How can I calculate my capital gains?

Hello,,Capital Gain is the profit or gain that arises when you sell a Capital Asset. If you sell a Long Term Capital Asset, you will have Long Term Capital Gain and if you sell a Short Term Capital Asset, you will have a Short Term Capital Gain. If the result from sell is negative, you will have a capital loss. The Capital Gain will be chargeable t

How has "Game of Thrones" affected tourism in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

For us that do not care about the money as we care about the purity of that town, that is the crown jewel of the whole country - we are happy that people has recognised towns beauty, but sad about unavoidable littering that mass tourism does to destinationsu2026

How do you plan a wedding?

Practical planning tips:n,Use Google spreadsheets or other shared software. To stay organized, use this religiously. This also saves you stress knowing all your thoughts and open to-do's are in one place.,Use various online and offline resources. There are great reviews, forums and books (e.g. Bridal Bargains -

How risky is it to take weed from Amsterdam to Brussels on the train?

Thereu2019s periods when they do really frequent checks with sniffer dogs although thatu2019s more a French thing.,Dutch law wonu2019t really care, Belgians might catch you and, if youu2019re lucky, let you off on a possesion charge. If youu2019re unlucky youu2019re going for international smuggle and intent to distribute.

Can you recommend a simple "friends & family" equity contract template?

Thanks to Jeff Amato for the A2A.It's hard (if not impossible) to recommend because the contract clauses in such a template would vary between jurisdictions -- and we don't know your location.,Even in just one country (say, the USA), what is permissible in California law may not be so in New York State. Even in the UK (where the English, Scottish a

What type of telescope is best for viewing distant planets?

Here are 2 of 5 Telescopes of 2022 for the BEST Viewing Experience1. Celestron AstroMaster 102AZIf youu2019re new to stargazing and planet viewing, the Celestron AstroMaster 102AZ is one of the best telescopes in 2022. Many experts recommend this telescope for beginner and experienced stargazers. Itu2019s easy to set up because of the tripod and us

What are your thoughts on the Disney cartoon Owl House so far?

I have watched both episodes and I have a favorable opinion. I have liked most of the animated characters that actress Wendie Malick has voiced including Beautiful Gorgeous of Jimmy Neutron and Chicha from The Emporeru2019s New School. So far there has been enough topical and adult level humor to keep me interested.

What does it mean to see my dead father in dream smiling at me and hugging me? My father passed away some time ago. When he was alive, he had never hugged me (though he always smiled and answered me patiently).

Actually I had this very dream last night and my father passed at least 15 / 16 years agou2026.. it was wonderful to have had this dreamu2026.. I believe this is not a dream that needs interpretation whereby your subconscious is trying to tell you somethingu2026. I think it was actually your father connecting with you from the other side and the dr

What are the best foods to eat when you want to lose weight?

I think you should ask what standards should I apply to my meal choices if I want to lose weight. Asking what the u201cbestu201d food is will give you a whole host of specific foods you may not even like.,You should apply a criteria to the food choices you make:,Pick foods you like - Seems obvious but if you constantly feel obligated to eat a food

Are coffee cups based on the actual measurement of 1 cup?

This gets confusing and even more confusing because there is no international agreement. I will answer for the standards accepted in the US. (the rest of the world is still stuck using the metric system and canu2019t agree on sizes ;-).,There are Standards, set by a government agency (in the US it is the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Tec

Which pan is preferable for cooking, cast iron or normal iron?

Q: Which pan is preferable for cooking, cast iron or normal iron?,Iu2019m not aware of normal iron pans, but the two iron pan options are usually cast iron or carbon steel. They are both alloys of iron and carbon, but they differ in the amount of carbon significantly.,Cast iron are excellent pans and are often used in homes. I have several and love

How do I answer in an interview when asked "what is your weakness"?

My friend used me as a reference for a software engineering job, and this question came up during the call.,My answer was u201cheu2019s bad at linear algebra, but heu2019s been taking online courses and learning the material on his own.u201d,He got the job.,Iu2019m sure they didnu2019t care if he knew linear algebra.

What are some quick and easy chicken recipes for beginners?

The Bengali cuisine is one of the much-revered cuisines and rightly so. Boasting a rich flavor profile that is very distinct and articulate, the Bengali cuisine is yet unexplored by many of us. I am blown away by its simplicity and the fervor with which the food is prepared. This Bengali Chicken Curry recipe is an example of how simple food can be

What is contemporary furniture?

Contemporary furniture is something that is refreshing and current. It is different from mid-century modern while maintaining some of its qualities. Contemporary can go in and out of style more frequently than mid-century. As a rule of thumb, contemporary furniture uses modern materials but is still simplistic in form and function. I have a collect

Is the Core i5 12600K good for gaming?

Yes, it is great for gaming. The Core i5-12600K comes with Number of Cores / threads of 6P+4E / 16, which means 6 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. P-cores run at a base frequency of 3.7 Ghz, while efficiency cores run at base frequency of 2.8 GHz, and it also includes support f...

How can I put a white background on a photo?

Not sure if you want to shoot an object with a white background or create a white background for an existing photo. Shooting with a white background is usually done with a light tent or a white backdrop and lighting is used to eliminate any shadows. A white background for an existing photo can be done a few ways in photoshop, open the photo then go

What are all the English speaking countries in Europe?

English is the official language in the U.K., Ireland (along with Irish), and Malta (along with Maltese).,The map above shows English speakers u2013 capable of a modest conversation. Aside from the U.K. and Ireland, The Netherlands is followed by Denmark and Sweden. A gap, then Austria and Finland, then another gap. Near the bottom, Czechia+Portuga

Why do you like your Instant Pot? Apparently, no one likes it.

Newbie anxiety does not translate to u201cno one likes the Instant Potu201d. I find the question based on the clickbait article misleading, but, considering the nervousness the mere mention of u201cpressure cookeru201d brings to many, perhaps understandable in its hyperbole.,I like my Instant Pot despite a number of less than lovely results and one

Is it true that a seller can ultimately receive a better deal by selling their own home rather than through a realtor if they remain professional because they are talking with the buyer one one themselves?

I have sold 4 homes without a selling realtor. I got fair value for all four. However, in only one case did I sell directly to a buyer. He was a scumbag and ditched his realtor to deal directly with me. I still got the price I wanted but I would definitely not do that again. With all homes I used an u201conlineu201d broker, that would list my home

How do I cook chicken thighs and legs?

Baked Chicken Thighs are a delicious and very simple main dish. These chicken thighs have perfectly crispy skin and extra juicy meat! They are perfectly served alongside mashed potatoes or Scalloped Potatoes.Cook up a large batch to feed a hungry crowd, add to your favorite Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup or freeze the leftovers for another meal. Oven

What is Onsen Tamago, and what does it taste like?

There are 2 types of onsen tamago/u6e29u6cc9u5375 in Japan. Well, 3 if you count the sort you might make yourself. Onsen tamago just means u201ceggs cooked/boiled/steamed in/over spa wateru201d.,People in Japan who live near Hot Springs have a tradition of cooking things in the hot spa water as well. Not just bathing in the spa. Vegetables and othe

Why do some beaches have black sand?

Sand color is due to the color of the particles forming it. Since sand comes from the breakdown of rocks, you need to grind black rocks to get a good ammount of black colored debris. The most abundant type of black colored rock is basalt, which you can find near volcanoes having this composition, for example in the Hawaiian islands.,Provenance from

Which education qualifications or degrees help us to get a job?

Please do not educate yourself for Job. Never. Check what are your interest areas. What you enjoy learning, reading and doing.,Time has gone when Indians used to think become Engineer and Doctor and you are done. All jobs are equally respectful and paying at almost same level for deserving and experienced resources.,Educate yourself to gain knowled