What would a good colour scheme be for a catering website?

Hmm, great question. A lot of this depends on the brand of your company. When choosing colors and in general how you present yourself, its important to differentiate from the competition. Given that need, I'd recommend taking a few steps to see what other colors catering companies use:,You will know best who your competition is, so feel free to rep

What is the difference between chewable and non-chewable vitamin C?

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, white crystalline in its pure form. Usually powdered. There is nothing to chew since it dissolves in your mouth.,There is no difference in what form you get it. In the raw form or in (hard) tablets it has obviously sour/acidic taste. Not that bad but citric acid is way better. Tablets are easier to take since you can swa

What is the use of wooden tiles?

Due to the fact that wooden tiles are durable and require zero maintenance they are a go to option for house owners these days. The good thing about wooden tiles is that you can also use them on your floor and also on your walls to add that glowing effect and the another good thing is that there are plethora of designs for one to choose from. If yo

What is the best point and shoot camera?

I'm partial to the Panasonic (company) Lumix brand, in particular the FX series of cameras.,Things that are great about these cameras:,,They are tiny - about the size of a cell phone,They take great pictures - find the ones with Leica lenses. These are essentially similar to the Leica point and shoots but much much cheaper,They allow for lots of ma

What is inside a traditional Mexican tamale recipe?

the singular for tamales is tamal, and there are thousands of recipes most things are like sandwiches in Mexico taco is every thing inside a tortilla fold, enchilada is only one out of tens of recipes the rule is a tortilla smeared with some type of sauce filled with cheese, a tamal is steam doe with some type of filling, a burrito is a tortilla wi

What are the best online courses for Photoshop?

Learning Adobe Photoshop is vital if you want to learn how to digitally modify images or increase the quality of your photos. Photoshop lessons are the greatest way to learn how to use this image editing program.,There are free tutorials and in-depth, multi-step courses available for beginners through advanced users, covering everything from fundam

What is the most popular light gray interior paint?

The Best Light Gray Paint Colors areSherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW7029.,Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172.,Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray SW7043.,Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil SW9165.,Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 1548.,Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray HC-173.,Sherwin Williams Useful Gray SW7050.,Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW7050

What are the best Indian home remedies to beat the cold and flu in the summer?

Indian summer is rather infamous for being hot and dry during the day, with temperatures reaching about 40-45u2103. It is a rather tough season if you are not already familiar with the climate. While summer has its charm with a diverse seasonal harvest of fruits and vegetables, it also brings sickness and problems like allergies and flu.,Indian hou

What "poverty food" is actually really delicious?

Pho. Pronounced u201c Fuh u201cYeah, I am of Vietnamese descent, so obviously there is bias in my answer. Pho is Vietnamu2019s signature dish, a classic that withstood troubling times in Vietnam whether it was through war, poverty, or famine. Made to order for mass groups of people, there is not one person in Vietnam who hasnu2019t eaten the goodne

What do liberals think of Ben Shapiro?

I think of myself as pretty open minded, pretty independent, and I test as pretty liberal.,I have a lot of respect for some parts of Ben Shapirou2019s show. I subscribe to his podcast and listen to it often.,I hear three parts to his show:,Analysis of whatu2019s going on in politics and what the different parties should do.,His moral and political

What are some great computer desks?

Best Overall: Pottery Barn Livingston Writing Desk with DrawersBest Budget: Ikea MICKE DeskBest Standing: UPLIFT V2 Standing DeskBest for Multiple Monitors: Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk with StorageBest L-Shaped: VECELO Axess Desk with Keyboard TrayBest for Kids: Forest Designs Mission Computer DeskSource:

How do you create a loan amortization table in Excel?

Letu2019s assume a mortgageu2026,Use the following formulas to show the total payment, interest portion of the payment, and principal portion of the payment.,In this case, Iu2019ve created the labels Rate for the interest rate, Term for the number of years for the mortgage, and Amount for the total amount being borrowed. Note that Rate is divided b

What colors go best with dark green?

There are several possible answers to this question as different people will have different opinions.,However, some popular color combinations for dark green are black, navy blue, and shades of purple.,These colors can be used together in a variety of ways - from matching shades perfectly to creating complementary opposites - to create a look that

What is certificate of deposits?

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a product offered by banks and credit unions that offers an interest rate premium in exchange for the customer agreeing to leave a lump-sum deposit untouched for a predetermined period of time. Almost all consumer financial institutions offer them, although itu2019s up to each bank which CD terms it wants to offer,

How do I mirror my Android phone onto a TV without Wi-Fi?

Screen mirroring does not require Wi-Fi - it is direct wireless signal between the phone and the TV. If you have smart TV activate the screen mirroring function - on your smartphone activate screen mirroring (may be using another term).,You are probably getting screen mirroring mixed up with screen casting - Mirroring doesnu2019t need Wi-Fi - but S

What is the best free photo editor?

I donu2019t usually use online photo editor, but I do like photoshopalternative.com and seem like itu2019s the perfect choice for your need :)

Which breakfast foods are high in protein?

My top 5 plant based proteins to add to your daily breakfast routine:,Each and every body part requires protein to function, from red and white blood cells to hair and skin (all made of protein.) Eating protein at every meal stabilizes our blood sugar levels, helping with everything from mood to weight management to nervous system health.,So how do

What is the best travel destination in Indonesia?

I am planning to visit Bali on my birthday this August. However, the primary reason why I am going is because my friends wanted to visit it. It is also easier to go to from the Philippines.,But if I have a choice, I will ditch Bali for:,Mt. Bromo,Borobodur,and,Rajah Ampat

What is the difference between atomic mass and molar mass?

The molar mass of a compound tells you the mass of 1 mole of that substance. In other words, it tells you the number of grams per mole of a compound. The units for molar mass are, therefore, grams/mole. An atomic mass is unit less and defined as precisely 1/12 the mass of an atom of carbon-12 not in motion.

Where can you find a good simple online retirement calculator?

This one s simple however only assumes a 5% return.,Retirement Calculator | How much do you need to retire? | NerdWalletThe right bar does estimate how much you will need.,I like this S&P calculator to see how it does historically.,S&P 500 Return Calculator, with Dividend ReinvestmentIn short 11.5% over the last 35 years.,I'd download this app and