Whats the most isolated town in the contiguous United States?

The most isolated town in the lower 48During my extensive travels, Iu2019ve pursued a number of cities that are extraordinarily isolated including remote sections of the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, North America, and around the world. While I prefer life in the big city, my escape from reality is to visit the most remote corners of our planet.,Es

Why are Capricorns attracted to Aquarius?

Lol. Iu2019m an Aquarius so I know the situation.,Capricorns love the Aqua intelligence, niceness, friendliness, positivity. They think if they could just control a bit of the Aqua quirkiness, individuality, love of freedom, rebelliousnessu2026 then they have an ideal mate. Ha!,Caps need to control. They are a sign renowned for insecurity & pessimi

What are the best weekend getaway near Manila?

It would depend on what one wants to do. If one is inclined to go to beaches, then certainly Batangas is the place to be on weekends. Public beach resorts abound in the puerto galera and lian area. Private membership clubs like Punta Fuego and Pico de loro are in thr Batangas area as well. There are also u201cspa resortsu201d east of Manila in the

What is the difference between sociology and anthropology in UPSC syllabus?

A2A,A somewhat similar discussion was done which might help you greatly. Social Sciences: What is the difference between sociology and anthropology? Although the discussion does not deal with UPSE syllabus specifically I believe it would give you a fair idea.,To me, the scope of anthropology has a wider scope than sociology. Additionally most of th

Which Leica cameras are best for beginners?

I would argue that you shouldn't get a Leica camera as a beginner. You wouldn't buy a Ferrari when you're learning to drive!!!,Buy a camera that allows you to change the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. If you can change lenses on the camera, that would also be a bonus.

What is your ideal U.S president? List top 5 things he must do for his own people.

One who puts the future of Americans, the world, and the country ahead of the present.,He/she needs to invest in the future with education, infrastructure.,He/she needs to get us out of eternal wars.,He/she needs to prepare for disasters (COVID-19, climate change).,He/she needs to not be bought by special interests (The health insurance industry),H

What are your favorite Picrew creators?

Iu2019m going to admit something: After using Sangled like 4,000 times, I officially hate it.,Sorry.,(If you like sangled though, more power to you.),Anyways, here are my favorite picrews!,(Also, I didnu2019t make the makers (no shit, I canu2019t draw that well), so all credit goes to their respective artists blah blah blah.)carrotkake's avatar mak

How is Korean fried chicken different compared to other styles of fried chicken?

Korean fried chicken is lighter than other styles of fried chicken. The skin is barely battered and crispier, and meat very moist. Essentially, chicken is fried twice, once to drain the fat. The New York times did a piece on Korean fried chicken in 2007: Koreans Share Their Secret for Chicken With a Crunch. Comparing American-style fried chicken to

What are the must see places to travel to before you die?

A2A,There are five place I want to see before I die. These are places I have never been and that I would absolutely love to see.,Some of them are in India. Don't @ me lolIn no particular order ~~~,County Tipperary, Ireland. The land of my paternal heritage.,I'm the only person who has been to India 6 times and never seen the Taj Mahal -_- one day,

Is Airbnb dying?

Airbnb Shortterm Rentals Are Worth Investing In!More and more people started a real estate project or company on the side since the economics of short-term rental sites Airbnb, Roomorama and VRBO also appeal to people who do not live in the house or apartment they rent out. This enables all kinds of people, from newbie property owners as well as pr

What are your favourite ice cream recipes using an ice cream maker?

I can't choose. It's like you just asked me who my favourite child is!,All of my ice creams are custard based. I like how rich and creamy they are.,Always use cream and whole milk. The higher the fat content the smoother your ice cream will be.,Always freeze your ice cream bowl solid and make sure your prepared ice cream is very cold before adding

What city in Canada has the largest population?

Quebec City-Windsor Corridor,The most densely populated area of Canada is what's known as the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.,Vancouver has the highest population density in Canada, according to the 2016 Census,More than two-thirds of the people living in Canada live within 100 kilometers of the U.S. border, and

What is your secret to glowing skin?

Essential Skin Care.I have an oily- prone skin. I'm 35 and I wear makeups, 2-3 times in a week. I don't have perfect glowing - dewy skin, but these are some tips that I practice daily to keep my skin hydrated and healthy.1. Get sweatyI know, it may have a bad reputation, but sweat is actually essential for healthy skin. Sweating is nature's way of

What do psychopaths dream of?

Often I just don't dream, or at least I don't remember them. Sometimes they'll center around lust or desire, emotions we do feel. But most of the time, when I do remember my dreams, they're just stories or like watching TV.,For instance, last night I dreamed about about a boy being hunted down by corrupt police officer/drug dealers. I think I saw a

What does the red string bracelet mean in Chinese?

Red represents all blessings and good luck in Chinese traditional culture!,A red string bracelet as a gift to your mother: wishing her a long life and good health.,To your lover: showing how much you love him/her.,To your children: wishing them grow up healthy and happy.,To your friends: wishing them good luck at work.,Red drives away evil, blesses

Can Joe Biden do a better job than Trump?

Yes, Joe Biden can do a much better job than Trump.,Trump called the Russian despot Vladimir Putin a u201cgeniusu201d and u201csavvyu201d for serial-murdering Ukrainian children and their mothers. Trump called Putinu2019s excuse for murdering women and children u201cwonderful.u201d Anyone can do better than that. Joe Biden is standing up to the Rus

What is the best bookkeeping software for a small company?

Depends on the complexity of your firm. If you want free, check out WAVE, Freshbooks, Kashoo or FreeAgent. If you want desktop or user friendly, use Quickbooks or SAGE. If you want something to manage your process, check out the solutions like XERO or FinancialForce.

Which smartphone is best to buy today or in the upcoming week?

Assuming you're hoping to purchase the best phone In The World in 2021, and you don't know which one is best for me so don't worry in this article I will tell you the Top Smartphones.Best Phones In The World 2021So I've spent the last five and a half months gathering and testing all the top around the world accessible cell phones I've evaluated eac

Is it difficult to walk in Pompeii or Sorrento for an older adult with cancer?

Iu2019m an oncologist, Iu2019ve been to Sorrento and Pompeii and my mother had cancer and visited those places after her diagnosis, so I can answer this question from different perspectives.,As a traveler, I have to say Sorrento is one of the most beautiful places Iu2019ve ever visited. The view of the stacked up buildings u201cfloatingu201d on the

Can a party focus light be used to achieve an infinite white background in videography?

With just one light, your background most likely won't be evenly lit. (not sure what a party focus light is or how many watts). You won't have a pure white background. Your eye and monitor might see it as evenly lit, but an editing program will not.,I'm assuming by "infinite", you mean a pure white background ?,One light on each side, Sometimes 2 o

What is the summary of findings in research?

If I understand your question you mean how do researchers summarize their findings. The way this is done is to end a paper with u201cConclusionsu201d that refer to the results of the research, the analysis, and state what the researchers consider the most rational conclusions based on the analysis. Conclusions also typically point to uncertainties

How do you keep dough from sticking to parchment paper?

To not stick to the parchment, the dough must have sufficient flour and also be kept cold. I roll dough on my granite counter on a silicone rolling sheet with the dough between two pieces of parchment with a marble rolling pin. If the dough gets too warm, it becomes stickier and it is hard to keep it from sticking to the paper, but you can just pop

How do restaurants cook sunny side up eggs?

We use non stick saute pans, which we call egg pans, because we use them only for eggs. Pretty brilliant, huh?,You want to start with cold pan, room temperature actually, not a really hot one. A hot pan will give you crispy egg whites, which some people like and thatu2019s cool, but thatu2019s not how I serve eggs, so cold pan. Put the pan over a m

What is the psychology of sage green?

Sage green is an earthy grayish-green color like that of the culinary herb which has woody stems and grayish leaves. The word sage is defined as a profoundly wise personu2014someone who is venerated for his wisdom, judgment, and experience. Sage green is soft and subtle, you can pair it with a variety of other colors and finishes. Sage green create

What are complementary colors? What are some examples?

What are complementary colors? What are some examples?Complementary are colors which appear directly opposite each other in the color wheel, such as red and green or blue and orange. When combined in the right proportions, complementary colors would produce white light.,EDIT: This is the answer to the question concerning complementary colors, and w

What is the best way to route multiple locations on Google Maps?

Now you are advertising a u201cnewu201d service to Google maps, you must be getting lots of money. I say u201cnew because it has taken google maps this long to catch up with the rest of the world, they will be introducing a waypoint system for you to plan a route via multiple other destinations. At this time it might be just a simple one, or two wa

What is the best possible way for women to lose weight?

I dunno about u201csecretsu201d, but one pretty uncommon but highly effective strategy for weight maintenance isu2026,Reverse Dieting.In the most simple terms, reverse dieting means that you s-l-o-w-l-y increase your caloric intake after youu2019ve arrived at your u201cgoal bodyweightu201d.,You simply eat 100u2013200kcal more per week (compared to