How do I make my iPhone videos look cinematic?

What is Cinematic iPhone Video?Cinematic is a word that gets thrown around a lot. It can mean everything and nothing. Itu2019s a word that can be interpreted in a variety of ways.,For our purposes it means something quite specific. A video is described as cinematic when a combination of technical and creative factors have converged in a way that gi

What is the best way to set up a 247 live bird feeder public webcam viewable through a browser wout a PC? I have power at the location & wifi to my router but have only seen stuff that needs a PC, or streams to a device at a time or needs an app.

Almost any network camera can do this - but it really is u201calmostu201d, and unless you're buying from a retail store, it can be a pain to confirm in advance. I would support the game camera idea, although they are more expensive - but that might only record to a memory card for manual retrieval.,I have bought several cheap cameras that would suf

Can I schedule Instagram stories?

Yes, you can schedule Instagram stories. There are a lot of tools out there. But the best that I suggest you SocialBu which is the quick and easiest way to schedule Instagram stories at a very reasonable price ($8 per month).,Now forget the hassle of manually posting stories on each account separately. You can publish on all accounts from one place

What is statistical significance?

Generally speaking, traditional significance means:n,You designed an experiment to try to "reject" or "rule out" a particular hypothesis. The experiment has two possible outcomes: "reject" (this is generally our goal) or "inconclusive.",If the hypothesis is actually true, the experiment hopefully will answer "inconclusive." We design the experiment

Do you use photo printing services?

Photo printing services are a perfect way to decorate your home without wasting a fortune. A gorgeous photo print hanging on the wall will add a modern touch and bring liveliness to your room. However, you have to think through the subject of the photos and match it to the atmosphere you want to create in each room.,Digital photosDigital photos are

Can you take metal cutlery on a plane?

No. You canu2019t. The TSA will take it away from you. Even if you canu2019t kill someone with the toothpick or tweezers on them, the same canu2019t be said about the knife blades. Put it in your checked baggage or better yet, leave it at home. That way you wonu2019t get it taken away from you when you forget to put it back in your checked bag on y

What can an inexperienced cook make as an entree for large numbers of people?

Thereu2019s quite a few simple group meals that wonu2019t take much skill, and youu2019ll fill everyone up.,ChiliOne HUGE pot, and a lot of beef and tomatoes, plus whatever else youu2019ve decided to put into it, a few loaves of bread, and youu2019ve got a big meal.,(from Large Family Cooking ),2. DO-IT-YOURSELF-SUBS & SANDWICHESMake a large sandwi

How do I prove correlation coefficient formula?

The correlation coefficient is a definition, so that u201cproveu201d is not how we want to think about it. Itu2019s important to distinguish between the population correlation coefficient, defined as the ratio E[ (X - E(X)) (Y - E(Y)) / [ sd(X) sd(Y) ]. The symbol E here denotes statistical expectation. The sample correlation coefficient is given a

What are global greenhouse gas emissions?

Emissions or evaporation of invisible water vapor is the most relevant greenhouse gas impacting the climate without doubt.,So which effect is stronger, water vapor's cooling effect or warming effect? Interestingly, it is seldom mentioned in the global warming debate that the surface cooling effect of evaporation (which creates water vapor) is stron

How do I cook frozen tuna steaks in a grill pan or oven?

Defrost by submerging in cold water. Do not use warm water because it will break up the fat in the fish. It's important that the fish is completely thawed before cooking, otherwise you will have an overcooked outside and raw inside.,BAKED TUNA STEAK,2 lbs. whole tunan3 c. sherry winen2 carrots, shreddedn2 ribs celery, sliced thin,Preheat oven to 45

Why did 21 countries refuse entry to Osho Rajneesh?

The US Government under Ronald Reagan put pressure on a lot of countries not to allow Osho entry during his world tour of 1986 .In mid November 1985 , Osho had been deported by the U.S. government and banned from reentering the U.S. for five years, and flew straight to Delhi, and after giving a press conference in the morning, he travelled up to Ku

Why doesnt Samsung list their waterproofingresistanceIP rating for the A series?

Why doesn't Samsung list their waterproofing/resistance/IP rating for the A series?If the phone has a water-resistant rating it is listed by Samsung and any other website that lists the full specifications of smartphones such as GSMArena. If it has no rating it is just not listed, as no spec, is not a spec that can be listed.,So far in 2022 Samsung

If you had to choose one, which would you pick, beer, wine, or liquor?

You mean that's all for the rest of my life?,Liquor, no question.,First, it's the most versiitile choice, you get all your mixed drinks, margaritas, Mojitos, martinis, Manhattans,Old Fashioned, then your mixers, Vodka and club soda works great for a easy summer day drink when you otherwise would have had a beer, drop an ounce and a half into a Le C

What are the best - and the worst - things about living in Bangkok?

ProsLow Cost of Living: If you arenu2019t a heavy spender, you can live happily in Bangkok in under USD 1,000 per month in Bangkok even after a strong Baht. I love Thai food and I can eat a filling local meal in around THB 40. Thatu2019s a little more than a dollar.,Availability of Alchohol: If you consume alcohol, it is just so easy to pick up boo

Whats a good example of the utilitarian theory?

Mandatory vaccination is a clear example. In most cases, we donu2019t give parents a choice (i.e., we limit their autonomy) because having everyone (or nearly everyone) vaccinated is an easy method to achieve very very good outcomes (eradicating communicable diseases or keeping them gone).

Which is the largest sand island in the world?

World Heritage listed Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, stretching over 123 kilometers in length and 22 kilometers as its widest point. The island's highest dune is 244 meters, but most rise to between 100 and 200 meters above sea level.,A big reason as to why Fraser Island is considered dangerous is because it is incredibly re

How did sleeping habits of 18th century Americans differ from ours today?

This is actually a fascinating question. Perhaps like many things of that era, it depended on how much money you had and your station in life.,We all must sleep: thereu2019s no escaping it, but how we sleep today is different in many ways from the people back then. In the developed world, at least, most people sleep in a bed, on a mattress in a com

Is banana for breakfast, rice for lunch and shake for dinner a good weight loss plan?

That sounds like a dangerously low level of calories. Unless youu2019re under medical supervision, women need at least 1200, men 1500.,A banana is 89 calories per hundred grams.,A cup of cooked rice is 204.,A meal replacement shake averages about 300 calories (range is 200u2013400).,Obviously, the amount youu2019re eating matters. But it looks like

Whats the difference between Grand Central Station and Grand Central Terminal?

It's worth noting that the word "terminal" is related to "terminus," meaning "at the end" - it's the end of the line. Trains cannot pass through Grand Central, they can only go out the same way they came in. They can reverse direction through what's called a "balloon" loop, but they cannot continue to any locations past Grand Central Terminal.,Tech

Which are some good sunrise spots in Chicago?

I would add that there are many nice areas in black neighborhoods on the Southside and Westside . Bronzeville is a very historic landmark neighborhood that has seen a lot of revival in business and gentrification. Lots of Brownstones and Greystones, landmarks. Southshore is huge and has good sections and bad sections. It also houses the great South

How do you fill a parent consent form?

If your the parent it should be very simple and if your are the child adviser you not to. That is lying, cheating and could be the beginning of the life you will live. Do t k n ow who you are or age but under age think twice

Which is the worst op-ed written by an Indian journalist youve ever read?

This one : The Callousness of Indiau2019s COVID-19 ResponseWritten for The Atlantic by a Ms. Vidya Krishnan (we will get back to her later), it just shows how journalism is truly failing with each passing day.,The article is just a rant, an outlet for the hatred the author harbors against the current Indian administration. In writing about the lock

Does anyone actually read cover letters?

Big disclaimer: I am just one lowly recruiter. There are a lot of other people in my profession and I don't speak for us all. But what I'm about to say is what I feel is an accurate sample size of what most of my peers in my field can all agree on.,Hard truth on this one: absolutely not. Not only do we not usually read them, most of the time we don