What are career options in travel and tourism management?

If you didn't know tourism is the largest business market in the world with it's annual turnover increasing in billion$ every year.n nNow, answering your question below is a list of some career options available to tourism management graduates :-n,Heritage Interpretern,Travel consultant,Food and Beverage Managern,Spa director,Travel writer/photogra

What are the best strategies for social media marketing?

3 weeks ago, I had zero followers on any of my social media platformsu2026,Today, I have 447,000 views on Quora.,My answers have been upvoted over 11,800 times.,I even got published in Forbes.,How did I mange to pull that off in such a short amount of time?,I used one of the most powerful strategies in social media marketingu2026,Create content on

How do you explain hypothesis testing to a layman?

Suppose, I've applied for a typing job and I've stated in my resume that my typing speed is 60 words per minute on an average. My recruiter may want to test my claim. If he finds my claim to be acceptable, he will hire me otherwise reject my candidature. So he asked me to type a sample letter and found that my speed is 54 words a minute. Now, he ca

Which pan is preferable for cooking, cast iron or normal iron?

Q: Which pan is preferable for cooking, cast iron or normal iron?,Iu2019m not aware of normal iron pans, but the two iron pan options are usually cast iron or carbon steel. They are both alloys of iron and carbon, but they differ in the amount of carbon significantly.,Cast iron are excellent pans and are often used in homes. I have several and love

How can I recover the funds extracted from my prepaid debit card sent to moneygram if they require a valid govt-issued ID and my wallet was recently stolen? DMV says it takes about 30 days to receive a replacement ID in the mail.

The best way I think you can do that and you will be free with them is to hire a qualified fraud examiner, you can release all this information to cyber securities agent they can be helpful in recovering all you have lost, cause these informations are to track down the scammers, if you keep them with you how did you want them to recover your lost f

Whats the best free antivirus for Windows 10?

The one that comes with it. Nowadays antivirus is not the only thing that helps you avoid security problems with your computer. It is only part of the solution.,The most important thing is to follow a set of basic rules. I already gave my list in a previous answer but it isnu2019t hard to copy/paste, so here it is:,NEVER modify UAC settings and, fo

What is the difference between a bathroom and a powder room?

u201cPowder room" is sometimes used as a euphemism for a toilet room that does not have a bath or shower in it. And, in some large houses or public buildings, the u201cLadiesu2019 cloak room" often had a mirror and seat so that one could u201ccompose" themselves after arriving, especially in cold climates which called for coat, boots, hat, gloves,

What are the best places you have visited?

Visit Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia during the entertainment festival u201cRiyadh Seasonu201d. It is one of the Middle Eastu2019s largest entertainment festivals in the Middle East that offers 40% lower prices for entertainment than the rest of the world. The festival lasts for 6 months (October 2021 - March 2022) and hosts 7,000 events! The weather is

When was bread invented?

Bread is difficult to track, because it requires no specialized utensils other than a n mortar and pestle for grinding the grain, and that can be done between two flat rocks. Without stone tools, itu2019s difficult to tell when people began roasting grain, smashing it and mixing it with water to make flat cakes that were easier to digest. But we do

What is your idea of a perfect house?

150 acres of land nowhere near an interstate, major road, or airport. 4 bedrooms, a living room, family room, large kitchen with island, 2 bathrooms and one half bath. The main bathroom should be enormous. Basement, partially finished. Mudroom, and a proper entryway with coat closets, seating, and shoe storage which lets out into a foyer. A library

Should Apple release a brand new iPod touch this year?

Iu2019m honored you think I somehow know Tim Cooku2019s mind. The last iPod touch (7th generation) came out on May 28, 2019 and the model before that came out in 2015, so if that is the pace, then I would guess that Apple will not release a new iPad touch this year. That said it uses the A10 Fusion system on a chip like the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus or th

Which are some of the best places to visit?

HEREu2019S THE LIST OF THE TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN INDIATaj Mahal, AgraYour India travel guide cannot start from anywhere else than One of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for Mumtaz Mahal, the love of his life and his wife. It has since then been the symbol of the epitome o

How can I update Canon printer drivers?

To update canon printer driver,Open canon and look for settings and then open driver update,Click to install driver of canon printer and follow on screen commands to update drivers.

What are qualified dividends?

Qualified dividends, as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Code, are ordinary dividends that meet specific criteria to be taxed at the lower long-term capital gains tax rate rather than at higher tax rate for an individual's ordinary income. The rates on qualified dividends range from 0 to 23.8%. ( Source : Wikipedia)

Which country successfully modernized its agriculture?

Corn-United States 50.1% ($9.1 billion),Fish - Chinat9.2% ($6.6 billion),Palm Oilt- Indonesiat51% ($10.4 billion),Rice - Thailandt34.5% ($6 billion),Soybeans- United Statest50.5% ($16.5 billion),Wheat- United Statest18% ($5.4 billion),Above countries are the leading producer of the commodities written infront of them.,If we look towards aspect that

What is your worst home interior design mistake?

u201cWhat is your worst home interior design mistake?u201dWell, I am the only one who didnu2019t think it was a mistake. I loved the idea of painting every room in my house a different shade of pastel, like Easter eggs, I said. Mint green, (the kitchen), pale peach, (the living room), a subtle, light grayish teal blue, (the fabulous bathroom), pale

What is the real definition of niche in biology? I googled it & the definition is "a position or role taken by a particular kind of organism within its community. " but my AP book said "Organisms that live in the same area and use the same resources"

My usual explanation in teaching is that u201chabitatu201d is your address, u201cnicheu201d is your occupation. Your habitat is a physical location on this planet, or rather, a small area at that location which might contain many different types of subregions, the microhabitats. Your niche is how you live in that area; the details of microhabitat y

What are some simple chicken marinades?

Salt water. Approximately 1 TBSP salt per 2 cups water. Marinade for at least 30 minutes and no more than 2 hours. Pat the chicken dry and bake with whatever flavored marinade you want. Chicken will be incredibly juicy and tender and flavorful.,While Iu2019m at it, a u201cbadu201d marinade is anything with strong acids (vinegar, lemon juice, etc).

What are your tips for mountain hiking beginner?

Youu2019ll find coming down much harder on the upper thighs and knees than going up. Enjoy going up. Pack properly, keep the weight on your hip belt and the weight close to your body (tight-ish shoulder straps)

Is 8GB RAM enough for Photoshop 2022?

If you copied or duplicated anything it may still be taking up memory in your ram. So closing out and restarting should clear the memory. SAVE YOUR WORK and try closing out and restarting Photoshop. Have no other programs running or the least amount you need. Try erasing as soon as Photoshop opens.,Also see if you can increase the amount of ram for

Which is the best point and shoot camera under 10k for nature photography?

You didnu2019t say what kind of nature photography. That could be anything from underwater to star trails, macro to panorama or super-telephoto.,The first 3 are pocket point-and-shoots. The Nikon is a larger u201cbridge camerau201d. The Olympus is a DSLR.,It all depends on the size, weight, feel and capabilities you prefer. Theyu2019re all good.

Can you use fabric for photography backdrops?

Yes, you can use almost anything you like for a backdrop. I would however avoid shiny or reflective surfaces. Also many photographers feel your backdrop should be rolled or wadded for storage as apposed to folding because creases from folding can be difficult to deal with in photos.

What do Filipinos hate the most about the Philippines?

I personally donu2019t like the culture itself. Like how it works and how it affects peopleu2019s mindset and behavior. Itu2019s even very complicated for me to explain how it functions but most people are getting close-minded, ignorant and all those negative traits day by day. I donu2019t think itu2019s the best country to live the freedom that yo

How do I decorate modern small apartments?

Adding a touch of personalization is easier in a small apartment than you might think. You only need two things to pull it off: a little decorating know-how and modern apartment decor.,The blank canvas of a new apartment can leave you wondering u201chow do I decorate my modern apartmentu201d? Taking the first steps in a homemaking project is often

What is the best paid job in kinesiology?

From a stand point, I think the best paid job in Kinesiology/Human Performance field, would be a head coaching job somewhere. More applied sports science type jobs, I do not know. Related fields like Physical Therapy or Occupational therapy pay high, but arenu2019t really in the traditional Health Human Performance area.,I mean, I was studying Kine

What are the responsibilities of Agriculture Department?

Short answer, yes.,Dictionary.com - The world's favorite online dictionary! - any product of plant growth useful to humans or animals,Merriam Webster - a : a product of plant growth (as grain, vegetables, or cotton) the fruits of the fieldb (1) : the usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant; especially : one having a sweet pulp associated w