What is a good song with the word clock in its title or lyrics?

u201cRock Around the Clocku201d by Bill Haley & His Comets (1955 single),u201cMy Grandfatheru2019s Clocku201d by Johnny Cash, from u2018Songs of Our Soilu2019 (1959),u201cCuckoo Clocku201d by The Beach Boys, from u2018Surfinu2019 Safariu2019 (1962),u201cClock on the Wallu201d by The Guess Who, from u2018Itu2019s Timeu2019 (1966),u201cWhen the Alarm

How can I get a UK visitors visa from India?

My family and I had applied for a standard UK Visitoru2019s Tourist Visa (Short Term - 6 months) and received it within 10 days of submission in March 2017 in Mumbai. I was travelling to Europe with my wife and in-laws. Embassy norms dictate that one must obtain UK Visa prior to Schengen Visa irrespective of which country you enter first, if UK hap

Why cant photos be taken near the Eiffel Tower during the night time?

Itu2019s to do with French copyright law. There are some lights stuck up on Gustaveu2019s massive erection which were put there in 1985 by some bloke called Pierre Bidet (or it might have been Bideau, or something like that anyway). Any road au-dessus, it stays in copyright for seventy years, and if you take a photo of Parisu2019s most famous symbo

What foods are good for losing weight?

I would suggest you some easily available foods which helps in losing weight at a faster rate !,Take 2 Almonds soaked in water once you get up in morning .,100 ml of lemon and honey juice before breakfast .,Barley Porridge or any dish you could wish to do with barley for evening snacks .,Sprout's before bed time .,Green Tea with leamon .,Eggs .,All

What is the definition of economic globalization?

Economic globalization means from the BIG MOUTH of the World Wide Web that it refers to the mobility of people, capital, technologies, goods and services internationally.,It is also about how the integrated countries are in the global economy.,It also refers to the interdependencies of different countries and regions that have become a reality acro

Would you recommend Kings Land by Hilton Grand Vacations for our Honeymoon?

Listen to Daniel Birchall. King's Land is a nice destination, but not a great honeymoon spot. In an earlier life, I spent a couple years as a concierge at the Hilton. It's a nice property, but for a honeymoon, I'd recommend staying out of Waikoloa Resort altogether.,You will find much more romantic settings at the (very pricey) Four Season's Hualal

When should organizational leaders consult with those under them in the hierarchy tree?

Always.A great leader has "the people in his pocket", meaning that he is perceived more as a charismatic figure than an authority figure. Employees in an organization need to feel happy and a charismatic figure can do that. When an organizational leader consults with those under in the hierarchy tree; barriers are lowered, paradigms are broken and

Can you tell me the traditional food items?

You asked for traditional food items but did not mention the state. So I am giving one food item for each state. If any item of any particular state is omitted please indicate.,Andhra Pradesh Pootha Rekulu: Made with rice flour. These thin crepes are rolled with ghee and sugar or jaggery.,Telangana Sarva Pindi: A healthy breakfast item made rice fl

Which country uses the most oil per day?

No. Even though the US currently produced more oil than any other individual country in the world, it is not producing more than all of OPEC, which consists of a dozen or so countries that each produce a lot of oil. Here is a list of the current (2022) top oil producers in terms of barrels per day..,United States - 11,567,000,Russia - 10,503,000,Sa

Some claim that private market pricing in US healthcare just makes the same mistakes government does. Does your health insurance company pay providers based on a modified Medicare price list or do they use some other price list as a baseline?

If not for the 180 million Americans with employer sponsored healthcare, there would be no Medicare or Medicaid as we know it. The employers pay 85% of the premiums and their employees get that benefit tax free.,Medicare and Medicaid in general pay less than half of what private insurance pay doctors and hospitals. Absent the insurance payments, qu

Why is manual photography more preferable than auto?

It depends on the situation entirely. Some events are so chaotic and each moment the lighting changes dramatically, full auto or at least aperture preferred auto, with ISO in float within parameters and shutter speeds within a minimum of speed is often really useful.,Most of the time though I prefer to have complete control of the exposure. The tot

What should I do when a new laptop is slow?

Sorry but your question is incomplete, you can dm me for best suggestions.,Well assuming you are using windows laptop, with common specifications.,You can do following steps.,Open run u201cwin+Ru201d then type u201c%temp%u201d and hit enter, a window will appear where you have to select all file and delete them.,You can run disk defragment, the who

Why do Selfie Sticks have a Bluetooth?

ether you hate u2019em or love u2019em, there is no getting around u2019emu2014literally. I have been bonked on the head by a selfie stick on the busy streets of New York, while skiing, and even in the confines of a major arena during a basketball game. I will soon prepare a how-to and how-not-to article on the etiquette and uses of these increasin

What is the longest first name in the world?

u2014u2014Ramjamfunkybogaloo Smythe.u2014u2014-,Real person not a guiness record breaker .,It took a long time to get used to calling him by is name.,In the end we all called him Ram Jam for short.

Is it bad to kiss another girl while in a relationship?

If you have agreed to have an open relationship, then no. If you have never talked about the idea of being with other people while still dating each other, then yeah, probably not a good idea to kiss someone else.,However, this isnu2019t always true. My old roommate was a very affectionate person - he hugged and kissed (on the cheek) everyone, like

What is the most economical and safest way to go from Vancouver airport to Surrey?

Two options from YVR:,1. Take The CANADA LINE to either BRIDGEPORT STATION (if your Surrey destination is SOUTH SURREY/WHITE ROCK/CRESCENT BEACH) u2014 then board a corresponding Rapid EXPRESS TRANSLINK BUS u2014 makes an express /limited stop journey mostly via highway99 until reaching South Surreyu2019s Semiahmoo Peninsula;,2. Otherwise, if heade

Which zodiac sign has the most beautiful women?

Most beautiful Taurus,libra,Scorpio and Aquarius zodiac signs,.Zodiac signs Taurus and Libra ruled by enchanting planet Venus of beauty ,luxuries ,grace , love,Blessings of goddess Laxmi,passion ,charm .Beauty runs through them naturally,Scorpions are well built , curvy ,Mesmerizing and hypnotism in their looks.,Aquarius is the sign of completion ,

Who is this guy? Heu2019s been messaging me good morning everyday for 3 years. Weu2019re like best friends thru messages, but we rarely hang out and I noticed he almost never likes anything I post on Facebook, including my pictures. Iu2019m confused!

One questions: is it very important to you that he likes your posts and pictures?nI have a close friend like that, too, we share a lot of personal stuff, but we do not really like each others posts or comment on them.nThere are people out there that are constantly on messenger, but not on fb itselfe, I am one of them, when I feel like it, I like so

What is the settings for Street photography?

The best camera settings for outdoor photo shoots. An aperture (or f-stop) around f/4 or lower is good for single subjects, while an f-stop around f/11 is best for group shots and landscapes. Shutter speed - How long the shutter stays open. The key to a great outdoor portrait is considering how bright it is outside. In full daylight, use a lower IS

Whats the dirtiest contract that you felt "forced" to sign?

Not the worst contract but felt the sleeziest.,My wife and I had a little boy in March of 2017. In September of 2016 while very early on in the pregnancy, we began to look at day care and we found one that my wife loved and I liked. So we went with that one.,Over the course of almost a year, we were intent on sending my son to that day care. Then m

Which is the most scenic railway ride in the world?

Konkan Railway in Indian,n,nStats:-nLength: 762 KmnNumber of major bridges: 179(with total linear water way of 21.50 Kms)nNumber of minor bridges: 1819(linear water-way of 5.73 Kms)nNumber of tunnels: 92(total length 83.60 Kms)nLongest tunnel: 6.5 Km.( Karbude tunnel)nTallest Viaduct: 64 meters in height (Panval viaduct)nLongest Bridge: 2065.8 m. (

Why are Starbucks coffees so expensive?

u201cJohn, use my partner numbers.u201d,Before I could answer, Jen, my 6u20326u2032u2019, giant, giraffe of a manager, shoved me aside and entered her employee identification. The price came out to zero for one venti brewed coffee.,u201cHeu2019s a cop,u201d she said. u201cAll cops get free drinks.u201d,A couple minutes later, Commando Katie came to

What are some qualitative examples of low, middle, and upper class?

The low class is composed mostly of people who need to work, are lowly educated, and see wealth as the mark of class indicator. They think rich people are high class. They don't see their fortunes change anytime soon and because of that they tend to enjoy what they want without shame (for this, they are looked down upon by the middle class). The wo

How do I paint a room?

It takes a lot to achieve the dream look that you want in your bedroom. Right from determining the overall style of the room to adding the right finishing touches, itu2019s important to pay attention to every aspect of spaceu2019s decor.,But itu2019s the wall painting that sets the foundation of how the look of your bedroom will turn out to be. Ber