Is thrifting really getting that expensive? Is it still worth it in 2022?

It depends on what you buy, where you buy it, and how much it is. For instance purchasing dinner ware (plates, glasses) is usually really cheap at thrift stores. Out of fashion clothing can be as well. Paintings if you like the frame, you can throw away the painting. Frames are expensive! You can get some nice ones that just need to be scrubbed, oi

Who were some punk rock musicians who didnt have a punk rock appearance?

There were a lot of punk bands who werenu2019t mainstream and/or never expected to be mainstream. A lot of those musicians never had the typical punk rock appearance.,,The Minutemen were low-key dudes with day jobs when punk rock couldnu2019t pay the bills.,The frontman D. Boon had a tremendous amount of energy onstage, far more than youu2019d expe

What is difference between standard deviation and mean deviation?

Mean deviation :Here you find the the value of mean..,Mean is the average of various data points..,Now we tend to calculate that what is the deviation of each data point from the mean. We calculate the deviations ( distances from mean) (x-xbar) and then sum it up :- SIgma(x-xbar).,Here we have sum of all deviations of all data points from its mean.

What are the main characteristics of the 4th Industrial Revolution?

I personally think there has only been one continuous Imdustrial Revolution. I've watched UK fall behind because successive governments thought they had reached a plateau and could go back to pillaging industry and commerce through taxation. Improvement in materials, systems, and methods needs to be constant

If Disney princesses had last names, what would they be?

The official Disney Princess franchise includes 12 princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Jasmine (Aladdin), Pocahontas, Mulan, Merida (Brave), Tiana (Princess and the Frog), Rapunzel (Tangled), and Moana. Ralph Breaks the Internet includes 3 more: Elsa and Anna (Frozen) a

What is the best place that serves Hainan chicken rice in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Banana Leaf at Milpitas serves the most authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice I had in the NorCal area. Be sure to ask for the boneless version. ,Layang Layang in Milpitas serves a some-what decent version.,There are other Singaporean restaurants (Layang Layang De Anza, New Penang Garden) and some Hong Kong restaurants (HK Bistro on Castro) that also se

Is it a good idea to share my bed with my dog?

In the bed or not in the bed - that is the question. While some of the other answers are cute I'm not sure they address your primary concern - that allowing your canine to share your bed might provoke problems when this request is subsequently rejected. I feel your pain.,First let me address the cleanliness aspect: dogs should not be bathed every d

What is a baby boy name that starts with K?

Kaleb - u201cdog, whole, heartu201d English,Kieran - u201cblacku201d Irish,Koa - u201cwarrior, koa treeu201d Hawaiian,Klement - u201cmerciful, gentleu201d Czech & Slovak,Kyler - English combination of Kyle and Tyler,Tyler meaning u201ctiler of roofsu201d,Kyle - u201cnarrows, channel, straitu201d,Kenan - u201cpossessionu201d Hebrew,Keith - u201cwood

To buyout a person from his existing company, to join a new company, by paying the notice payment of contract termination, what are the common binding rules applied to the target person (any sample letters that can be shared)?

Unless youu2019re talking about an athlete in a team sport, then the rule have been established for many years.,just because you u201cpay offu201d a provision in an individualu2019s EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT does not mean that that individual is then unfettered from other duties of care that he owes to his previous employer

What is the tastiest keto meal?

There are so many you can have, in fact the only difference in a keto and a non-keto meal is that with keto you will have a very low amount of carbs if any and no added sugars plus a high level of fats. It will also be different based on you own macros as some people can eat more carbs than others.,I would recommend going to youtube and looking the

What is your favorite "going the extra mile" customer services story?

Citibank turned Nita shah's worst nightmare into a nonevent.It was late at night and Nita had to catch a flight next morning at 6:00A.M . As she was rummaging through her purse looking for papers at 10 in the night, she realized that she had left her Citibank card at a store where she had gone shopping earlier in the day.,The shop would be closed a

How do I get a copy of my 1099-G?

Dave,,I Googled it: u201cWhat do I do if I didn't receive my 1099-G?If you did not report your new address by December 15 and you did not receive your Form 1099G by the end of February, contact the EDD and follow the instructions to request a duplicate Form 1099G using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 1-866-333-4606. ... A copy of your Form

How do I prepare for the AWS certification cloud practitioner level?

How did I Ace my AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam in 2 weeks:After passing my AWS Certification of Cloud Practitioner, here are a few pointers to help you pass your exam on the first try. Do not rely on a free Practice exam that is accessible online because it contains many errors and will lead you down the wrong path during preparation.,Real exam quest

What are the relationships between criminal justice and criminology?

Criminology is the study of criminal behavior. It is used to ascertain exactly what is happening, without the perpetrators knowledge, and most definitely without their consent. It is a complex game which most people canu2019t participate in. It requires emotional intelligence, and as much education as humanly possible. I have nearly 4 degrees: art,

Who is the richest person in the world?

My vote goes to Kim Jong Un,This guy has full control of his country which has vasts amounts of natural resources iron, gold, magnesite, zinc, copper, limestone, molybdenum, graphite and rare earth minerals. It is estimate that the value of this is about $6 trillion dollars (source:North Korea is sitting on trillions of dollars of untapped wealth,

Why do old peopleu2019s homes look stuck in time?

Well, Iu2019m only 58, but my house now is MUCH different from when I was younger. When I was younger I decorated to impress. Now, not so much.,My living room has a new couch, my eldest daughter picked it out. I would say itu2019s mid-century modern. I donu2019t hate it but I donu2019t really like it either. It looked good online (Joybird), but itu

What is one thing that I can learn from you today?

Time to learn a little bit about rudimentary woodworking and carpentry, that you can take with you when fixing things around the home!Letu2019s start with the drill. Probably the tool the most of you have at home. Also the one youu2019re most likely to use regularly.,First of all, a piece of simple advice that applies to virtually all tools, both e

How has Mexico influenced the world?

Hereu2019s a short list which is by no means complete:,Corn (in all its forms including popcorn), tortillas (and the automated tortilla machine), chilies, chocolate, avocadoes, tequila, mezcal, pulque, rodeos (and at least half of the entire culture of Texas cowboys), rubber vulcanization, chewing gum, tobacco smoking, Saunas, the main u201cMu201d

What are some easy desserts to make with few ingredients?

How about a Granita? One ingredient.,Juice up some blood oranges. Or oranges. Or lemons. Or lime. Or grapefruit. Or pomelo. Or mangos. Or peaches. This could be a long list. Tasty liquid.,Anyway, take that juice and pour it into a clean sheet pan. Put in freezer overnight. When frozen scrape at it with a fork. Lots and lots until itu2019 like a tra

How does Avast Antivirus works?

Not just Avast, but all Antiviruses work in the same wayThere is a file called u201c virus definitions u201c which all Antiviruses have. In that file there is record of all viruses that are currently available or have been made in the world till date.,When you click on SCAN button, your antivirus start matching your files with virus records in viru

What is the best beer that has a low calorie count?

Any beer that has a low enough calorie count compared to the average is very likely to be also lacking in body and flavor, and the calorie difference is not going to make a big dent in your daily calorie consumption. Alcoholic beverages all have calories, so if you still want them as part of your diet you should just consume them in moderation. If

What was the biggest adult tantrum youve seen happen at work?

It shouldnu2019t have happened, and no one was blameless.,Mid 1970s, Los Angeles, California. Management decided to hire outside experts to help adjust management and staff attitudes to increase productivity and decrease staff turnovers.,The experts decided that promoting u2018We are a familyu2019 would accomplish company goals. Everyone was expect

Does Rice go bad in the fridge?

Q: Does Rice go bad in the fridge?Cooked rice may dry out or sour depending on how it is stored. My rule is after 4 days it is suspect and warrants a good whiff to detect mold or bacterial growth. This is the easiest way to detect spoilage. If you canu2019t tell by the smell a small taste may be in order.,If itu2019s dry, it was stored in a contain

Why is Mukesh Ambani more successful than Anil Ambani?

It is the vision and Mission oriented execution of plans that make Mr. Mukesh Ambani the true heir of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani and a legend in his own right.,First ExampleJamnagar Refinery is on Pakistan border. It might be attacked by the Pak Airforce and damaged.,By securing SAUDI Aramco investment of $ 15 billion, and enterprise valuation of $ 75 bi