firm, but the standard investment banking career order includes:,u00b7 Investment Banking Analyst,u00b7

Is it worth buying Google Pixelbook in 2019?

Definitely. A Pixelbook is still solid value for money.,It was extremely overpowered when it came out. It still is.,It had the best combination of screen, keyboard, and touchpad quality in a laptop. It still does.,It was one of the best convertible laptops with a light, portable tablet experience. It still is.,It had one of the best stylus experien

How do I remove the music from a video soundtrack without removing the other sounds?

This rate of success in this scenario is very context specific, and depends on what you want to keep, and what you want to remove.,A combination of different factors are involved including sound clarity, bit rate, sound quality, nature of the sounds, difference in pitch and volume levels. nSome types of sounds are much harder to remove than others,

What is the recipe of Honey Sriracha Chicken?

Whisk Sriracha sauce, honey, butter, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning, salt, and black pepper together in a small bowl. Place chicken in a baking dish. Pour Sriracha mixture over the chicken and turn to coatchicken completely.

In Italy, when you order a full pizza, why does it come unsliced?

I Am Italian. This question is similar to: u201cu201cwhy do Italians not use the spoon to roll spaghetti with the fork?u201d.,The answer is so easyu2026 some pizzas are nice to eat by little pieces, inner with fork, external by hands. Roman pizza is thin, Naples one is thicker. Buffalo mozzarella is heavy, and it is difficult to eat a slice with ha

What are the best one-liners that support atheism?

God kills 2.4 million people in his book. Satan kills 10. Who is the more evil one?,God says everyone has to worship him for all eternity. What kind of self-centered egomaniac demands that?,What happened to the three-day-old babies when the flood of Noah came? Donu2019t envision a worldwide floodu2014hold in your mind the image of a single crib wit

Do Statue of Liberty tickets sell out?

Crown tickets (when available) are limited to between 350u2013600 people per day. Covid shut interior visits down for now. Additional fee for crown per ticket is required at purchase. Ticket must say crown access and have ticket holders name on it for ID verification for entry (not transferable) Order 3u20136 months in advance,pedestal tickets are

Whats the best way to make Kraft Mac and Cheese?

Pick up the packet, walk to the kitchen bin, open it and drop the packet into it.,Now take a knob of butter, a tablespoon of flour and some milk, make a roux, grate cheddar cheese into it and cook gently for a few minutes.,Meanwhile, cook some macaroni in boiling water and drain it. Fold it into the cheese sauce, add some English mustard in, pour i

What does mock Tudor mean?

u201c mock-Tudor | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary u201c,u201c Mock Tudor u201d is defined as meaning: u201c A mock-Tudor house is a modern house that is built in a historical style.u201d,u201c Tudor Revival architecture - Wikipedia u201cu201c Tudor Revival architecture (also known as mock Tudor in the UK) first manifested itself in dom

What historical events were considered much more major 800 years ago, compared to today?

800 years ago, huh?,So we are now in the Anno Domini 1217 (MCCXVII), year 6726 since the creation of the world, Hijri year 614, the year 3550 since the hero Dangun founded Koreau2026 In fact, most countries have their own calendars in 13th century, unlike 800 years later when everyone, even Muslims, would have to use the era based on the presumed d

What problem do you want to solve in your life?

u201cHey man, could you take a picture of me?u201d I ask a passerby, wanting to document this totally Instagrammable moment in India.,u201cSure, mau2019am,u201d he says.,I hand him my phone. He takes one photo, hands my phone back to me, and says, u201cIs it ok?u201d,Itu2019s not okay. He cropped my forehead.,How is it so hard to get my entire fore

What are the best websites for creative advertising examples?

There are a lot of websites featuring great creative work. Most of them are either connected to the awards shows, or connected to some advertising editorial provider. Here are a few to try:,Awards show archives:,Cannes Lions: Cannes Lions | Festival of CreativityLondon International Awards: https://www.liaawards.comThe Clio Awards: CliosThe One Sho

What is a kitchen layout?

The difference between the L-shaped kitchen layout and the U-shaped layout can be seen in the shape of the letter with the L-shape you are losing one wall of counters and Storage. This is great for single occupants with small, separate kitchens as it makes the most of the space available while still maximizing the corner space.,This dead-end approa