How do I convert recurring decimals to fractions without using a calculator?

How do I convert recurring decimals to fractions without using a calculator?,Remember the following formula:,boxed{0.x overline{y}=dfrac{x cdot max left (1, left (10^{l_y}-1 right ) right )+y}{10^{l_x} cdot max left (1, left (10^{l_y}-1 right ) right )}}I give an detail explanation why and how it works here. x and y are digit strings and l_x and l_

What is the syllabus of the common entrance exam of an MBBS of 2020 in Nepal?

IOM (Institute of Medicine) offers five and half years MBBS program in Nepal which includes one year internship. However, it takes around 6 years to complete the course. The seat is limited to take part in MBBS program as IOM admits only 43 Nepalese students and foreigners as pass the criteria met by IOM. Due to the limitation, all student must tak

Why did Ferdinand Magellan think his 60 men can take on over 1000 Filipinos?

Magellan had the mistaken belief that his men who were clad in armor and carrying European steel swords and lances can easily defeat a u201cbarbarianu201d and u201cuncivilizedu201d force like the people of Mactan. When Magellan invited Lapu-Lapu (Cilapullapu or Kalipulako, depending on your source) to accept the friendship of the King of Spain and

What color matches with gray?

What colour doesn't?,n,Gray-red:,,,,,Gray-Royal Blue:,,,,,Gray-Pink:,,,,,Gray-Yellow:,,,,n,Gray-Navy Blue:,,,,,Gray-Beige:,,,,,Gray-Brown:,,,,,Gray-Green:,,,,,Gray-Turquoise Blue:,,,,,Gray-Orange:,,,,,Gray-Purple:,,,,,Gray-Black:,n,,,Gray-White:,,,,Now tell, which colour does not suit Gray?,Grey...

Do people still use Saran Wrap?

Yes ,but for more things than what it was thought up to be used for:,Is Plastic Wrap Safe? - Ask Dr. Weilhttps://Andrew Weil, M.D. | | Integrative Medicine & Healthy Living/health-wellness/balanced-living/healthy-living/is-plastic-wrap-safeJan 31, 2013 u00b7 If you do use plastic wrap on foods heated in the microwave, be sure that the wr

What salad recipes help with weight loss?

Any green salad can work; look for ones where main ingredients are lettuce, baby spinach, kale, or baby mixed greens. Add,Beans - garbanzos, cooked lentils, kidney beans (red or white) are good additions. These are nutritious and they are filling. If you want to lose weight eating mostly salad, it is unlikely you can be successful without using bea

What is the worlds most dangerous tourist destination?

These are all very good answers and truly dangerous places. The single most dangerous place on earth is the elephantu2019s foot at Chernobyl. If you see this in person, you will die from radiation poisoning in short order.,The Elephantu2019s Foot of the Chernobyl disaster, 1986This is in response to a comment regarding current radiation levels and

What is data collection and its importance in research process?

It is the base and the foundation, required to get that analyzed knowledge for making your business decisions. It is the proccess on what your whole market research depends on. Data collection is getting all the possible required raw data to derive some information and lastly to extract the knowledge or the statistics required to develope your stra

Whats the cheapest, most fulfilling type of food a poor person can buy?

Potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, lentils, noodles, oats, and bread are great staples and so versatile. Bananas are another great staple that are filling and often not too expensive. Canned goods can be a great option to and have a long shelf life.,Get things in bulk if you can as it usually works out cheaper in the long run.,Frozen fruit and veg can b

What are some of the best rare natural phenomena that occur on Earth?

22 Rare Natural Phenomena You Probably Didnu2019t Know Occur On EarthThere is so much happening in this world that we don't know about. The wonders of God's green earth is something we have always underestimated. Not only when it comes to destruction, but also when it comes to creating mesmerizing moments of natural beauty.nHaving said that, here a

How long is the flight from Los Angeles, USA to Auckland, New Zealand?

Like other answers, Qantas (an Australian airline) is entitled to certain u2018freedoms of the airu2019, since the US and Australia (along with most countries) are in an Open Skies agreement.,The standard American Open Skies agreement enables flights u201cfor airlines of the United States, from points behind the United States via the United States

How can I use Lightroom to make money?

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most powerful editing programs Iu2019ve used. Personally, I like Photoshop a bit more because I enjoy design, but for photo editing and catalogs (especially with RAW), Lightroom is a great program. The comprehensiveness of the software is amazing, plus you can utilize a lot of the same tools with the Lightroom mobile a

Why is the Puerto Princesa Underground River famous?

The highlight of this subterranean river system is that it flows directly into the sea, with its brackish lower half subjected to tidal influence, distinguishing it as a significant natural global phenomenon. The river's cavern presents remarkable, eye catching rock formations. The Absolute.

What is the difference (if any) between a wireless access point and a wireless router?

A Wireless Router is two devices huddling together for warmth in one box. Those two devices are a router, and a wireless access point.In order to understand the difference, you need a fair bit of background on what the Internet is.,Generally words that start with 'Inter' mean that various things are joined together - international means that there

What are some practical steps to become an entrepreneur with a small investment?

You can FREELANCE based on your interest & create a new business out of it.,Some of the proven ways to make money online -,Freelance Web Designing,Freelance Content Writing, Editing & Proofreading,Image Editing & Creation (if you know Photoshop, etc.),Blogging,SEO & Digital Marketing,These are some of the easiest ways. The amount of money you make

How do you currently find a realtor?

Go to Redfin, find open houses that you like and talk to the realtors hosting them. You can see them 'in action'. You need to be a bit careful, as they are also trying to 'sell' that place, but is a good way to meet them in person easily.,Get a referral from someone who has recently purchased.

What is the worst reviewed restaurant on TripAdvisor in the world?

I know a lot of people will probably disagree, but Iu2019d have to put Thailand as one of (if not the) most overrated places Iu2019ve been to in a span of 30+ countries.,Thailand used to be u201ctheu201d spot in South East Asia for cheap adventuring, but not anymore.,Itu2019s a lot more expensive than people think, especially when compared to its n

What are the advantage of taking holidays in America compared to Europe?

Way too vague to give any detailed answer.,Holiday from where? From Venezuela? Well, definitely there is not an advantage in visiting the US; some of the EU gives visa free entry to Venezuelans while the US does not, that is going to change however since CNN and a former Venezuelan diplomat are exposing this:,Whistleblower reveals passport fraudVen