What are some Coffered Ceiling ideas for home?

Stylish & Trendy Coffered Ceiling Ideas For Your Home:According to many interior designers, u201cCeilings are a blank canvas, and theyu2019re a great place for adding architectural detailing to dramatize a room.u201d Thatu2019s why today, I have come up with some amazing coffered ceiling ideas. These types of ceilings are quite popular, trendy, and

How much are you willing to pay for a grilled cheese sandwich?

I feel kind of odd admitting that I once paid $10.00 for a grilled cheese sandwich.,Here is a photo of one: (not mine),We had all heard of a new grilled cheese truck in town, and my co-worker was going to go track it down and get lunch. I handed him a $10 bill as he left, and said u201cSurprise meu201d.,He came back with this behemoth. It is a nice

What is the difference between a bathroom and a powder room?

u201cPowder room" is sometimes used as a euphemism for a toilet room that does not have a bath or shower in it. And, in some large houses or public buildings, the u201cLadiesu2019 cloak room" often had a mirror and seat so that one could u201ccompose" themselves after arriving, especially in cold climates which called for coat, boots, hat, gloves,

Hi guys, Im Alicia Ahn, a new kquoran. I would like to request yall to help me getting started with Quora. Like can you guys tell me, what kind of questions I should start with? I would be glad if anyone of you will reply. Thank you!

ud83dudd87 01 ; Introduction post ud83dudd87Intro post in the following spaces u2014,The Potato Hub ud83dudc21 , More about Kuorans or I NEED TO RANT[ any one ],u2014Then apply to be a contributor,u2014Make a bio like Serena Hunt , ChiChu's Taqi or mi cha kim u2765 as their bio's are long , aesthetic + fun to read,Example of an introduction post ;,

What Is a Good Rate of Return on a Rental property?

Many people use u201cacceptedu201d formulas and algorithms to calculate exactly how much they should be getting, what their rate of return should be, and how much they can rely on for residual income. And thatu2019s well and good. But my formula is a bit different.,I got into rentals about 30 years ago. And I had a simple plan: Build equity and val

Is LaTeX dead? If yes, what are some modern alternatives?

I'm a PhD-ed physicist, worked in software industry for almost ten years and now I'm happily back in research for five years now. I used MS Word, Libre Office and Latex to create documents for various purposes and my perspective is the following :,Latex is far from dead, it is the main text processing tool in academia, whereas Word (and Clones) is

For a single traveler, what is the best way to spend 3 or 4 days in the Philippines?

If you want to be in the country, then get out of the city ! Leave Manila as quickly as possible and head to Cebu, where you are close to Diving and related activities and also close to Cebu City. I suggest that Mactan would be a good place to be and good clean, cheap hotels can be found for $ 20.00 per night ! Some might even provide Breakfast !

What are some data analysis methods in a research paper?

Basically I can say there are two methods for data analysis. Quantitative data analysis, and Qualitative data analysis.,Quantitative is method is where you are dealing with numbers and you what to derive mathematical and statistical analyses from your data, by tabulations and cross tabulations.,Qualitative is the method of analyzing text/transcript

How can I shrink my stomach overnight?

There is no way to lose belly fat overnight but yes you can lose belly fat in a week easily.,Wake up early in morning and drink cumin water which helps you to lose belly fat. If you want to lose belly fat Faster than do yoga for half an hour and do those Asnas where you press your stomach.

What is the best way to fry chicken?

You can make really great fried chicken that is crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and delights the taste budsu2014and you donu2019t need a commercial deep fryer to do it! Here are three simple and delicious methods: deep fried, oven fried and pan fried.n n Before you cook your chicken pat it dry with paper towels. Donu2019t rinse your chic

What is something your client said that made you die a little inside?

Iu2019m an interior designer, and these were clients from hell.,This project had started before I had even gotten my job here, 2 years ago. We are a commercial architecture firm, and our clients were a husband and wife building an office/warehouse for their company.,They were from California, this facility is in south Texas. The wife was a retired

Why does coffee make you poop?

Caffeine is not a laxative, it is a stimulant. However, since it is highly stimulating to your entire nervous system (including nerves controlling your bowels), it has the effect of being a laxative.,So keep this in mind before you down that cup before the board meeting.,

What is it like to live alone?

I have lived alone for over 6 years and I am living alone as I write this. ,This was my last weekend:,(Warning - I am Asian and I habitually take photos of food),08:00 - sleep through the morning.Because I am not staying with my housemate who makes a ruckus in the bathroom when he wakes up.,10:00 - wake up in pajamas, fix my favourite strong cup of

What are the arguments for and against the death penalty?

Support it? I'm a fan of it. ,To begin with, I don't disagree with any of John Burgess' points about failures in the practice of capital punishment. He is correct on all accounts, but that doesn't deter my opinion.,It isn't that I agree with putting people to death just to scare people into submission against. I don't want it because it deters othe

How do I shoot great selfies?

Instagram: arielemily97,Heres some tips!,Put the camera outstretched and high! Men are generally attracted to shorter women so a downward angled picture gives males the impression that a women is beautiful. Having a higher vantage point will also prevent double chins! Heightened angled photos flatter both women and men because they show off collarb

Is QuickBooks online better than the QuickBooks desktop?

Ever since the online version of the popular QuickBooks was introduced in 2000, business owners have grappled with one question: Which version is right for me?,Early adopters (i.e. people who have been using QuickBooks Desktop since the 1990s) wonder if they should switch while individuals who are new to QuickBooks are often unsure which version th

What color you get when you mixed brown and white?

Brown is a natural color that evokes a sense of strength and reliability. It's often seen as solid.While White is the lightest color and is achromatic.When mixed together it depends on the darkness and lightness of the brown color.Here are the colors that will result if you mix brown and white.

What wont be available after 5 years?

The things which will start disappearing in the next 5u201315 years:,,Bangladesh:,Just a rise of 1 meter in the sea level and 50 percent of it's land will submerge in water. Butu2026 what can we do?,A large part of Bangladesh and India (Bay of Bengal) is vanishing under the sea at a really fast rate. Here is an NY Times article on this : Borrowed T

What are the best restaurants in Cochin that can serve authentic Kerala food?

Kochi is definitely the foodie paradise in Kerala. Being in heart of Kerala, definitely you will find a lot of authentic Kerala food,One misconception one needs to remove is that Kerala has a huge array of Vegetarian options (less popular outside Kerala). However, its very unlikely you find a pure Authentic Malayalee Vegetarian Only restaurant in K

How do you add a gradient to text in Premiere Pro?

Hereu2019s what I would do (actually did this the other day).,open photoshop and make sure itu2019s the same resolution / aspect ratio as your Premeire Pro sequence (default is 16:9 usually).,Make sure your background is transparent and create a new layer for your gradient. Select your gradient tool (press and hold on your paint bucket tool if not

How has "Game of Thrones" affected tourism in Dubrovnik, Croatia?

For us that do not care about the money as we care about the purity of that town, that is the crown jewel of the whole country - we are happy that people has recognised towns beauty, but sad about unavoidable littering that mass tourism does to destinationsu2026

How can I be happy with what I have and not want more?

First of all we need to understand what is reason for unhappiness?,It's desires.,Everything is temporary so our desires, we have desire for something and feel unhappy because we don't have that in our present life.,With time our desires change, in past we felt unhappy because of something else and now because of something different.,Our desires fad

How do I make garlic parmesan chicken wings?

A saucepan add butter minced garlic and Parmesan start off by melting the butter down in the saucepan then add your garlic saute until fragrant then turn the heat off at the parmesan cheese when your wings are out of the fryer or air fryer drizzle the garlic parmesan butter over the wings toss and eat

What is a sample complaint letter to a bank for a wrong transaction?

What do you mean by wrong transaction? Pls ellucidate it or send pic of this particular transaction so that an appropriate letter can be drafted otherwise bank won't listen. You also have an alternative to go bank with your statement and explain your objection personally accross the table and it will get sorted out.

What is more valuable than monetary wealth?

I lost $15mm in one summer. It was about a million a week and then it picked up speed. ,I bought a house. I invested in bad companies. I started worse companies. I bought art. I took A LOT of helicopters. ,I thought about money all the time. I wanted to make $100 million. Then...I thought...I can finally feel like I achieved something. ,That's how

How do I crack the TCS aptitude test?

Unlike other answers, The best suggestions and guidance regarding TCS aptitude can be provided by the one who has already cracked the TCS hiring process. I got placed in TCS and would really love to answer this question as I have experienced the exact process and went through the same situation.There are numerous myths regarding TCS Aptitude that i

How do you improve interpersonal relationships at work?

Funny story. I had just started my first professional job after graduating from college. It was in the financial district of a large US city. Everyone at this conservative firm wore formal business attire (e.g., suits and ties).,I had been working there a week or two. Back in the day I used to play a lot of hoops. I was recruited by a co-worker to

What is the source of the river Nile?

As a river called the Nile, it starts at Khartoum in Sudan, where the White Nile and the Blue Nile come together to form the Nile.nIt is also often said that the Nile is a continuation of the White Nile, which flows from Lake Victoria.nThirdly, there is a tradition that the 'source' of a river is the spring flowing into it from which the water has