How long will it take for a 10-pound turkey to cook?

It depends on how it is prepared and how it is cooked.,We cooked our 8 lbs u201cbaby turkeyu201d this year dry-brined, spatchcocked, and grilled. It was on the grill between an hour and 90 minutes and was an amazingly smoky, juicy bird.,If we had kept the bird whole and roasted it in a more traditional oven sort of situation, a ten pound bird would

How do you keep dough from sticking to parchment paper?

To not stick to the parchment, the dough must have sufficient flour and also be kept cold. I roll dough on my granite counter on a silicone rolling sheet with the dough between two pieces of parchment with a marble rolling pin. If the dough gets too warm, it becomes stickier and it is hard to keep it from sticking to the paper, but you can just pop

What is the best gift to give my girlfriend this Christmas?

The thing she wants, but cannot rationalize buying for herself.,Sheu2019s your girlfriend, not ours. Theoretically that means you are closely acquainted with her. We are not.,If you are not sure what she would like most, ask one of her female friends.

With autism, how do you balance keeping going due to necessity (fear of losing employment for example) vs accepting that a shut downmeltdown is likely to happen if you dont take time for self-careremoving yourself from triggers?

As Robin Hamilton explains well, much of that balance HFAs need has to be u2018createdu2019 since so much of the environment is NOT under their direct control. Because daily life is unpredictable and stressful for everyone, those with autism have to truly regulate their u2018particiaptionu2019 in the panorama of life. The HFAu2019s who cope well in

Is gold loan interest calculated as simple interest or compound interest in India?

In India, there are many businesses that provide gold loan but are still unorganized. Banks and renowned companies like Unimoni offer gold loans and offer assistance to the lone. In case of gold loans, simple interest is always used. If jewellers quote 4% interest rate per month, the loaner will have to pay 4% interest on simple rate basis. In case

How many guests can I bring to the pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore?

In short:,If you are just visiting, you cannot get in. ,If you are staying at the hotel, there is a way to sneak additional, non-paying visitors in (although it is against the rules),Firstly, the hotel takes steps to ensure that only paying guests are able to access the Infinity Pool. The pool is a major drawcard for people to pay to stay there (se

How do you add a gradient to text in Premiere Pro?

Hereu2019s what I would do (actually did this the other day).,open photoshop and make sure itu2019s the same resolution / aspect ratio as your Premeire Pro sequence (default is 16:9 usually).,Make sure your background is transparent and create a new layer for your gradient. Select your gradient tool (press and hold on your paint bucket tool if not

Now that the US Government has mandated COVID-19 infection & mortality figures from hospitals be sent directly to the Trump Administration, rather than to the CDC, can this be considered suppression of information?

Hey Edward!,While every other government in the world does its stinking best to suppress the virus, the Trump regime will now be suppressing information about the virus.,Thatu2019s what is basically going on here. Rest assured that Team Klanrunt aka administration will be more than tempted to manipulate the coronavirus statistics from this day on.,

What 12 foods should I eat every day?

Desi ghee or clarified butter. Itu2019s super healthy and yummy.,If you want to look like youu2019re 20 in your 40s start including good fats in your diet for every single meal that you eat.,It lowers bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol levels, thus maintaining a healthy balance.,Good quality fat is a key ingredient in the prevent

Our parents died leaving a house to my brother and me. The house was appraised at $350k, and my attorney said Iu2019m getting the whole asset so I owe him the full price of $350. Why isnu2019t it 175k I should have paid him?

This is an odd question.,As phrased, it suggests that your attorney is attempting to commit fraud and grand larceny.,If your parents died leaving a house to the two of you, then the house title should be transferred to the two of you jointly. You now own the house. There is no obligation to pay anything to your attorney or to anyone else. The small

What is natureu2019s best view in the Philippines?

Planning a trip to the Philippines in 2020 can be a rather overwhelming and mind-boggling experience for any traveler, with more than 7,000 beautiful islands to choose from. The Philippines has a cornucopia of awe-inspiring destinations worthy of a traveler's bucket list, from the breathtaking idyllic rolling hills of Batanes to the fabulous cascad

What all facilities do boat houses provide in Kerala?

Its my privilege to give an answer to this question as I own houseboat in the brand name of u201cLake View Houseboatu201d since 2006 and rated No 1 Houseboat by Trip Advisor.,I will give an answer to your question of facilities offered, alongwith, I will also give you all other details.,About Kerala HouseboatKerala backwater and houseboat is as fam

What is the most beautiful Island?

Most Beautiful Islands in the WorldIslands conjure dreams of paradise: an escape from the rat race and a perfect patch of sand where you can relax under rustling palms and gaze at a serene blue sea.,But not all islands are created the same. The beauty of some is defined more by the sea that surrounds them, which can captivate connoisseurs with its

How do you use DaVinci Resolve 18 for free?

How do you use DaVinci Resolve 18 for free?Download the free version. It works with resolutions up to UHD. All thatu2019s missing from the paid version are noise reduction, higher resolutions, and certain higher-end effects. Otherwise, itu2019s fully functional. Itu2019s the best free (and in many cases paid) editing, DAW, and world-class grading a

How can you tell if someone blocked you on Facebook?

Logout of Facebook,Search from Google in Facebook: gus younis,Once you found the account you want, copy the URL,Login again,Paste the URL,If you got this message u201cSorry, this content isn't available right now,u201d then you my friend have been blocked.

What screams u201cIu2019m a tourist!u201d in your country?

Things that most tourists are u2018guiltyu2019 of doing when visiting Singapore:,Taking silly shots with the Merlion,Swimming in the Marina Bay Sands rooftop infinity pool/Paying $20 to visit the observatory deck,Queuing for the $1.20 street ice cream along Orchard Road,Eating chilli/black pepper crab at overpriced seafood restaurants along Clarke

What is the difference between British and Russian mentality?

I will describe the way a Russian company operates, as I have had an intimate look into its inner workings, to shed some light on the logic, strengths and shortcomings of Russian mentality.The PatriarchThe head of the company and the majority stakeholder is a Patriarch. He didnu2019t start this way, but gradually the collective need dictated he fil

What is the adjective in "This food tastes bad."?

This food is -> As for this food.,It is tasteless -> -tastes bad...[conjunction ending meaning 'although'] This little ending of but makes the first part of the sentence a subordinate clause, meaning it is not the main idea.,The main idea of this sentence is that the food is cheap. We just get a bit of context by adding that it happens to hav

What are some things that totally ruin the feng shui in a house?

The following items are considered very bad in Feng Shui, and should be avoided, or in some cases, mitigated. The first list is items that affect your place from the outside. The second list refers to the inside of your home.OUTSIDE influences:,A site next to a school, cemetery, construction site, or power plantnHaving any of these sites as a neigh

What is your best quality?

Let's hear the narcissist talk good about himself haha,What I believe to be my best qualities, in no particular order, are:,My confidence: I'm able to do things other people won't because they don't have the confidence to do them. Most of these things are either very fun, or in some way beneficial.,My lateral thinking skills: I can think outside th

What is something that you did with your mother that youll never forget?

Years ago, when I was about 21, my family was lounging around in the living room on Memorial Day. My mom was reading the paper and saw a major airline was selling flights for the upcoming weekend for a ridiculously low price ($49 or so) to anywhere in the US. My mom said "Letu2019s go somewhere." My dad and sister had plans, but I said u201cSure! L

As a photographer, what should my MacBook Pros display be calibrated to?

I would calibrate it to the CIE Illuminant D65 Illuminant D65 - Wikipedia.,Which will give you a monitor showing your images as they would be under a 6500 K light source - which is the generally acceptable daylight colour temp.,Just be aware that calibrated does not mean 100% accurate - you will still find some areas where your images do not match

What is the best automated trading software using interactive brokers?

In my opinion, Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader (C.A.T) is the best-automated trading software using interactive brokers.,There is no automated software or tools that is completely risk-free. CAT can help you with your work while you are not there to do it by yourself. It can also help you to do it faster. Cat bot uses the ping pong strategy. And af

Have you invested in Bitcoin? What happened?

It's an investing frenzy, plain and simple.,Bitcoin cracked $1,000 on the first day of 2017. By this week, it was up to $12,000, and then it really took off: The price topped $17,000 on some exchanges Thursday, and $18,000 on at least one. Other cryptocurrencies have seen similar spikes, though they trade for much less than bitcoin.,PLEASE NOTE: Wi